Sunday, February 23, 2014

Stitches Part 4...

Hi folks...doesn't time fly by when you're having fun...Day 2 is done and we're still standing...time for the Fiskars crew to head back to the hotel in the company of my bestest bud and our honorary Fiskars buddy...the lovely Enfys for a yummy dinner and a good old blether but lesson learned...who says you can't teach an old dog new glass of wine and a yummy hot chocolate was the only liquid to pass my lips...I was determined not to repeat the previous night's sleep deprivation...did it do the trick...did it heck...I tossed and turned until 3.30am...not ideal when the old alarm clock will be ringing it's head off at 6.00am...
the last day of the show is always a bit quieter so I managed to wing it with lots of coffee and the help of my Fiskars teamie...the gorgeous Hina and the newest recruit to the Fuse Fan Club...the lovely Steve.
I did manage a quick catch up with the lovely Diane Grimshaw Editor of Simply sweet bud Hels and the lovely Sue Wilson on the Creative Expressions stand but can't believe I ran out of time to pop and say hello to the gorgeous Leandra and Lin over at Paperartsy or the fabulous Finnabair and if you popped by to say hello and I've missed you out I brain is still very much in mush mode. But before you know it's time to say goodbye to Stitches and head home...back to the real world loaded down with lots of bedtime reading...
and the new boys who will be joining my collection of Fiskars scissors...Servo Cut on the left...a must have for all you quilters and stitchers...they will cut through multiple layers of fabrics like a knife through butter (8 layers of denim tried and tested by my lovely Fiskars teamie Hina) and the Razor Edge which comes with a guard for a reason...fabulously super super sharp...they will cut papers beautifully and your finger if you're not careful (tried and tested by me...ouch) Fiskars really do make the bestest scissors in the world and I make no apologies about being super duper excited about the new members of the family...
and the punch I've been itching to get my hands on...
can't wait to get back to the cubbyhole and put them through their paces...Hobbycraft at The NEC is less than 4 weeks away...the Fiskars Workshop kitting marathon will soon be taking up our every waking hour but before that can happen I need to come up with a project.
Wish me luck and toodle oo for now
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Hi Kath looks like you had a wonderful time and caught up with loads of friends. Thanks for sharing , enjoy your day x

  2. You must have been exhausted after this Kath especially with the lack of sleep. I too love Fiskars scissors nothing beats them x

  3. Hi Kath, it's just typical, when you really need to sleep it never happens. No matter where you go it's always great to get back to your own bed. Like the look of that new punch, that style of punch is smashing to use. Enjoy your Sunday...Trish

  4. you must get really tired out Kath - I recently did a weekend workshop (as a participant) and it meant two nights away - I just don't sleep right away from home - no matter what I've eaten/drank - sounds like you might be the same!!

  5. Hope you have managed to catch up on your sleep now and that you are well and truly ready for the marathon ahead.... Great scissors! Hugs, Anne x

  6. Looks like a fun (but exhausting) time - those scissors look LETHAL!

    Welcome home!


  7. It certainly looks like you had a fantastic time Kath...Not at the NEC this time :( ...hopefully catch up with you later in the year. xxx


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