Thursday, April 17, 2014


Hi folks...what can I say about "Let It Be" the musical which tells the story of the meteoric rise of The Beatles apart was FABULOUS...FABULOUS...FABULOUS...FABULOUS and if you're a child of the 60's and a lover of the music of John Paul George and really need to go get yourselves a ticket...

the only script is the Beatles songbook...4 very talented musicians on stage for 2 hours celebrating the legacy of the world's greatest rock'n roll band...non-stop classics guaranteed to transport you back to the Swinging Sixties with memories of mini skirts and beehive hairdos and along with everyone else in the theatre (well apart from the couples on either side of my Sis and I who never moved a muscle throughout the whole performance) you couldn't help but clap your hands...wave your hands in the air and get to your feet and dance. I was never lucky enough to see The Beatles live but this was the next best thing...a brilliant night out singing along to all those familiar tunes...instantly recognisable from the first few opening bars and hey the old memory may let me down on many occasions but I still remember the words from beginning to end of every song and obviously so did the rest of the audience...well apart from our party pooper neighbours.
So guess what CD will be playing on a loop all day in the cubbyhole...yes pin back your ears Buddy and move over temporarily Mr B...the Beatles are back in town.
Fingers crossed I find some musical inspiration to "HELP" with the crafty list and it's not going to end up "A HARD DAYS NIGHT" or "THE LONG AND WINDING ROAD"...with a bit of luck it will all "COME TOGETHER"...hopefully "WE CAN WORK IT OUT" and before the end of the day this "PAPERBACK WRITER" will be sitting back with a cuppa enjoying that "I FEEL FINE" feeling..."ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE" folks and a bit of "PATIENCE" (oops sorry that was Take That)
So toodle-oo for now from
Hey Jude...Eleanor Rigby...Lady Madonna aka this nutty old crafty girl
Hugs Kath xxx


Nicole Wright said...

How fun!!! My 17 year old daughter is a MASSIVE Beatles fan. Paul is her favorite. When Paul was touring last we flew her with her dad to Vancouver for his concert. Greatest father daughter date. And when we go to Vegas we all got to Beatles Love. She wants to move to Liverpool. She owns a ton of their records she buys used because it's not good if there isn't the crackle. She cried for 20 minutes the first time she listened to them on her record player. Beatles are big in our house!!!

trish said...

Hi Kath, lovely o hear that your night out was a FAB night, they don't use that word nowadays and we thought that word was the bees knees! That was the days when we all knew every bands name and the words to all their songs, now when a bands name is mentioned more times than not we say "never heard of them" Maybe just an age thing but some of the music nowadays, say no more! Have a great day, suns out you'll have been for that power walk all ready I bet...Trish

carol edwards said...

Hi Kath a trip down memory lane, my grandson is a massive fan of the Beatles, goes to the concerts and has done the trip around Liverpool. He has just celebrated his 18th and his cake was a beatles one. Enjoy your day x

Marianne's Craftroom said...

Sounds like a fab night out and love the way you got those song titles in. Graham was lucky enough to see them when he was young and we have seen The Bootleg Beatles and they are great too. Have to wonder why some people go to see things and then don't seem to enjoy it. Has happened to us too. We just go for it, enjoy yourself we say x

rachel said...

sounds like a fab night Kath - will need to tell my mum about this one xx

Cardarian said...

I haven't been around for a while but you always make me smile - all the Beatles songs you have listed through your post are on my iPod and even after so many years I still think their music was amazing! Love it! Thank you for the tribute and hopefully the music will "HELP"
Lots of hugs,

Redanne said...

Love what you did at the end with the songs! Good to hear that you had such a great time too. Hugs, Anne x

Jan Sharp said...

Took me right back! Weren't they great? My husband, who's younger than I am, never really got into the Beatles. Can't understand how anyone can not rate them! They're part of our story.
So pleased you had a good time, though I am quite jealous!!!

Ger said...

Certainly took me back! The bus conductress on the bus to school in Perth made us sing the latest Beatles hits on the way. Yelly Submarine anyone? Had a FAB time myself on Saturday night at The Strypes concert. I think I had more fun than anyone there, especially the ageing (though younger than me) rock couple standing stock still beside me.


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