Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Oh No...sneaky peeks again...

Hi folks...the die cutting gremlins seem to have left and calm has returned to the cubbyhole...probably not for long but hey ho I'm going with the flow while the going's good. Saturday's projects are done dusted and kitted...wooohoo another job ticked off the crafty list and once again I'm boring the pants off you with nothing to show but SNEAKY PEEKS and I'm as fed up of them as you probably are...perhaps it's time for a name change...Kath's Sneaky Peek Blog

but that's the way the cookie crumbles folks...all the projects I'll be working on for the foreseeable future are hush hush...top secret...lips are sealed stuff including today's playtime bundle of yummy goodies from Craftwork Cards...oh my giddy aunt are you going to love love love the latest papers from the very talented Steph...coming to your TV screens very soon and my advice to you is...get your speed dial fingers ready folks...you DO NOT want to miss out on these beauties and wait until you see what my lovely buddies on the Design Team have been making with them.
But (and it's a very big BUT) if Mr Mojo plays ball and the production line runs smoothly without me blowing anything up...I'm thinking it's nearly Timmie Tag Time again so I may just manage to break that old sneaky peek spell.
Toodle-oo for now
Hugs Kath xxx


Enfys said...

I quite like the sneak,peeks actually, love trying to figure it out. Whatever they are, looking good my friend.
Big hugs
En x

Rita said...

Hello Kath. Your sneaky peeks look good and at least we can be surprised when we see them for real. Love all the new Craftwork cards designs and now I cannot wait for the new ones. Hugs Rita xxx

Redanne said...

Like Enfys, I love your sneak peeks too, makes us all want to come back for more! Really looking forward to seeing the new Craftwork cards releases. Hugs, Anne xx

Paper Junkie said...

What a tease you are Kath - but I know you will do a big reveal when you can so looking forward to that. Got back from doggie walk to tune in to Julie this morning and yes - more stuff on the way. With the free pp and such good prices couldn't resist. No finished craft room to put them in yet but hope to finish the painting today or tomorrow at latest, then it will be all systems go. Gardening and singing is lovely but I have missed my paper, inks and glue. Hugs x


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