Sunday, March 29, 2015

A Monday Morning Rant...

Hi's Monday morning and I'm in the mood for a rant or two...starting off with last week's give-away...once again the winner has failed to claim their prize...a minor irritation in the scheme of things but I always wonder why folks enter these things in the first place if they have no intentions of coming back to check if they've won but hey ho...a slight inconvenience in my daily routine but it's now been redrawn and the new winner is...
ANNE F (11)
please please please e-mail me with your address Anne so that I can get your parcel off in the mail.
Edited to add:  woohoo Anne has been in touch...Post Office here I come
And I can't help but think that the world is going absolutely bonkers when the Director General of the BBC has been given a police bodyguard after receiving death threats over his decision to sack JC...what planet are these fanatics on...for goodness sake it's just a TV of my absolute favourites I have say and I'm disappointed...very disappointed that Sunday nights will never be the same more hilarious adventures from the "Three Motoring Musketeers" but rules are just can't go around punching people no matter who you are...although that particular rule doesn't yet seem to apply to over-paid footballers. The BBC absolutely made the right decision although their motives may have more to do with repairing their reputation after turning a blind eye for years to the behaviour of Jimmy Savile and his like rather than upholding standard HR policies. What I want to know can something like this be headline news for weeks...once again the British media were like wolves moving in for the kill...yesterday's talented TV journalist is today's devil incarnate until they find someone else's back to stick their knives in. He did wrong...he's been punished...let's move on.
And that may happen sooner than we's time for the mania associated with the run up to THE GENERAL ELECTION...just shoot me now and spare me the endless political broadcasts...debates...leaflets through the calls and doorstep candidates...time to hibernate perhaps or head to the cubbyhole for some sanity saving therapy...I'm sure this bundle of TH goodies will do the trick...
along with a daily stroll in the company of my laid back "doesn't watch the news" bestest buddy...
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Hear, Hear on all counts, Kath!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    As for elections, we here in NSW (Australia) had our State elections on Saturday, and boy, am I glad they're over!

    Dear Buddy looks as if he is loving his "sniffing the trail" stroll.

    Have fun playing with your TH goodies (lucky girl).

    Jennifer. x

  2. Wow! Look at those gorgeous ferns! What a great place to walk with your best Buddy! The TH goodies look fabulous!

  3. Good Morning Kath. Nothing wrong with a Monday rant. Now off you go and make a start with those fabulous goodies, I can just tell the paints will get extra smooshing today. Beautiful picture of Buddy on his walk. Have a Good Day. Hugs Rita xxx

  4. Yup I'm with you there Kath....enjoy your walks with Buddy and Keep Calm and carry on crafting ;0) x

  5. I am in total agreement with you Kath!
    Enjoy your sanity saving therapy with your gorgeous TH goodies and your stroll with Buddy.
    Sue xx

  6. Morning Kath...thanks for picking my name will send you my details...


  7. hope you enjoy your walk with the furry one and come back refreshed - those sentiment stamps look like they would work perfectly with the birdie stamps! Have a lovely week Mary x

  8. Buddy has the right idea...hope you enjoy your walk with the furry boy and have fun with your new goodies.
    Toni xx

  9. Excellent Monday morning rant & I'm with you all the way! Sunday nights just won't be the same & after putting up with Alex Salmond's smug mug all of last year I could really do without yet more politicians posing as prima donnas! 'Nuff said.... Let's get back to the craft cubbyholes & woodland paths for the sake of our sanity.


  10. Nothing wrong with a Monday morning rant Kath! Looking forward to seeing what you do with your Timmy goodies! Hugs, Anne xx

  11. oh your rant cup overfloweth today!!! Lol! Hope you feel better Kath - have a great day! Hugs rachel x

  12. hey hun, stop showing me those stamps lol the NEC had none when I went on the Saturday :( I spent all my monies anyway and now I have to wait :( and you're just teasing me lol
    I love walking too, its great to walk of the frustrations of life and yes, an serious aeroplane crash in a senseless disaster was not enough in the mad world to knock the newspapers obsession with Top Gear (and yes I love it too so am slightly peeved but still) and the fact that someone left One Direction! Words fail lol
    Sandie x

  13. So sorry I didn't see that my name was drawn out . I read your emails everyday but somehow I missed it . I slip over to your blog also but mainly read emails . Oh well what not to be is not to be , would have been nice tho. Congratulations to the winner ANNE F . x x

  14. What do you use the Transparent Matte medium for Kath?
    I should love to join you on your walks, the path looks wide enough for my mobility scooter :)

  15. Great post Kath, totally agree with you on everything you have said, hope you enjoyed your day playing with that new stash! looks like Buddy had the best idea though!
    hugs Jacee
    Simply Paper Card Design

  16. Gee, Kath, I'm sorry for your loss but disappointed in the rant. I know you can do better! I warmed up my tea and everything. I love a good rant!!! Wouldn't mind a good walk with you and your bud, but this stupid cold has me inside for a bit longer.

  17. Since I live in the USA, your rant was pretty much lost on me. I have eliminated television from my life, and I will say that newspapers and television will not publish/broadcast stories that no one is reading/watching. The public has more power than we think.
    I would like to say how handsome and fit Mr. Buddy is looking!! You are very fortunate to have such a beautiful setting in which to walk with him. Enjoy every minute.

  18. Kath's not just there , it's all over. Enough to get your dander up many times over. Technology was good but at times it's really overrated . Now everyone is down each others throat over stupid stuff !
    Get into those goodies !!! I'm jealous !!


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