Wednesday, March 25, 2015

NEC Shopping...

Hi folks...I have to say I was a little disappointed with the Hobbycraft show at The NEC this time round...lots of my favourite retailers were missing...especially my one-stop shop for all things Tim Holtz...the lovely Brenda and David at Craft Obsessions and apart from Saturday it didn't seem to be as busy or as manic as usual...
not the normal jam packed "one step forward-two steps back" aisles which was great for the visitors...not so good for the retailers and would you believe I couldn't find anything Tim Holtz anywhere and that was a shocker for this "number one" fan so the cubbyhole stash purse stayed shut until I spotted this on MDF Man's stand....perfect for holding Distress Markers...
with enough spaces left for the rest of the 2015 new colours...talking of which my pre-order Mermaid Lagoon goodies should be arriving any day now from Craft Obsessions. Of course it will need a coat of paint but hey that's a job for a rainy afternoon and not necessarily in 2015. And then I spotted this...
a fabulous work caddy which in practice is supposed to keep your workspace clutter free...
with a cup holder...tool tidy and waste paper bin with a removeable reality...we'll see how it goes but I have a sneaky feeling that Mr Dyson won't be made redundant anytime soon...
 and a girl can never have enough Fiskars scissors...
but I've left my favourites until last...look what I found on a little trip into the Sewing For Pleasure Hall...
this "hardly leave the house without a scarf of some description" girl just couldn't resist these beautiful scarf pendants...packaged in a sweet organza bag making them perfect for gifts or a little self indulgent treat for yourself...
and to make up for the lack of TH goodies at the show...I was delighted to find a Happy Mail parcel waiting for me when I got home...
Whether the old body is ready or not it's going to be a back to work day...with The Retreat at The Papeterie only 4 weeks away...I need to get a wiggle on but I'll be back tomorrow to announce the winner of Saturday's Give-Away and you still have until 8pm tonight to get your name in the hat.
Toodle-oo for now
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Love the bin. tool and cup holder! I have dipped my paint brush into lots of cups of tea this year so will have to keep an eye out for that - it's a very clever idea for mucky crafters like me. Love your scarf adornments/jewelry - very clever and a wonderful idea. Looking forward to seeing what you are going to create for the Paperie retreat - those ladies are going to have a fabulous time. Take some time to rest Kath - you don't want to burn out huni x

  2. I love the idea of the bin and desk caddy. Very clever!
    I bought one of the scarf pendants when I was at the Handmade Fair last year. Its brilliant.

  3. How incredible to find no Tim Products there Kath. I like your other purchases. Take care x

  4. I did wonder what the 'hamster wheel' thingie was in your previous post, now I know it's a cup holder. Shame about the lack of 'Tim' stuff. One of the reasons I don't go to many shows these days is that I have been disappointed too often.
    Toni xx

  5. Hi Kath clever idea for extra storage and I love the scarf pendants. Shame no Tim products for you though, wonder if the costs have risen as others didn't attend x

  6. I was disappointed to Kath, I was there Saturday and desperate for your TH sketchy birds and none to be found :(
    will have to hunt on the net instead lol
    Sandie x

  7. Some great purchases Kath, all very useful and practical. I don't often comment but I always read your blog and just had to agree with you today about the lack of usual stalls at the NEC this time. I have been attending twice a year for the past 5 years now and this was the worst one for choice of stalls. I too was looking for Timmy products and came away empty handed, perhaps it's the stall prices as Carol above said. It's a shame though because lots of us travel quite a distance to get there in the hopes of seeing items that can't always be had locally - still there's always November.

  8. I don't feel so bad about not feeling well enough to go now! What a shame about no Tim things, I always think it is nice to 'touch' things in real life before buying - but your happy mail does look inviting! Thank goodness you were there to entertain those who would otherwise be disappointed... I like your new storage from Rob, it looks great and the scarf decorations are beautiful. Hugs, Anne xx

  9. looks like a nice haul Kath - glad your happy mail was there to greet you on your return home though! Hugs Rachel xx

  10. Not just the Hobbycrafts show Kath, the GNPE at Harrogate this month was a great disappointment ,lots of the usual stalls missing and it was very quiet, felt for the stall holders who were there. Love your desk caddy and those scarf decorations are lovely


  11. I am with you Kath - Tim stuff is my fav and what I primarily buy! It has to be at least 80% of my purchases for the last couple of year. Sorry they did not have a pile of new Tim stuff for you to purchase!!! Enjoy your new Tim mail!

  12. You bought some great stash Kath, wish I'd been able to go to the sewing bit but I wasn't feeling well enough to be honest, so didn't stay as long as I would normally, ended up with a chest infection, but I did manage to buy some stash before I had to make my way home, maybe next time I'll call in on you to say Hi.
    hugs Jacee
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