Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Clock is ticking...

H folks...the clock is ticking...time and tide wait for no man and with just over a week to go before I head off to Birmingham...I'm on a mission to tick as many things off the crafty list as I can...starting off with converting a yummy box of crafty stuff into 6 projects for The Retreat at The Papeterie on 24/25/26th April...
I'm hoping to get a couple of projects done and kitted before I leave but hey it all depends on the co-operation of a certain Mr Mojo and whether the production line crew are firing on all cylinders but what's new...just another mad crazy week in this space we call the cubbyhole...another "big girl knickers" and lots of coffee adventure.
We're back to the "winter's not over yet" weather...with gale force freezing cold winds blowing straight down from the Arctic and a few snow showers...I won't be hanging up my cosy post box red duvet dog walking coat just yet but every cloud has a silver lining...there's a winter warmer yummy slice of hot crusty buttered toast to look forward to on our return or as we call it in my neck of the woods...a workout for your jaw muscles doorstop.
Toodle-oo for now
hugs from me and my hoovering up the crumbs companion


  1. Hi Kath looks like lots of work coming up for you with box of goodies. Have a good day x

  2. I have just caved in and ordered that hearts die... love the black chalky finish paint, looks like fun will be had with that! We actually have the sun out today, at least I think it's the sun, I haven't seen it for so long... Hugs, Anne xx

  3. Hot buttered toast - yummy!
    The temps have been yo-yoing down here. Sat & Sun we got 16C then yesterday plunged back to 8C. No leaving off of the winter coats here either.
    Toni xx

  4. Oh that toast looks good l like a lot of butter too! looks like your going to be fairly busy looking at your box of crafty goodies can't wait to see your creations ....gorgeous day here today take care x


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