Monday, March 9, 2015

Vinegar and Brown Paper...

Hi folks...just like Jack of nursery rhyme fame...the old knee has been patched up with some vinegar and brown paper...not literally I hasten to add although it's a remedy that's been used since medieval times apparently to treat bruises and head injuries but I stuck with my own tried and tested cure for all ills...a nice soak in a warm bath and a little bit of massage with Tiger Balm. My knee was dislocated many moons ago when I was accidentally rugby tackled by Buddy's adorably sweet but very exuberant Ben and I get these little niggles from time to time especially when it's cold and fact my old knee is far more accurate at predicting rain than the MET office and right on cue...we woke up on Sunday to drizzle but not for long...the sun came out...a blistering "unheard of in March" 16 degrees apparently...normally feels more like -16 at this time of year and if this global warming...I'm not complaining.
But back to the crafty stuff and a little bit of a sneaky peek of the crazy birds that will be flying off soon to make their magazine debut...

and do you know what...I think they should all have names...each one has it's own character and facial expression so meet HERBERT who reminds me so much of a certain furry individual who at this moment in time is stretched out on my bed taking up more than his fair share and snoring his head off...yes this is Buddy's "IT WASN'T ME...HONESTLY" face to a T.
See you all tomorrow
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Aww, I want to see the whole thing! =) It looks really fun.

  2. These look such fun Kath. Take care of the knee and have a good week xx

  3. I love the peek of "Herbert" - look forward to seeing the whole thing.
    We woke to beautiful sunshine yesterday and it was lovely and warm until about 2.30pm...the wind got up and we were plunged into semi-darkness but apart from a few spits, the rain held off and blew over.
    Toni xx

  4. Glad to hear that the knee is a little better, not heard of vinegar and brown paper.... Loving the sneak peek of Herbert, look forward to seeing more of him! Lots of rain and cold here, the car is frosted over this morning....enjoy your fine weather! Hugs, Anne xx

  5. Hi Kath,so glad your knee is a lot better.Love the sneaky peak.xx

  6. l agree with you Kath a good soak is as good if not better than an old remedy....Really cute can't wait to see the finished project xx


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