Monday, June 22, 2015

"12 Tags of 2015" June

Hi folks...finally I've got round to joining in the fun this month over at "12 Tags of 2015"...with a week to spare too...a killing 2 birds with one stone project as it's also another DT make for Inspiration Emporium but I ain't polishing my halo just yet...
another "adapt and overcome" tag if ever I saw one...if like me you haven't got round to getting Tim's new "Distress It Yourself "Custom Blend Ink can always make one from a square of Cut 'n Dry Stamp Pad Felt (pop it in a Jiffy bag when you're done and you can use it over and over again)
and that's not the only blot in the Cubbyhole Ordering Department's seems I don't have the Stripes Stencil either...a major disciplinary "just not good enough" offence I'm sure you'll agree...requiring a mercy dash to The Papeterie with my borrower's hat on and just to complete the hat trick in my "never do things by half" Fresh Brewed Die either. But hey what's's just another day in the life of this crazy crafter and life would be a tad boring if everything in the garden was always rosy...another chance to play with the gorgeous Flower Garden stamps...

and it's tidy up time in the cubbyhole...Mr Dyson will be working his magic with the crafty debris while The Furry Boy mops up the early morning toasty breakfast crumbs...
ready for Christmas arriving in the we'll be looking out our Santa hats and playing Mr Buble non stop...fingers crossed that will get us in the "Christmas projects" groove.
See you all tomorrow
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. I love those flower garden stamps, too and love seeing your creations. Looking forward to your Christmas creations,too since I need some inspiration to start making some Christmas cards. :)

  2. This is great!! Love how you adjusted for what you didn't have in 'stock'!!

  3. Beautiful work Kath. Have a fun June Christmas x

  4. Your tag is beautiful and I love how you were able to adapt.
    Roll on Christmas ideas - nearly the end of June and I haven't a Chrimbo card in the box.
    Toni xx

  5. Your tag is absolutely beautiful!! Just stunning!!

  6. gorgeous tag , love the flower against the background x

  7. How lovely - there's a really warm glow to this - love your take on the June tag.
    Alison xx

  8. Apologies for being MIA, long story... I love your take on Tim's tag, I have had to join you in the 'I have not got that' too but as much as I would love to own everything Tim does, I don't have the room (or the resources!). The flower looks stunning on yours! Hugs, Anne xx

  9. Three cheers for adapting and overcoming! Your tag is absolutely beautiful those background shades just fabulous! Hope you are all keeping well!

  10. Beautiful tag Kath!! Can't believe you didn't have all the required Timmy goodies.....what is happening??? Good Luck with the Christmas card making, I haven't even thought about it so far :) Enjoy the Buble xxx


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