Monday, June 8, 2015

There's Good News...

Hi folk...there's good news...let me rephrase that..."phew...take a breath" news...the Fiskars samples marathon is well and truly done and dusted and once the bubble wrapping crew finish up they'll be on their merry way to Fiskars HQ...
and there's also not so good news...I'll be spending today tippy tapping the old keyboard nailing the delightful "lots of cuppas and big girl knickers" task of materials lists and step-by-step instructions...
someone's got to do it and that someone is ME so no point is mumping and moaning...the quicker I make a start the quicker it'll be done and just to prove I haven't been swinging the lead for the last week...I'm sneaking in some little peeks...

but just when I thought I would be hanging up my Fiskars hat for a while...I'll be checking flights to Birmingham for The NEC in "wait for it" November...

which means I need to get my thinking cap on soon and come up with a Workshop Christmas project but first there's a backlog of DT and playtime stuff to catch up on and the TH withdrawal symptoms to deal with...onwards and upwards as they say...there's never a dull moment in this crafty space we call the cubbyhole.
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. We all know you wouldn't have it any other way - you love what you do and most of us would give our right arm to be in your shoes, well maybe not an arm lol.

  2. I guess a big girl's work is never done. It's a good thing you have Buddy to keep you sane and drag you out of the cubbyhole sometimes.

  3. The peeks look interesting Kath. I'm sure you'll have all the step-by-steps sorted...then you can have a play with your Tim goodies and other stuff.
    Toni xx

  4. Whew! You are a busy bee! I do hope you get some time to play too, after that marathon. Like the look of the sneak peeks.... Hugs, Anne xx


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