Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Happy Days...well almost...

Morning all...happy days are here again...well almost...if only I could locate the Furry Alarm Clock's OFF button...just when I thought I'd cured him of his obsession with early morning wake-up calls...we're back to silly o'clock 5.00am again and believe me...3 hours and a 60 minute trot around the forest later...he's not the only one tempted to pop back upstairs for a snooze.
and he's just got enough time to fit in another quick snooze before the cubbyhole crew clock in at 9.00am...
but when the sun's can forgive ALMOST anything and it looks like the garden time-out has done the trick in the crafty department...a killing 2 birds with one stone day...clearing my head of cobwebs...the garden of weeds and the lawn of it's super thick overcoat in the company of the "no wonder he's napping again" bad boy...
and extra hours in the day do have some compensations...I'm back in the crafty swing having fun with some DT makes...

but forgive me if I dash off...I'm on a mission...determined to locate that darned OFF button.
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Oh dear! You will have to get him a treadmill and when he starts to snooze get him to go on it and then when bedtime comes he will sleep through the night ... well it sounds good in theory - lol.

    Your sneak peek looks good and I love your colouring on the baby set! Hugs, Anne xx

  2. LOL - I was going to suggest something similar to Anne. Less naps during the day might help him sleep through but how do you keep that golden bundle awake if he decides it nap time?

    Love the blues & lemons on those coloured images.
    Toni xx

  3. DT makes involving Tim's blueprint stamps? I am certain I'm going to love those!
    It may be very cheeky of buddy to wake you up at such an hour, but he does look so peaceful and cuddly when he's lying around snoozing like that... I'd certainly be tempted to join him! x

  4. Oh bless him, butter wouldn't melt ..... ;) xx


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