Saturday, June 13, 2015

Playing Catch-Up...

Morning hasn't the weather been absolutely glorious...Summer returned with a vengeance but the 24 million dollar question is always "for how long" so that's why I threw caution to the wind and all the good intentions when it came to nailing the crafty list flew out the window...I've used every excuse in the book to spend some lazing around solar activity days and WHY NOT...because as sure as fate it's all gone downhill again. I'll be back in the cubbyhole playing catch-up for the next week or so but I'm hoping to sneak in some "try out the new goodies" playtime...
I'm itching to play with the Shadow Press Station...making inking up the debossing folders easy peasy...
and wondering when I'll ever find time to create my desktop calendar with this gorgeous Flip Frame...we're already halfway through 2015 and the way things are going around here...will I get it done in time for 2016.
but first it's going to be a "cooking by gas" day...stocking up the larder with "can't be bothered to cook at the end of the day" meals for the coming week...
I'll be back tomorrow to share my second DT project of the month for Inspiration Emporium...another "it's all about the guys" the meantime enjoy what's left of the weekend.
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Have fun with those new goodies Kath x have not had time to play with my shadow thingy yet......maybe next week!!!!
    It's turned cold here again......

    Huge hugs
    Annie x

  2. The Shadow Press Station is a brilliant and the flip frame sits empty on my desk too - I bet you get yours done first! Back to cold and rain here... Hugs, Anne xx

  3. I haven't even *got* the flip frame yet, so I'm thinking I'll get round to it by 2018... Maybe! lol.
    Enjoy the sunshine, it never lasts long enough. No-one is going to blame you for seizing the moment and getting some rays. x

  4. Hello, what a wonderful blog :)
    New blogger just popping by, and now a new follower... happy Sunday to you!
    Libby x

  5. Enjoy the sun whilst you can. We've had the wet/wind/chill return and at the moment it is looking pretty dull out there.
    Toni xx


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