Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Oops...I'm on the naughty step...

Hi everybody...it's yesterday's Birthday Boy...popping in to say a great big thank you for all your Birthday Wishes here and on Facebook...
and I've got my serious face on today because it didn't turn out to be the happy birthday day I was hoping for...it started off great...with a card...lots of pressies...a great big sloppy Birthday kiss from my Mum and the promise of loads of treats throughout the day...well I had to kiss goodbye to them because within the hour...I was in the doghouse AGAIN...sent to the naughty step for the rest of the morning with a serious ticking off ringing in my ears...crikey all I did was... hurdle a couple of walls...nearly but not quite take a garden gate off it's hinges...run rampage through 3 gardens demolishing one or two prized blooms...all because I can't resist playing chase with the local moggies and it was going so well until the cheeky puss took refuge under a garden shed. Oops...must have got a bit carried away in the heat of the moment...time for my best "sorry Mum" face which usually does the trick but it all kicked off when the very angry "can't you keep that animal under control" owner of said shed appeared and instead of staying to face the music or in this case...the shouting...swearing...I'm calling the police kind of thing...I hightailed it out of there leaving my old Mum to take the flack...bigga mistake-a to make-a perhaps because when she finally caught up with me...I was in no doubt whatsoever that a "lead on" serious low growly voice DEEP DOODAH lecture was about to follow...OOPS.
And a very special thank you to my lovely buddy Polly who e-mailed this gorgeous card...ironic or what...
how was Polly to know that her beautiful card was the perfect excuse for my old Mum to give me another "ear bashing". But today's a new day and this BAD BOY needs to rack up a whole load of brownie points to get back in the good books again so I'm off to get my head down and keep a very low profile. See you all soon.
Big Hugs & Snuggles


  1. Kath, Feliz CumpleaƱos a ese compaƱero tan fiel!!!!!, es muy bonito!!!!

  2. Oh dear Buddy. Not the best outcome for your birthday.
    Let's hope you can make it up to your Mum...BIG time.

    Kath, hope you didn't get too much of an ear bashing from the owner of the shed and that things were able to be sorted.
    Toni xx

  3. Hi Poor Buddy
    I'm Sure Your Mom Loves You Very Much So She'll Be Giving You Huge Hugs Today
    If My Boys Are Naughty One Look From Them And I Just Melt, Even If I'm Cross!
    Have A Great Day Buddy And Kath xxx

  4. Sorry I missed your birthday, Buddy. I had a look at the things your mum was telling us about you, though, and it seems she already knew you might start acting unlike the adult you really are, I have no doubt that you'll be on good terms agiain today.

  5. Oh dear Buddy, you really are in the 'dog house' aren't you? Your card really does have a certain irony about it.... lol! Hope you have a better day today... Hugs, Anne xx

  6. Well when can you kick your heels up and have a good time if only on your birthday. Glad you enjoyed some of it!!

  7. Oh dear you are so naughty, your poor Mum having to deal with an angry neighbour. Hope you make it up to her today x

  8. Oh Buddy, you were a naughty boy. Hope you behave for her today. :)

  9. Belated birthday wishes Buddy x I bet you were so enjoying chasing that cat and just forgot about the gardens and flowers !!! but hey ho today is another day and your mum will be ready to start again, just dont leave the garden unless you are with your mum xx

    Hugs Annie x


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