Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Hi folks...it seems the crazy monsoon hurricane arctic weather has departed our shores and yeah...the sun is back so I can turn the central heating off and put the super insulated duvet coat back into hibernation...open the cubbyhole windows and look out the T Shirts...fingers crossed I haven't just jinxed the Met Office prediction that June is going to be a scorcher...but let's wait see shall we.
And things are hotting up in the cubbyhole...the Fiskars samples marathon has begun...
obviously it's all hush hush...top secret...lips are sealed...under wraps stuff that I can't share with you yet...not even "carefully cropped" sneaky peeks not unless I want Mr Postie popping a P45 through the letterbox. All I can say...they are more bang for your buck must-have tools launching at the beginning of September. I'm not even halfway through and not quite at the stage where I can see the woods for the trees but first things first...the daily stroll with the Furry Hooligan...the perfect remedy for the stir crazy syndrome and no need to dress up like Michelin Man...yeah.
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. It's the MET office... They've yet to get anything right!
    But here's hoping. I may even put our second duvet away today (it's been *that* cold here). I'm feeling optimistic.
    And it looks like you're all going to try to make my shopping list longer again. and here was me thinking I was making a dent in it, lol. Hugs to Buddy and enjoy the stroll. x

  2. You just dont know what to wear at the moment and good job I didn;t put my jumpers away! Looking forward to seeing the unveiling of the Fiskars 'goodies'


  3. You are a tease! Look forward to seeing what you make - and with what... hope you had a good day. Hugs, Anne xx

  4. I don't have much faith in the Met office but the weather was a lot nicer today.
    Toni xx


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