Monday, February 1, 2016

It's all about love..

Hi folks...Monday morning and we're into February already...the month of LOVE...Valentine's Day is just around the corner and I'm sharing some sneaky peeks of Fiskars "New Product" projects I've been working on...stuff that I can't share with you just yet...

I've been going through pots and pots of gesso with my new "Mixed Media" addiction...time to hit the internet and look for an economical buy big version and voila...I struck gold over at Amazon...after all you can never have enough Gesso..
In the's back to the "new products" production line for me whilst I await the February Tag for "12 Tags of 2016" from Mr Holtz and a little heads up if you want to get your hands on the Crazy Cats Stamps...available to pre-order from Craft expected 1st week of February

I'm ending on a sad note...I was truly shocked and saddened to hear of the death of Terry morning companion on Radio 2 for 27 years...I was proud to be one of Terry's TWITS for the first 12 years and then became one of the millions of TOGGS (Terry's Old Geezers and Gals) on Wake Up With Wogan.  In a world where the words celebrity and legend are bandied about at the toss of a hat...this gentle, warm, witty Irishman with the twinkling smile and cheeky sense of hunour was the consummate broadcaster...a true professional and gentleman...never controversial or rude...he made each and every one of his listeners feel they were having a conversation with a dear friend and he could always make me laugh on a dull dreary rainy day. He had a 50 year love affair with the microphone and the camera hosting Blankety Blank...Children In Need and his own chat show and who can forget his hilarious tongue in cheek commentaries at the Eurovision Contest. A sad loss for the world of entertainment...I doubt we will see his like again but he left behind a lasting legacy of wonderful fun memories.
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. The 'peek' is looking very interesting Kath.
    I'm not a cat person so I will be giving those a miss but I do think it is fab that they have been designed so that the accessories from the crazy birds will fit.
    Very sad about Terry Wogan - his fun take on life will be sadly missed.
    Toni xx

  2. Loving the sneak peeks Kath. Its so sad to hear about Terry Wogan ..... his commentaries on Eurovision were what made it worth watching.
    Thanks for the link for the Gesso ..... next stop Amazon! Have a fabulous week x

  3. Love the sneeky peeks Kath,those crazy cats are brilliant too.

    Was so sad to hear about Sir Terry,such a lovely man in every way,I was so shocked and did shed a few tears.Huggles/cuddles xxx

  4. This is looking gorgeous Kath, thanks also for the link for for SirTerry, so very sad, he was a diamond guy and you just don't see many any more....xx

  5. Hi Kath,
    First my thoughts about Terry. I'm 62 and I seem to have always listened to Terry. Years ago we lived on a poultry farm and I had him on when I was collecting and packing the eggs in the mornings. Back in the mid to late 70's I worked in one of the first hypermarkets in the UK and we had an Irish week. Terry was invited and I was lucky enough to meet him. What everyone says about him is true...he was the same in person as he was on the radio, a very warm, friendly and funny man and a sad loss. How typical of the gentle man he was to keep his illness in the family. Even his colleagues on Radio 2 were expecting him back to work in a couple of weeks after his bad spell of back problems. I don't think I've been so upset since we lost Ray Moore years ago, who of course used to have the early morning show and hand over to Terry for the morning show. January has been a sad month for losing people hasn't it, starting with Natalie Cole and continuing with Lemmy, Bowie, Ed Stewart and Sir Terry. I have to admit that I was in tears listening to Richard Madeley yesterday in Terry's 'spot' trying to stop himself from saying he was just sitting in for Terry.
    Now, onto happier things. I didn't know you could buy Gesso in bulk. I knew you could get Mod Podge by the gallon, not that I can afford to buy it that way lol. I'm holding my hands up to admit that I make my own Gesso as I don't use it enough to spend out for the real stuff. I also make my own chalk paint but I haven't tried my own Mod Podge as I think there must be more to it than just watering down white glue lol.
    I've ordered my Crazy cats stamps from Oyster Stamps as they also sell the MISTI so I decided to order the mini at the same time. Looking forward to them arriving soon and hope it won't be too long before the dies come out as I'm useless at ting out :).
    A quick question if I may, Kath. I managed to get some nice MDF shapes for tree ornaments next Christmas and want to decorate them throughout the year. Should I give them all a coat of Gesso before I stick the paper on or is it enough just to paint the edges white?
    Bejay x

  6. Hi Kath - love the sneaky peeks - they look fabulous!!
    Oh my hasn't the start of this year been cruel to us, robbing the world of some amazing talent, Bowie, Rickman, Finlay and now Sir TERRY :( SO very sad!!! How I loved his talk show, and fantastic tongue in cheek commentary on Eurovision.
    Take care dear friend & stay safe in this crazy weather we're having, Hugs Ann xxx


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