Monday, February 8, 2016

Temptation is everywhere...

Hi Everyone...Happy Monday morning from the cubbyhole crew...we're clocking in bright and early and don't let appearances fool furry companion is a coiled spring... ready to jump into action at a moment's notice.
Lots to do today...the outgoing mail department will be wrapping and packing the Fiskars samples for the Stitches Trade Show...ready for Mr Hermes to collect and speed on their way to Birmingham and it's time for me to pull on my big girl knickers and nail those pesky step-by-step instructions...
and then tackle the task of applying gesso to cardstock for the latest "better late than never" challenge I've set myself...making a 12 page back-to-back altered art/mixed media Shari Carroll inspired album that was on 2015's crafty list but somehow ended up at the bottom of the things to do pile...have I just shot myself in the foot making such a bold statement of intention...
Well...let's just say that's the theory but in practice...there's a problem...temptation is everywhere...for starters...the incoming mail department has just announced the arrival of a "woohoo new Tim Holtz products" parcel...
 not to mention the pile of "left over from a Fiskars project" Mini Eggs...
How's my willpower...on a scale of 1 to 10...probably 1 and a bit so it's going to be a tough "temptation is everywhere" kind of a day but these delicious little spheres of chocolate goodness may be just what I need...a welcome distraction to keep me focused on the tasks ahead and a well deserved reward if I succeed in sticking to the plan.
See you all tomorrow
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. The step-by-steps will be done in no time and then you can 'play' with those super new stamps. Have a great day.
    Toni xx

  2. Well l think the eggs will be your inspiration you'll be finished in no time take care and enjoy your day xx

  3. Hi, Kath,
    I agree with Sandra H, those eggs should get you up and running in no time. I think the step by step stage must be the least favourite part of the process :)
    Well, Imogen is raging across Cornwall. She arrived last night and at one stage I thought my windows were going to explode! The rain was like a tornado, whirling around like a dervish! I was really surprised to find my greenhouse still in the back garden as it's a polycarbonate one.
    Since moving to Truro five years ago, I've gotten used to it being windy almost every day, especially where I am on top of the rim of the basin the town is built in (great view of the cathedral but nothing to stop the wind blowing up the fields) but I have to say that last night and this morning have to be the worst since I've been here. In the bad winter when Dawlish rail station was washed away by the sea we had high gusting winds but right now it's sustained wind getting up in the 90 mph range. Even my cat won't go outside today and he's more an outdoor than an indoor kitty. At least the sun is trying to shine as Imogen is managing to blow the clouds away lol. A good start to the week...NOT!!
    Happy crafting everyone.
    Bejay xx

  4. Hope you and Buddy have a fun time today Kath.Mad Crazy Weather here in Cornwall,do hope you are all ok there.Huggles and Cuddles for Buddy.xx

  5. Now that's rather lovely temptation! x

  6. Just doing a catch up on your blog Kath, this all looks very tempting, oh I love those eggs...hope you enjoyed..xx

  7. Blogger would not let me comment yesterday..... and you have probably finished your project by now... and possibly the eggs too... lol. Hugs, Anne xx


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