Friday, October 28, 2016

"12 Tags of 2016"...October

Hi folks...crikey here I am skidding in by the seat of my pants with this month's tag for...
and to be honest it's a miracle I've got a tag to share at all...

and when all's said and done...this month's "adapt and overcome" adventure didn't go according to plan at all and not even the state of the art photographic studio could make this month's effort look good but hey win lose some....I'm not beating myself up because there's been more than enough gnashing of teeth trauma in the cubbyhole over the last few weeks...the Fiskars samples parcel has still not been delivered 27 days after it left's been sitting at Hermes International Hub since 8th October with an "Address Query" and despite contacting them on numerous occasions to confirm the address (which I've been using for years with no problems)...that there are no problems with access or parking and suggesting they use the recipient's contact telephone number I provided to facilitate delivery...they have now decided in their wisdom to return it to me and that can take 2-8 weeks apparently....seriously you could not make this up if you tried...their incompetence and lack of common sense is on a whole other level and what can you do when you're dealing with people who were given a brain but are reluctant to use it BUT pray that the parcel eventually arrives back home safely because science as far as I know has not yet found a cure for STUPID.
But there's no time for meltdowns in the cubbyhole...we're moving on to Round 2 of the Fiskars New Product Samples this time with a Christmas/Valentine/Easter theme...another sewing adventure with the new Fabric Circle Cutter and Chenille Maker...
and if things go according to plan...she says with fingers crossed...they may well be travelling to Paris in the company of their Round 1 friends. If I had a say in the matter it would be on a first class BA flight to Paris with me as chaperone but it's more likely to be via a "once bitten twice shy-lesson learned" more reliable courier.
But's Friday and a day out with the girls beckons...first stop a Fiskars Christmas Fabric shopping spree followed by lunch and a good old natter. Enjoy your weekend whatever you are doing and I'll see you all on Monday to share my project for the Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge.
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Oh Kath, that is awful.
    Someone needs a kick up the proverbial.
    Hugs xxx

  2. No wonder you have been gnashing your teeth - what a bunch of idiots.
    Hope you have a great day with the Friday girls and that you have a lovely weekend.
    Toni xx

  3. I love your tag Kath, the design is wonderful!!!

    As for your delivery must be exhausting dealing with those wretched people, you have my whole-hearted sympathies.... my credit card has been 'cloned' this week and that has been enough to deal with.... but hope you have a lovely day with the girls today! Hugs, Anne xx

  4. This is fabulous Kath! How bad is that no wonder you are not happy! Idiots.
    Linda xxx

  5. Beautiful Tag.Can't wait to see your creations with the circle cutter.Everybody has said it all ( hope you are not bald ).Have a Restful weekend.Huggles and Cuddles for Buddy.xxxxx

  6. Truly amazing are your tags Kath sorry to hear of your delivery problems it can be so annoying sending lots of love x

  7. Love your Christmas interpretation of Tim's tag Kath and so sorry to hear that your samples still haven't been delivered, I hope they can at least manage to return it to you safely 😞 Deb xo

  8. Your Christmas take is wonderful! LOVE the deer...oh my it all!

  9. I love the deer and all the different details in your background. It is a beautiful tag. I just love how shipping services all have so many different ways of torturing people. Nothing quite like the pain of that. I once had a package that was to ship to a city about 2 hours from me take a month to get there because Canada Post managed to ship it erroneously to two other provinces. I figured I could have crawled there on my lips, and back, faster.


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