Thursday, October 13, 2016

It's getting spookier...

Hi folks...things are getting spookier and a bit crazy in the cubbyhole in the quest to make a dent in the supply of google eyes and this "afraid of the dark/scaredy cat" has just joined the Halloween card pile...

The weather's been a bit crazy too...there's definitely an Autumn feel in the air now...the season of the year when Mother Nature shows off her amazing colouring skills turning the leaves from green to glorious hues of red...copper and gold. 
BUT if only they would stay on the tree where they belong or the wind would blow them in the opposite direction because the daily ritual of sweeping up piles of wet soggy leaves is driving me nuts...
one of those "by the time I've put the brush and shovel back in the garage-another few hundred have tumbled to the ground" kind of jobs.
Catch you all later
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Love this project. Great job making a dent in the googly eye stash. I laughed out loud when I read about your find earlier today. Love that scaredy-cat on the broom and those wonderful eyes peaking out of the dark. Awesome Halloween make. -- Mary Elizabeth

  2. What a super spooky card. I'm glad you didn't put googly eyes on the cat as I think its expression is fabulous.
    The leaves are falling like mad down here too but we don't seem to have had the range of colours that normally appear. At the moment the rain is chucking it down so I'm sure there will be even more leaves all over the place.
    Toni xx

  3. Morning Kath, this is a fabulous spooky Halloween card and loving the googly eyes which add to the atmosphere this card gives out. As yet we have no fallen leaves in our garden but hubby has been out there pruning for the winter so maybe he has sorted them whilst I wasn't looking ;) Enjoy your day.
    Linda xxx

  4. Only you could make googly eyes look fabulous Kath, love your latest Halloween make! Definitely fall here as well but fortunately we are mostly surrounded by evergreen trees so not quite as many falling leaves to contend with. Don't work too hard raking, you have a few more googly eyes to use up! Deb xo

  5. What a fun spooky crazy card Kath x love the background details but the star is of course the cat xx fabulous expression and great words too x we have had nice weather here but like you the leaves are falling fast and furious x

    Take care and tfs
    Annie x

  6. Well that is one spooky scene it...
    My back garden is looking very similar to yours, I do love the colours and I think autumn is a wonderful time...BUT...I could do with a garden vac.....what do you think..!!!!!!!.does Tim make

  7. OK, I'm one of your newest blog buddies! I've just had a peek around your blog after it took forever for the darn thing to load. So now I only have time for one comment. I'm loving what I see with your googly eyes and beyond! Great Halloween card,and your patio is lovely! I say leave the leaves lie until they are all off, and then go out and make the biggest pile and jump in it! So fun! At least it was when I was a kid! Thank you for such great inspiration and a good laugh--a great way to start my day!

  8. The eyes have it! I loved the one with the hats but I love this one too. Now you have done hats, then cats, next is bats? Absolutely fabulous.

  9. l have the same problem Kath with the leaves so lovely so see them changing colour but falling is a nightmare!! again l'm loving your creation the spooky eys are brilliant in the picture totally stunning as always x

  10. Loving those googly eyes, the cat looks amazing against the wonderful background and I adore that sentiment! Hugs, Anne xx


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