Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Hubble Bubble Toil and Trouble...

Hi folks...the good news is...I've got a Halloween offering to share with you today...
using lots of Carved Pumpkin and a liitle bit of Wilted Voilet and Ground Espresso Distress Inking...Tim Holtz/Stampers Anonymous Mini Halloween 5...Tim Holtz/Sizzix Thinlits Gothic Gate...Layering Stencil Shatter...Mini Layering Stencils Set 21 and 23...Ranger Texture Paste...Vintage Foil and Gothic Remnant Rubs...

which didn't go entirely according to plan but that's a long story and I'm not going to bore you with that particular tale of woe when there is a far more pressing situation for me to get gnashing my teeth over...the saga of Mr Hermes and my precious Fiskars Samples Parcel.
I'm always like an anxious Momma until I know it's reached it's destination safely...the thought of it being lost and having to make the samples again is my ultimate nightmare. It was collected right on time on Saturday but when I logged into my account yesterday morning to get the tracking was still showing "Awaiting Collection" so time to give Hermes Customer Services a call and of course we live in an age of modern technology where's no chance of talking to a's all computerised recorded messages that very rarely come up with the solution to your problem ...Press 1 for this and 2 for that and regardless of what number I pressed...another recorded message advising me I could track my parcel online...yeah if it had been logged on the system and I had a bl**dy tracking number...I could. Time to hit the computer to see if Mr Google could assist me in my quest and prevent me being carted off to the loony bin...the answer lay in Hermes Live Chat where a very helpful Kirsti made enquiries and told me that my parcel was in the system but unfortunately I needed to log in to International Live chat to get the tracking link. Seriously...many hours later...almost bald...losing the will to live and no finger nails left I'm informed that my parcel was logged in to the system in Aberdeen at 7.55pm Monday evening...crikey 2 and a bit days to travel 7 miles...I could have walked it there in a couple of hours and was as we speak en route to the international hub and the answer to my tracking link takes 24 hours to update our systems so try again tomorrow (which by the way is today) and which I am about to do now. Cover your ears and go hide under your bed just in case there's been another glitch in my otherwise happy life and the moral of the has come on in leaps and bounds in my lifetime but why do I always feel like we've taken one step forward and 1,000 steps back when a simple pick up the phone and talk to a friendly voice would have had it sorted in a jiffy.
But before I tackle the Hermes page again...I've got a chaotic workdesk to tidy...yeah how can one person make such a mess making one card.
And just so you know...if I'm not back tomorrow...I'll be curled up in a corner sucking my thumb...having a nervous breakdown
Hugs Kath xxx


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  2. Hi Kath,
    Second time lucky... my new tablet thinks it knows better than me and keeps changing everything! I love the card, Kath and believe me when I say that I can make even more mess without ending up with a fantastic card.
    Crikey, you must have been having kittens worrying about all your samples, it sounds like it may have been left somewhere over the weekend.
    I've not had to deal with sending anything to be tracked but not too long ago I checked to see where a package was in the system only to see it hadn't been collected from the was delivered later that day lol.
    I have to say that my local hermes man is a star...he doesn't work weekends normally but he came out on Saturday specially because he had some plants for me...the bonus was getting my new tablet three days early😊
    Bejay xx

  3. Hope you get the Hermes situ. sorted Kath, for your own sake more than anything else.....Love the creation, spooky or for the mess in the craft room.....phew, I felt better for not being alone in this......have a good day..xx

  4. Fabulous creation Kath - it looks amazing.
    Hope you have now got the answers you want/need regarding your parcel. I hate all those automated calls.
    Toni xx

  5. Fabulous Halloween project Kath, the background and colours are fabulous. I hope you have got the issue with your parcel sorted.
    Linda xxx

  6. Oh must have been beside yourself.......I would worry my socks off too !!!! Hope it all gets delivered and you can relax/sleep properly once more.
    Anyway I adore your Halloween the house and the gate is amazing, also the word wicked in that illuminous green.

    Its been hectic here too but not to all works out in the end

    Take care and best wishes to you and Buddy xxxx

  7. On a positive note first, your card is super fabulous!! You have made that haunted house just 'pop', it looks wonderfully realistic and I LOVE how you used the fence/gate, it looks amazing! LOVE this - tons!!

    Shame on Hermes! I could say a few choice words but I might get thrown out of blogger... I really do hope you have had some success today - I really feel for you. Whatever has happened to good customer service....... sigh. Hugs, Anne xx

  8. I, for one, know just how someone could make a large mess making just ONE card. Do it all the time. :) If mine looked as good as yours, I probably wouldn't mind cleaning up!!!!! Have a better day today!

  9. LOL Kath, I think we can all relate to your frustration, it is maddening and makes one seriously consider bodily harm when having to deal with modern technology! Hoping that you received good news and that your samples arrive safe and sound at their destination. On a very positive note, love your Halloween card, whatever trials and tribulations you went through making it were well worth it, deliciously spooky! Deb xo


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