Wednesday, October 26, 2016

OK...buckle Up...

HI folks...I have no idea why but I get lots of questions about how and where I take photos of my projects...let me start by saying that David Bailey I am certainly not...if my photos turn out half decent... it's probably more through luck than fact my all singing and dancing camera has never in it's life ventured out of Automatic mode and if you're thinking that I have a state of the art studio with all the latest's time to buckle up and fasten your seat belts while I bring you right back down to earth with a warts 'n all tour of my photo-taking space which is a small store room at the back of the garage...home to all sorts of Fiskars mower...duplicate products...craft items looking for a new home...DIY bits and pieces and store cupboard essentials...
no daylight special fact no "bells and whistles" gadgets whatsoever...instead I use this shelf by the window that gets great natural light...even on dull rainy days.
 and a handy flower pot to prop up my backdrop and foreground papers...
 then I grab a can of something (anything will do) from the store cupboard shelf...
to support the project I want to photograph. 
and after all that high-tech faffing around and a little bit of  tweaking on a photo editing is the today's card using the "Holiday Background" stamp the "Believe In The Season" collection from Simon Says on the link to see all the fabulous products in this release...

The moral of the story...don't believe everything you see and yes...the camera does occasionally lie but hey it's all about what works for you. Have fun whatever you have planned for today...for me it's some "12 Tags" fun.
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. You really made me smile Kath, even your 'clutter' looks well organised!! That really is a lovely light window sill and your photos really do always look fabulous. I love this beautiful card today, it makes me realise how close Christmas is and I have not started a single card yet.... Hugs, Anne xx

  2. This made me chuckle Kath, I use my conservatory for taking my photographs during the day and use the couch in their :) Love the ideas of the papers might try that next time I photograph my cards. :)
    Linda xxx

  3. I do a similar thing Kath, hand on heart it's true, even down to the papers, most time white cardstock....but my 'camera', is my old mobile for me for your 'clutter'....I wish I was so do make me smile.x

  4. Thank you for the 'peek' behind the scenes. That window gives you wonderful lighting.
    Great card today, I'm really loving the vintage look you have been giving to your Christmas cards.
    Toni xx

  5. Your card again today Kath is gorgeous and l like the background that you create which is fabulous l too like the vintage look! most of my photos are by the window sill you can't get better light then there take care xx

  6. Great post Kath,made me chuckle.Long may you keep posting.Huggle and cuddles for Buddy.xx

  7. Thanks for sharing this I always struggle to get good photos. It's either too bright and I get sunshine casting strong shadows or washes colour from image or it's too dull or dark so needs artificial lighting which then casts my shadow or my cameras shadow over the project. Your project photos look great Kath, and always very clear. Buddy will be glad he doesn't need to sit on the window ledge when you take your lovely pictures of your handsome boy Alexandra x

  8. I rarely comment, but love seeing your posts and being inspired by your designs. Just as much, I love your humor and that you share the reality of it all. Thank you.

  9. As the saying goes, less is more and your gorgeous photos prove that! Wonderful card Kath, loving how you are showcasing all these great stamps and thanks for the tour of your photo studio 😉 Deb xo


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