Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Burst That Bubble...

Hi everyone...I'm so glad to be back in my happy place and for those of you who think I'm an UBER TIDY crafter...I'm about to burst that bubble...believe me it didn't take long for me to embrace old habits and for the cubbyhole to be strewn with stuff...the new resolution of putting things away as I go along lasted about 10 minutes...

and with so much counter top space...why is there stuff on the floor...I hear you ask. It seems that this old leopard will not be changing her spots anytime soon...
I'm slowly getting round to adding the finishing glad to have my tool caddy back in use again...perfect for holding my heat tool and clean up cloths...

 and we've made a little bit of dent in the cubbyhole budget splashing out on a new lampshade...
and a cool rug. Before you ask...I did check it was washable because there's a fair bit of splattering goes on in the cubbyhole...
but the minute my back was Furry Partner decided this will be HIS new snoozy spot...
I did remind him he has 3 cosy cushion beds and umpteen sofas to choose from and in reply...he stood up...turned round and promptly lay down again with that "excuse me...what's yours is mine-I'm not moving" look on his face...
so it looks like this will be HIS happy place and MINE will be on the other side of the desk standing on the hard floor unless the budget can run to another rug.
Toodle-oo for now
Hugs Kath


  1. Love your space and happy to see the lived in look. Buddy is a very smart �� dog.

  2. Buddy is testing it out for you!!! You know that you have lost that rug forever! At least until you get another one! LOL! Glad to see I'm not the only one that puts stuff on the floor! The struggle is real!!! LOL!

  3. Oh you made me laugh! That Buddy is one gorgeous puppy dog--what a face! I'm reading blogs putting off once again purging & organizing my craft goodies which are spread out in 3 rooms & won't change as I craft at the dining room table which is attached to the living room--haven't eaten in that room for over 15 years--haha! It's great not being separated while I craft, but if I was single I'd have a separate craft room. Glad I'm not the only one who cannot keep her resolve to put away as I go--just doesn't happen--haha!

  4. Oh Kath, I have had a good chuckle reading your post today, love seeing your cubby hole in use, I can totally agree with you I have lots of work space too and things end up on the floor as I run out of space too! Why change ;)
    Hugs to you and Buddy
    Linda xxx

  5. Ha, ha, Buddy really does have great taste, it does look really comfy! Glad to see you are just like the rest of us after all but even your 'mess' looks tidy to me!!! Hugs, Anne xx

  6. Love seeing the cubbyhole in full pelt...all that creativity work going on... Buddy has claimed his new spot in their too... He is a gorgeous boy.... Take care... May

  7. Great to see the cubbyhole back in action, looks fantastic Kath!! Did you really think you'd get a new rug without the bold Buddy boy not claiming his spot?? Lol....Enjoy many more happy crafting hours in your fab New cubbyhole!! Love n hugs....Ann (woods from Nero xxx) xxx

  8. Pretty organised mess there Kath. I think the rug situation shows that Buddy is happy with the cubbyhole LOL.
    Toni xx

  9. So glad to see the all most finished project of your cubby hole. But your little partner is absolutely adorable and I just want to pet him!!!! Have fun with all those great cubbyholes to fill up!!!!


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