Friday, July 28, 2017

Move Over Monet...

Hi folks...I'm back to share my little adventure into the world of watercolour with the fabulous whimsical Artsy Fruits stamp set from Simon Says Stamp One Of A Kind release. I created a series of postcards which will be perfect for sending a note of thanks or support to friends. But before we go any further...let me make it quite clear that watercolouring and me are not a match made in heaven but they don't look too bad if you pop on your rose tinted spectacles or failing that...half close your eyes.

Let's face efforts at a Monet style fruity still life are never in the month of Sundays going to set the art world alight but just like my foray into the world of golf earlier in the's all about giving it a go and you'll never know whether you're rubbish at it or not until you do. I'll be back tomorrow to share some cards I made with the Simon Says Stamp August Card Kit and then I'll be donning my spooky witch's hat because this arrived in the cubbyhole yesterday...jammed pack full of gorgeous Idea-ology goodies from Santa Tim and Mario...let the spooky and Jingle Bells Christmas fun begin.
Enjoy your weekend whatever you have planned
Toodle-oo for now
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. You are being far too hard on yourself, my friend, these are quite simply - fantastic still life watercolours!! I love them and I also love how you framed them with the stitching, it really draws the eye in and the quote is perfect. These are well up the list of my favourites of your projects...

    I just know you will create some magic with your box of goodies from Santa!! Hugs, Anne xxx

  2. Hey, I totally agree with Anne, these look superb!!! I am now feeling the urge to own that stamp. Really, totally love these!!!

  3. Another string to your bow Kath, I totally love these, so pretty and gentle....what next .....and can't wait to see what you create from that box of a fun day...x

  4. As crafters we're our own worst critics! They're fantastic Kath! Perhaps not 'Move Over Monet' but certainly 'you'd better watch your back Monet'! LOL!

  5. Gorgeous post cards and I think your water colouring looks fabulous! One very jealous girl here, I hope you have fun with your witches and Santa's hat on creating with these wonderful goodies.
    Linda xxx

  6. Gorgeous post cards! Both are beautiful!!