Friday, October 23, 2020

The Unfortunate Fortune Teller

Hi my friends, after watching Tim's amazing Saturday Facebook Live, I was itching to create the crystal ball and drippy candles to decorate an Idea-ology Vignette Divided Drawer, to tell the story of a Fortune Teller sat at her crystal ball in a dark and dingy room lit only by the eerie glow of candles. I am not going to go into the details of creating these items, instead you too can enjoy this fabulous Masterclass with Tim, the creative genius, on his blog HERE.  I had great fun on this particular production line but, just like yesterday's Snarky Cat, I got myself in a bit of a tangle with the lights for my candles and on reflection, perhaps the title of this blog post should have been "The Unfortunate Candlemaker", but more about that later.

I covered the Divided Drawer with paper from the Tim Holtz Idea-ology Departed Paper Pad, applied Texture Paste Opague Crackle randomly on the sides and top of the divided drawer using Tim Holtz/Stampers Anonymous Gothic Layering Stencil. Once dry, I applied a coat of Distress Collage Medium Matte and scribbled Black Soot Distress Crayon over the surface, rubbing it into the detail with my fingers and wiping back from the texture paste slightly with a damp cloth.
I removed the shelf sections of the Divided Drawer and painted with Black Soot Distress Paint. While they were drying I covered the sides with Departed Paper and the top, bottom and backs with Idea-ology Halloween Worn Wallpaper.  I sanded the edges to neaten and added Idea-ology Halloween Trim Tape and Halloween Ephemera.
I teased out sections of Polydown (we call this wadding in the UK) and fixed to the shelves with Distress Collage Medium Matte.
Then it was time to gather supplies, fire up my laptop, head over to Tim's blog and play along.

Once I had the Crystal Ball and candles in place, I decorated the shelves with an assortment of Idea-ology Halloween bits and pieces from my many years of collecting, (too many to mention individually but listed below in the links)

At this stage, I was feeling pretty pleased with myself and all set for the big switch on, well you know what they say, pride always come before a fall. The Crystal Ball lit up perfectly and they say the camera doesn't lie, well let me tell you, that ain't true. I could see a purple glowing orb but, despite trying from every conceivable angle, apart from standing on my head, all the camera captured was a big white glowing ball. And this turned out to be one of those days when the candle lights switched on momentarily, flickered off and on for a few seconds, went out and refused to come back on. I removed the batteries, popped them back in again but no go. I had tested the lights before inserting them in the candles so I suspect when I fixed the last candle down, one of the lights may have touched the hot glue and shorted the whole string. It was a real, woe is me or words to that effect, moment but hey ho, I'm not one to give up just because I fell at the first hurdle. Let's just notch this one up as a practice run because I just happen to have a lot more candles in various stages of production, so watch this space for lit up candles Take 2.
Have a great weekend whatever you have planned. Tomorrow, I'll be forsaking the cubbyhole for the kitchen, the weather tells me it's time to stock up the freezer with home made soup and lots of winter warmer meals and at 6 o'clock on the dot, I'll be heading over to join Tim and Mario for another fun Saturday night Facebook Live. Definitely my kind of Saturday night, snuggled up on the sofa with a glass of wine and a supply of snacks, no need to dress up or even brush your hair. Hope to see you there.
Hugs Kath xxx

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Sandra H said...

This is absolutely stunning Kath x

Janette said...

What a brilliant creation Kath, this is stunningly created I love it.x

Juli Riedel said...

Well I just love this regardless if the candles light up or not! Just practice for the next one that you make! I love the use of the polyfill on the shelves, it looks spooky! The stars look great on the crystal ball too! Boo to you my friend!!!

Redanne said...

Well, for a start, your candles turned out beautifully, they certainly put mine to shame. I love how you decorated the whole box - the wadding makes a great 'floor' covering and really adds to the spookiness and the globe - wow, it looks amazing! I would definitely say that this is a triumph over adversity, I love everything about it. Just doing the finishing touches on mine... Hugs, Anne xxx

Paula Cheney said...

This is an awesome piece Kath. I'm not sure what I would have done had the darn candles not lit up. Glad you had more to work with though because it turned out spectacular.

Spyder said...

I watched it all live, brilliant, loved the making of the candles and the globe...I suggested an evil eye or someonesbe big toe could glow in from the purple light! All amazing!