Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Buddy's Real Candy

Howdy's your handsome bundle of golden deliciousness here...just thought I would scoot on and give you all a few doggy's bound to more interesting than the usual crafty stuff.   The Cubbyhole Queen has gone off to have a shower and I have the feeling she is off gallivanting today... crossing all my paws that she is not on her way to that shop in Alford again....there is definitely no room for any more be honest if I had my way....I would have a mega clear out and there would be oodles and oodles of candy to give away.....but I am still in the bad books after the last need to keep my head under the radar for a little while....but things are getting desperate.....can hardly find a space to rest my weary head.
This may seem a silly question but I don't really get this blog candy thing....I have had a good sniff around the latest offering and to be honest...can't find anything that your well-bred dog would even consider eating...I think you are all being conned big I have decided to have a little candy all of my own.....THE REAL THING....folks... had a bit of a root around in Mum's Choccie drawer....and I'm sure "she who is always chewing at something" won't miss one or two goodies...chances are poor old Dad will probably get the blame.

I can't quite understand why all you girls go wild about this chocolate thingy.... I am not your average dumb dog.....oh no...while I may appear to be snoozing of an evening in front of the telly.....I am storing lots of useless info at the same time and I've heard it said that chocolate releases the same endorphins as having a bit of hanky panky....well that's news to me.....I once had a malteser and believe me folks...there was definitely no stirring of the loins and the earth certainly didn't I fear it is grossly over-rated....but each to their own....give me a good stick to chew any day.   Mind you I did have a rather traumatic experience with candy.... managed to snaffle one that fell on the floor....oh yes I am quick off the mark when it comes to anything edible...I can go from sleep mode to eating mode in a nano second....but the blighter stuck to my teeth....I chewed and chewed and what a palaver...couldn't budge it all...rather embarrassing actually....Mum had to come to the rescue and it took her age digging in my mouth before my teeth finally let go of the chewy mass...not an experience I wish to you are welcome to the stuff.
Well it looks like I am in for a peaceful laid-back kind of morning....once she goes I will be scooting upstairs for a lazy snooze on the old king sure is a dog's life here...snoozing....eating and the occasional trot around the block....what more could you ask for?...well maybe a little more doggy space in the cubbyhole and life would be just perfect.
Now if you fancy getting your choppers round this lot of goodies....just leave me a comment here and I will choose one lucky winner on 21st September...let's just see if you prefer real candy or that crafty come on folks get your names in the hat....I can see you all drooling from here.
BIG HUGS from your furry crafty friend
BUDDY xxxxxx