Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Buddy's Real Candy

Howdy's your handsome bundle of golden deliciousness here...just thought I would scoot on and give you all a few doggy's bound to more interesting than the usual crafty stuff.   The Cubbyhole Queen has gone off to have a shower and I have the feeling she is off gallivanting today... crossing all my paws that she is not on her way to that shop in Alford again....there is definitely no room for any more be honest if I had my way....I would have a mega clear out and there would be oodles and oodles of candy to give away.....but I am still in the bad books after the last need to keep my head under the radar for a little while....but things are getting desperate.....can hardly find a space to rest my weary head.
This may seem a silly question but I don't really get this blog candy thing....I have had a good sniff around the latest offering and to be honest...can't find anything that your well-bred dog would even consider eating...I think you are all being conned big I have decided to have a little candy all of my own.....THE REAL THING....folks... had a bit of a root around in Mum's Choccie drawer....and I'm sure "she who is always chewing at something" won't miss one or two goodies...chances are poor old Dad will probably get the blame.

I can't quite understand why all you girls go wild about this chocolate thingy.... I am not your average dumb dog.....oh no...while I may appear to be snoozing of an evening in front of the telly.....I am storing lots of useless info at the same time and I've heard it said that chocolate releases the same endorphins as having a bit of hanky panky....well that's news to me.....I once had a malteser and believe me folks...there was definitely no stirring of the loins and the earth certainly didn't I fear it is grossly over-rated....but each to their own....give me a good stick to chew any day.   Mind you I did have a rather traumatic experience with candy.... managed to snaffle one that fell on the floor....oh yes I am quick off the mark when it comes to anything edible...I can go from sleep mode to eating mode in a nano second....but the blighter stuck to my teeth....I chewed and chewed and what a palaver...couldn't budge it all...rather embarrassing actually....Mum had to come to the rescue and it took her age digging in my mouth before my teeth finally let go of the chewy mass...not an experience I wish to you are welcome to the stuff.
Well it looks like I am in for a peaceful laid-back kind of morning....once she goes I will be scooting upstairs for a lazy snooze on the old king sure is a dog's life here...snoozing....eating and the occasional trot around the block....what more could you ask for?...well maybe a little more doggy space in the cubbyhole and life would be just perfect.
Now if you fancy getting your choppers round this lot of goodies....just leave me a comment here and I will choose one lucky winner on 21st September...let's just see if you prefer real candy or that crafty come on folks get your names in the hat....I can see you all drooling from here.
BIG HUGS from your furry crafty friend
BUDDY xxxxxx


  1. Buddy you are sooooooooooooooooo funny - love your post - maybe you should run the blog!! Please don't put me in the draw though as all the goodies featured have more SINS than I am allowed in a whole month (on slimming world diet) - although that organic chocolate looks very inviting.

    Really feel for you having to squeeze in with all the craft stuff - it's a hard life.

    Take card and hopefully not toooooo much will be bought this time.

    Ann xxx

  2. Hi Buddy, I'm drooling!!!

  3. Oh Kath!!!Oh Buddy!!!!
    I love sweet... Love candy (but I love crafty stuff more :)
    Thanks for the chance to win...

  4. Lovely to hear from you again Buddy, I love chocolate but it's not allowed on the WW diet, but little Gracie is a born chocoholic. If I was you I steer clear of chocolate too it's poison for doggies.
    I thought you would have more room in the new chubby hole, tell mum she doesn't need anymore stuff, doubt she will listen though.
    Have a lazy day.

    Hugs Carol x

  5. really made me laugh with your story about the candy stuck in your mouth! My Mum's goldie (Cassie) had a similar problem with a slice of cucumber once (I guess she's more health concious than you!)...she managed to get it stuck to her tongue...and couldn't understand why we were all in stitches laughing at her, and not helping her to remove it! lol
    I'd love to entered for your candy...I'm a well as a craftaholic! ;0)
    Make sure you steer clear of the human choccies in future though...I know you must think we're only saying it's bad for you 'cos we want to keep it all for ourselves...but it really is bad for you. The good news is you can have doggy chocs made from carob...believe me...they taste just as good! ;0)
    Helen x

  6. Buddy dear, you do know though that chocolate is actually dangerous for you and your canine friends? So mommy's right keeping you away from the candy! But this does make my mouth water indeed, so I'd love to be in the draw :D

    Boyd says "hiccup" because he just gobbled down his breakfast too fast -eh- otherwise he'd bark.

  7. If my other half knew why I was laughing outloud at this hour of the morning he would lock me up so you'd better pack that choccy up budster and get it right to me lol.

  8. Hi Buddy, great to see you back in blogland! Your furry presence has been missed.
    Sounds like sticky stuff was not to your liking:-)
    Hope mummy makes some room for you to rest your little head!:-) Have a great day and look forward to your next blog take-ove. :-)
    Hugs ANesha

  9. Hi Buddy,

    Oh yes, this is the 'real' candy!!! It looks soooo yummy... but is it better than Belgian Chocolat?? Maybe I can do the test!

    Big hug,
    Saskia :)

  10. Good morning Buddy, what a rascal you are but I love you and I adore choccy chompy goodies too. Thanks for chance to win ohyeah and mums the word ;)

  11. A totally AWSOME BLOG Kath & Buddy!! I absolutely loved reading this. You have placed a smile on my face for the rest of the day!

    Sweet hugs to you both.

  12. Woof Woff Budster
    Well I'm not into this human chocolate lark either, personally I don't like the stuff, yucky. I do love to chomp on Dental Stick though. My Mum loves chocolate and I've found a great game to play when she is stuffing her face with it. I sit in front of her and stare at her with big sad eyes. I then very slowly raise a paw to her. If she ignores me for too long I gently touch her with my paw and then slowly raise it again. Still showing her those sad eyes she eventually decides to feel guilty. Yep that's right I finally get the Dental stick I've been so badly craving for the past 10 minutes.
    Now the thing is Budster, if you are as crafty and manipulative as me (and you must be cos us cuddly loving loyal canines are brilliant at it),you'll talk your Mum into sending my Mum that freebie yucky stuff. That way my Mum will be stuffing her face a lot and I'll get MORE DENTAL STICKS INTO THE BARGAIN (I'm wagging my tail madly now). So how about it Budster, want to help a Border Collie in need eh?
    Woofs and sniffs MEG

  13. Wow Buddy, we had better hide this little lot - raiding Mum's choccie. I don't know what's worse - crafting goodies or chocolate. Well OK - maybe I do. But chocolate comes in good when crafting.
    Hugz Andrea.xx

  14. Woohoo Buddy, you really know what the crafters need...chocolate!!! It was so nice to hear from you again. Your two mates here in Finland send you lots of barks and some friendly growling (I think you know what it means ;)
    Hugs, SannaS

  15. Hi Buddy!
    Oooh you can't beat both candy's together :)HEAVEN lol
    hugs amanda x

  16. oooh wait till your Mum finds out- you will be in a lot of trouble boy giving away her candy candy! but on the other hand one look at your cute face and she will melt!Maybe she will be so busy in her cubby hole she won't notice you've been using the computer again.
    Sloppy kisses to you

  17. It's just as well you are so gorgeous, Buddy or you'd be out the door by now, lol! Thank you so much for making me laugh - you are hilarious! Had a rubbish day yesterday but you have certainly cheered me up. Hope my number is picked - I'm drooling over these goodies. I honestly can't decide if I prefer the real stuff, lol! Think I like a bit of both - he he
    Suzanne x

  18. Hi Buddy, you've fairly got your mum sussed lol
    I'm not really after the sweeties, lets face it I have enough blubber to keep me going for the next 6 months at least, but I wanted to say hi to my favourite bundle of blonde fun.
    have a lazy day Buddy, and tell mummy she's bad for going to Alford without me lol

  19. Buddy, you naughty dog, raiding the candy like that! Please tell your mum not to enter my name in the drawing because chocolate doesn't travel well to Florida in September (metal mail box + 90 degree temp + chocolate = big melty mess) but I just had to say M&S sticky toffee caramels? Really?? They will be on my shopping list next time I'm home that's for sure.

  20. Hello Buddy,

    We could not agree more, this whole craft thing gets us down as well. Mum often asks what we think about this card or that stamp and do we really care about any of it other what's left from her lunchtime sarnie ?

    And of course she won't share her cholcolate with us, say's it's bad for us, so all we get is the stuff from the pet store, healthy she says and no pretty wrappings either. They even put shapes in clear bags now, gone are the boxes with pictures on the side so we could at least drool over them. Mind you since Bernie arrived making four of us and he's bigger then the rest of us put together, I think Dad bulk purchases now.

    We had to do the whole camere bit as well this morning on our early apple scrump up in the orchard, yep we are up there in print on her blog as well.

    It really is a dogs life isnt it mate.

    Waggy woofs,

    Buffy, George, Abbey and Bernie.

  21. Oh too funny! What an intelligent dog you are Buddy, and what a choice, chocolate or crafting supplies! That's just plain mean but you can add mt name anyway!


  22. rofl Buddy your almost as mad as your owner.
    Thanks for the chance to win the real candy and I'll let you know if I feel like some hanky panky if I win it (wink)
    Anne x

  23. Buddy
    I loved your post. It made my day. My mouth is already watering in anticipation of winning your candy! What will Mom say when she realizes you have gotten into her stash and gave it away? If she is too rough you can always come live with me.

  24. Hey Buddy you're just great. I just wanted to tell you I loved your post it made me laugh but please don't enter my name in the drawing because chocolate doesn't travel well to Mexico city. Hope to see more of your posts soon.

  25. Hi Buddy :)

    You did make me laugh about the Malteser! Maybe you should try 3 or 4 at once next for me!

    I recon you must write all the posts for your Mum - or she just tries to be as funny as you are!

    Maybe I'll get our cuddly Border Collie - we call him Brad - to drop you a line soon, he likes to play games such as 'How long can I chew a toffee for' too!

    Hope you had a relaxing morning on the big Buddy-Bed that your Mum insists on sleeping in each night!

    Thanks for rooting out this fabby choccy candy ;)

    Carol x (& Brad x)

  26. Hi Buddy, you are just the funniest and gave me a wonderful laugh this morning. Hope you don't get caught giving this wonderful candy away. Thanks for the chance to enjoy some chocolate. Enjoy your snooze. :-)

  27. I love your posts Buddy, tell mum she can stop spending all this time on the computer and you can write all the posts every day. I agree, toffee is so much more satisfying than chocolate, hard on the old teeth though....
    hugs from your Auntie En xx

  28. Oh, Buddy! You are a real cad! I'm sure your mum won't miss even a bit of that "dreadful" chocolate - I'll be happy to get it out of your way! =D

  29. Hi there Buddy I could easily help you with the sweeties. I have a very sweet tooth!! Funny about your "chewy mess" - we once had a Labrador who had a similar problem. He was given what looked like a fudgy sweetie (last in box) but unfortunately for him it was actually a caramel. It was very funny to watch but he did manage to eventually got it off his teeth and down his neck. Persistent blighters, Labradors!!! Don't tell mum but I'm off to her favourite craft shop at Alford. Haven't been for ages so I need a fix.

    Kat xx and xxx from Lucy and Maddy.

  30. That,a a genuine sweets :D
    I love your idea BUDDY

    xox Helen :)

  31. What a brilliant idea BUDDY ;)
    How sweet it would be to have that goodies.

    xoxo to Kath, the candy saviour :D

  32. OMG this is so cute Buddy, I love chocolate I want to win haha! I am ecstatic i found you're blog. you are amazing!!!!

    Le Vintage

  33. Oh wow Buddy, I just can't believe that you have not acquired a taste for these yummylicious choccies ... you should know by now that choccies are a girl's best friend ... so I hold my fingers cross for this one.
    Paw Pat

  34. Yum! Those candies look YUM! Although not the calorie free type, but hey, never mind! :) xx

  35. Hi Buddy

    Yummy count me in hope you dont get into too much trouble for giving away your mums real candy lol

    Emma xxx

  36. Woof, Woof Buddy!!! I love candy of any kind (especially of the chocolate variety!!) Please count me in, and please don't get caught stealing your mum's goodies!!!

    Thanks (& if I could...I'd give you a good scratch behind the ears and belly little Buddy (a Yorkie) always loved that!!)


  37. Awww Buddy you know the way to a girls heart in more ways than one - Looking mighty fine in your photo, you really are a handsome fluffster!!

    Count me in!!

    Furry Hugs

  38. Buddy you are so wicked! You look like butter wouldn't melt too!

    Prefer the other sort of goodies but I do like the look of the organic bar!

    Cazzy x

  39. Hi buddy

    This is the best candy i've ever seen thanks for the chance to win it....x

    hope you dont get in too much trouble giving away your mums stash lol....x

    Hugs Kirsten...x

  40. oh thanks buddy for the chance to win this yummy fatterning candy.

  41. Hi Kath and Buddy
    what wonderful Blog Candys!!
    I linked it on my sidebar!
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    I wish you a wonderful beginning of the new week!!!!!
    Big hugs Gisela

  42. Buddy you are so funny! I love chocolate! Thanks for the chance to win!

  43. BUDDY, you are so splendid dog! :)
    And you make me smile in a such difficult day! :)

    King Arthur (Vasya) :)

  44. Ohh, Buddy.. You're so handsome... Sod the chocolate.. I'd settle for a zero-calorie cuddle with you any day!! (Be still my beating heart.. swoon...)

    If you could manage a lick to go with it, that would go down a treat!

    But as that's not an option, I'll settle for a substitute chocolate-induced endorphin-rush if I absolutely have to, and be grateful. (sigh)

    Chris xx

  45. lol Buddy i didn't know about your candy, i have to tell you, you are CUTE, my kids just saw your pic and told me that they want you :) :)

    I'm going to link your candy to my blog


  46. Buddy, you certainly know how to woo a girl. Those sticky toffee caramels look amazing. We could definitely do a swop - I know where to get the best doggie chews ever. What about a nice pig's ear, then?


  47. Hi Buddy! you totally rock I have to say! My puppies would completly agree with you on the lack of space in the crafty room and lack of good doggy wares. My Husky has taken to digging in the trash bin for looking for tressures. And my big hound, well he just wants a bed big enough for him behind my chair. :o)

    I would LOVE some of your candy! Hope you have a great snooze today!


  48. Hello Buddy and thanks for all the smiles! Hope you have a good snooze while your mum's away!

  49. Ohh Buddy, I love your idea of blog candy. Chocolate, Chocolate and more chocolate.

    Thanks for the chance of winning

  50. woof woof buddy, what a clever doggie you are, all my mr oscar does is run off with my ribbon and rip up any bits of paper that fall on the floor, he's a lhasa apso puppy, always glittery with an odd foam square or too, would love a chance to win please
    big hugs to you and your mummy, julie-anne xx

  51. hi Buddy - what a great idea to have blog candy of your own, and I love chocolate.

  52. LOL, this is too funny. Of course I'll support you Buddy :) You sure there won't be drool on the choccies? I also linked you next to your mommy to spread the love:


  53. Heeeheee. This post had me laughing so hard! I've only just found your blog, but I know that I will be visiting you and Buddy quit a bit!

  54. Hi Buddy, you´re a funny guy! Like your blog!
    Purrrrfect greetings from scrapkat

  55. Candy of any kind is a massive 'yes' from me!! Thanks for the chance to win Buddy and Kath!!!

  56. Wow Buddy, you are a sneeky soul. Thanks for getting your beautiful paws on this yummy candy and being so sharing with it.

  57. ohhhhh, une gourmande comme moi ne peut y resister !!!

  58. Oh Buddy this is the best candy ever , almost as sweet as you !
    big hugs !
    Kate x

  59. Oh Buddy you are soooo naughty encouraging us to eat chocolate...its something new for me so I might just win and give it a go...thanks for the chance of your yummy candy...hugs Jackie xx

  60. You are too funny Buddy dear! Thanks for the chace at some yummies. Hugs, Christine

  61. Thanks to Buddy for this fab candy. Jo x


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