Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Daring Cardmakers Challenge

Morning's time for a little bit of a history can't say this blog is all just crafty stuff....occasionally we have "The Budster" with his little bits of wisdom and sometimes we do the "educational" fasten your seat belts folks....... 
The challenge this week over at Daring Cardmakers is.......


Papers: Jilly Bean Soup 100% Recycled Kraft Paper
Crafthouse Press...Tartan
MME..Wild Asparagus Collection
Image: Hero Arts....Artistic Borders
Pink Petticoat...Tiny  Typed Alphas
Papermania Cardstock Alphabet Stickers
Ranger Inkssentials White Opaque Pen

and how could I resist playing along with this one...I am very proud of my Scottish heritage..and hey even "His Nibs" can trace his Scottish ancestry way back.....did you know that Golden Retrievers were originally bred in Scotland by Lord Tweedmouth in 1868... so what better way to show our patriotism than to dedicate a card to Scotland's National Anthem (some say not officially) but I think if you asked most Scots...they would say that O' Flower of Scotland is the one song guaranteed to stir the hearts and bring a tear to the eye of Scots all over the world.
Written by Roy Williamson of the Corries in is sung at all Scottish weddings and celebrations.....much loved by rugby and football supporters and it doesn't matter how many times I hear still makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up....especially if it's played on the bagpipes.

 O' Flower of Scotland
When will we see
Your like again,
That fought and died for,
Your wee bit Hill and Glen,
And stood against him,
Proud Edward's Army,
And sent him homeward,
Tae think again.

The politically correct brigade have suggested that this song be banned because of it's racist connotations.....what absolute celebrates the victory of Robert The Bruce over King Edward's Army at Bannockburn in 1314......and let's face it folks we are not very successful with our national football and rugby I am sure all the English folks out there will cut us a little bit of slack and let us crow over just this one little victory....695 years ago.....and if you haven't fallen asleep by now...
I would like to say a very big thank you to all my lovely bloggy buds for your lovely comments and support on my World Cardmaking Day debut....oh boy was I nervous....didn't know who else was going to be featured and was I delighted when I saw the lovely Rach....Andrea....Kim and my Hero Arts buddy... Lucy....and without being immodest.....I think we did the old UK proud.....thanks girls you rock !!!!!!
And it's all aboard for the next destination on our world wide blog hop.....will be back later with another challenge card....Hugs Kath xxxxxxx
Edited to answer Carol's question...yes it is the Royal Stewart Tartan.


  1. Great card Kath, you did the tartan theme proud, knew you would. It is an emotive song, we always sing along in this house when watching the rugby, we've had 2 great holidays in Scotland so think we're entitled lol;), it sure is better than the english national anthem, but don't tell anyone I said so :)xx

  2. Fab card, Kath and incredibly patriotic, along with the song! Something the Scots could teach the Sassenachs any day! Love the tartan contrasted against the kraft.x :)

  3. Love the tartan flowers and the way they look against the Kraft card. Great idea.
    Louby x

  4. oooh I am LOVING the tartan flower Kath and like you Flower of Scotland makes the hairs on my neck prickle! A party/wedding/night out's never finished til everyones sung it drunkenly at the top of their voices lol

    gorgeous card Kath I luvs it


    Amanda xx

  5. Hi Kath, great card and thanks for the history lesson, and as being one of those English Folks I think the scots and are a wonderful and proud nation, I have visited Scotland a couple of times and it is beautiful and I love it there, although we did have lovely weather both times.

    It that the Stewart tartan by any chance.

    Big Hugs Carol x

  6. Great card Kath! and I love that song anthem or not, I'm married to a Rugby 'nut' so sing along whenever the anthem is sung.......ssh don't tell anyone but I love to hear a pipe band too!

  7. Love it Kath. The tartan looks great! Good on you giving us all a history lesson and reminding all us Scots that we should be proud of our Scottish heritage. I'm with you on the song too, don't think I have ever been to a wedding/party where it hasn't been sung. Well okay usually screeched at the top of drunken voices lol. No Scottish wedding or New Year would be the same without it though :)
    Hugs Lora x

  8. So beautiful,the flowers and colours are gorgeous!!!
    Hugs xx

  9. Darn it, Kath you've made me homesick AGAIN! I'll never forget the look on my American husbands face when he heard that sung at my sister's wedding by a big bunch of drunken Scots. Before then he had only heard the very proper Corries version... Thanks for the memories.

  10. Kath, I'm in total agreement - why shouldn't people be patriotic? We have to promote all things Scottish, after all, we are a minority. Ban a song - I never heard such rubbish. It would just make people sing it all the more.

    Your cards are fab as always - you would be my first choice to carry the torch for world card making day.


  11. Kath, I'm a Sassenach, through and through, but have some dim & distant Scottish heritage (my surname's Fraser, for a start!).. and my heart is in the Highlands... and I also get very stirred when I hear Flower of Scotland. I love singing it, and I know all the words.. including the other two verses!

    So - yes - I support this as the Scottish national anthem, and salute your proud nation.

    It's so sad, though, that there is still hostility towards the English. I have felt it whenever I visit your beautiful land, and it makes me so sad. It wasn't me at Bannockburn. Honest. :'o(

    But it's fine on Skye. There are more English than there are Scots there!

    Just KIDDING!!! Put that claymore DOWN!


    Chris xx

  12. Wow Kath you certainly came up trumps here with the Tartan. Your card is absolutely gorgeous and I would love a bunch of tartan flowers they're so bright and cheery.

    Love Lynda xxx

  13. Beautiful card Kath, love the tartan and the fab doodling! Thank you so much for the lovely comment you left on my blog today :) Donna x

  14. Brilliant card Kath. I love the tartan flowers. We used to love going to see the Corries. Sort of concert you never sat near the front cos they were quite good at dishing out "abuse" to the audience especially if they got their eye on anyone posh. Fur coats & ....say no more! Must go and dig out my tartan paper!

    Kat xx

  15. Hi Kath,

    Great card and love the song too. No I am not Scottish but I love hearing it at the Rugby matches. I love visiting Scotland too - the scenery is fantastic. Shame I live so far away - Devon.

    Hugs Ali x

  16. Hi Kath...what a fab card... My family name is McGregor..and we have been told that our tartan is the Stewart Tartan. Grandaddy came from Perth to London when he was just 17...but he never lost his accent.. bless him..

  17. Aye it's a braw caird hen, wha's like us...damn' thur aw deid!

    Liz x

  18. Oh Kath, those tartan flowers look fantastic. I love how they really stand out on the Kraft background, the white really helps make it all jump out

  19. Those tartan flowers look absolutely fab. They look great with the Kraft cardstock. :)


  20. Scotland can truly be proud of this creation by the ever so talented Kath.