Monday, September 14, 2009

Revenge is Sweet

Morning promised I think it's time to spill the beans...and set the record straight....the truth about my bundle of golden deliciousness.."His Nibs"..."The Budster" or "Hooligan Harry" as I often call him....he thinks he is just the bee's knees at the moment....lapping up all the attention you are giving him and is rather pleased with himself that lots of you have suggested he takes over the posts on my blog.......well let me tell you folks.....I just about split my sides laughing at that one....a post once a month is about all he could muster the energy for. What does he do in a typical day......EAT.....he is your stereotype plays a bit part in his life...and he will lie in the garden for hours chewing his bone....well I suppose he doesn't it's the only exercise his jaws get.... unlike his Mum......WALK....that should be renamed SPRINT.....he's like a whirlwind crashing through the woods like a baby elephant chasing rabbits or seeking out the nearest pool of vile smelling mud to dive into and wallow like a hippo....and after all that energy sapping exercise.....the only thing he is fit for and "BUDDY's" favourite pastime......


out for the count sleeping like a babe......dreaming about goodness knows what....and the cheek of it.....not on the sofa with the doggy throw....oh no....he has to conk out on my sofa....nice one the seat of my pants will be covered in doggy hairs.....but he's never in trouble for long... how could you resist this cute pudding face and those chubby cheeks.
Buddy was bred from working dog stock but somehow I can't imagine him out all day in the hills retrieving game...he'd be in constant trouble for lying down on the job...he is a real couch potato and loves the good let's just say that posting every day would just be far too tiring for him.....once in a blue moon is the best you can hope for I'm afraid. Well that's me got my own back for his little foray into the choccie drawer.....whatever mischief will he get up to next.....I dread to think.
And look what arrived for "His Nibs" in the post the other morning.....this gorgeous birthday card from the lovely Desire all the way from South Africa

and we all know that he is not allowed chocolate so I just had to force myself to eat it before he got a sniff......and a little pressie for me....a beautiful rub-on sentiment.....big thank you Desire and Buddy sends big furry hugs. It's time to set off for our morning sprint and then back to get cracking with the crafty stuff....but will be back later with my challenge card for Carol's Sketch long for now.
Hugs Kath xxxxxg


  1. Somehow all this sounds so familiar...
    And I'm laughing out loud here! =D
    Hugs, SannaS

  2. Oh he looks so beautiful asleep. What a lucky boy to have such a great Mummy. Wonderful birthday card as well. Enjoy your walk. Hugs ANesha

  3. Well Buddy, I think your Mam under estimates you ... she just doesn't know about all your secret coded daily posts ... oops sorry for letting the cat out of the box. So keep on having your regular snoozes on your very fav new couch.

  4. Good Morning Budster, it's great to hear from you again. You know, if you don't like the dog throw on your bed, you could do what I do, and pull it off and chuck it on the floor, along with the cushions as well. My sitting room always looks like I've had an all night rave when my Mum gets up a morning. Well I do like to keep her busy .... after she has nothing better to do has she???????
    Woofs and sniffs ... Meg

  5. Love hearing about Buddy and his antics or non antics.

  6. Saw this earlier but couldn't get on the sight. any way I'm here and it was worth the wait love you telling us about buddy he is a doll and I imagine very hard work lol not that you mind I am sure. love the card. Oh must just say love yr living room Grey & red are a fabby colour combo. Mine is chocolate orange & lots of Cream keep saying I am goinf for a change but every one loves it as it is (except me it so needs changing) love yr blog Kath

    Love you to Dawn xx

  7. Ohhh, His Lordship Laurence is just irresistable. How could one resist letting him flop about living the good life with a face like that?? He's quite lucky, because unlike humans of a similar scenario, he will get cuter as time progresses. I saw he got into your choco, that little stinker!! Sure was nice of him though. So it is safe to say then, that you know he's been sneaking onto your blog and writing posts, huh? I debated telling you, but for the sake of all things golden and luscious, kept it to myself. Budster, lovely birthday card, you are still recieving birthday love, what a banner year!!
    Take Care Kath and Buddy!!

  8. I'm glad my dog is most comfortable on the floor. He doesn't even have/use a blanket. But he always lies there where he is in the way, we are very handy stepping over him all the time. Stretched out he is 1.50 meters from tail to nose.

  9. ROFL!! I'm so glad I have met the Furry One!!!
    He truly is a wonderful hound and very regal!!!


  10. Who wouldn't love a face like that!!! My choccie Lab is a bit cheekie too. There is a chair in the conservatory that she loves lol. Never sits on a chair anywhere else just that one! She is such a big girl that she just walks over to it and the next thing you know she is lying on it with a face that says "ok shift me then". The head never moves just the eyes and the eyebrows. Our last Lab had the same trick with his eyebrows. xxx to the Budster

    Kat xx

  11. Love these photos of Buddy. He looks like he belongs there all so clean and fluffy. What a lovely gift from Desire.

  12. Awww...Buddy looks so sweet! My parents used to have a flat coated retriever that used to sneak on to the sofas...she didn't look as cute a buddy sleeping though...she used to lay on her back...with her pink belly on display! lol
    Fab card btw...gorgeous colours & papers!
    Helen x

  13. Hy Kath! Thank you your comment! Congratulations for this beautiful dog! Long live! I have a 15 year old cat. (Sorry, but I do not know English, and with Google translate writing to you.)