Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What's on the cards today

Morning folks and what's on the cards today....paperwork and not of the crafting variety either...computer stuff....all those "I'll do tomorrow" jobs that never get done and now I am snowed under...so it's needs must...... first job of the day....been online and booked my rail tickets for my trip to the SECC in October now the cost isn't really important from my point of view as Fiskars will be picking up the tab....but I can't fathom out how it works at all.......for a return ticket from Aberdeen to Glasgow.....£47.50 but if you choose 2 single tickets....£10 each...total cost for the journey £20...shouldn't it be the other way round...cheaper if you buy a return....so take note Fiskars....have just saved you the princely sum of £27.50. Their method of calculating fares may be a bit tipsy turvy...but can't fault FirstScotRail's ticket delivery system....the tickets will no doubt...arrive here bright and early tomorrow morning......one job done and dusted.
Next...find some info on using the Sizzix Texturz plates with the Cuttlebug....have just taken delivery of some gorgeous new Christmas ones.....would they work with my Cuttlebug....oh yes....found a great tutorial on YouTube and they are fabulous....will be using them very soon no doubt on ....yes....you've guessed it....more Christmas cards....and what we would all do without our computers.....how did we ever manage to get through life before the Internet.
I think all this technology is rather wonderful.....e-mail to start off with...how you can communicate with friends and family across the globe with a few keystrokes......send pictures in a nano second....and with Skype...actually talk to your loved ones......go online and order lots of crafty goodies 24 hours a day....then track the parcel to find out when it will be arriving.......bank online......check your M&S statement.....which I don't do very often....it's not too good for the old blood pressure.....even pay it online with a debit card......buy foodie stuff and get it delivered straight to your house so really folks we have no need at all to ever leave our homes....and last but not least blogging......to which I am totally addicted....I have made so many wonderful friends....OK lots of them I will never ever meet.....but what a wonderful way for us all to share our passion for this wonderful hobby....yes for an oldie....I am a big fan of all this technology.....anything that makes life easier is definitely a good thing......BUT there is one branch of technology I have never really taken to.....my mobile phone.....sits in my handbag from one month to the other....isn't switched on unless I need to make a call and £10 credit lasts me more than a year.....and texting....well that's just a total enigma to me.....have tried it...but it took me so long to do the simplest of messages.... I gave up when even I didn't understand what the message said....that's something I may have to work on...but for someone who is really bad at even checking for messages on my landline phone.....can't see it happening any time soon.
Tune in this morning to Create & Craft....Sky 671 or Freeview 36 at 9.00am to watch Nikky demonstrating the yummy Jingle Jangles CD and also her brand new sets of co-ordinating stamps. Well I am off to get the kettle on and have another wake me up cuppa before our morning stroll but will be back later with some exciting news....and a card.......oh dear there is never a dull moment in the cubbyhole.
Hugs Kath xxxxxx


  1. Good Morning Kath, you're a girl after my own heart, I feel the smae way about techny stuff, I don't have to leave home to spend home. and as for the mobile it's there if I need it, and as for texting it's easier and quicker just to call.
    have a great day. will be back later.

    Hugs Carol x

  2. Hi Kath
    I think blogging is fab, its kept me sane and a social life I've missed since retiring from work.
    Can you link the You tube link, I've some texture plates too but can't get a good impression.

  3. Hi Kath (& Buddy)

    Hope you had a good 'sprint' on this beautiful morning!

    I'm also in awe at the way we rely so much on the Internet and like - can you imagine having to go to the bank to transfer money!!!!!
    And as far as e-mails - wow! We live over 200 miles from my parents and when the children were little any special occassion - such as Christmas Morning - I'd take a photo with my digital camera (the size of a house brick then!), upload it and within 2 mins Mum & Dad had a picture of the children at the breakfast table wishing them a Merry Christmas! And now, 17 years later we can actually 'watch' each other via a webcam!

    Have a great day,

    Carol x

  4. I saw the programme on Create and Craft this morning- they are soooo gorgeous! I'm keeping a tight hold on my purse at the moment but I don't think it will last long! lol xxxx

  5. morning quine,
    I did the paperwork clearing the other day - managed to clear my intray and now its almost as big again - where the hell do all these bills come from??
    without my laptop my whole life would come crashing down - I even use MS Outlook as my appts diary, it sends me reminders and everything. How on earth did we get anything done without t'internet??
    have a good day

  6. Kath, hi from Sydney, hope you enjoyed your walk this morning. I sure enjoyed reading your post. It made me laugh cos last time I was home I tried to work out how to travel from my Mum's in Worc. to a friend in Bognor!!!! What a carry on - it was easier to hire a car and cheaper!!!
    Then I sighed when you mentioned M & S - even after 20+ years I miss them!!! Looking forward to your next post. x

  7. Your post made me laugh - when I was home in the summer I was trying to work out the best rail fare for 4 for a day in Edinburgh and between group discounts and early morning discounts I was totally confused.. we made it for our day out in Edinburgh, but I don't know that I saved any money!!

  8. Sounds like you have a busy day today. Take it easy. Anesha :-)

  9. Its quite strange that you have taken to blogging like a duck to water, but the cell phone thingy is not your cup of tea ... looking forward to the exciting news ... hope its not poor Budster that's been stirring again.