Thursday, September 10, 2009

It's Sneaky Peek Thursday

Morning folks and before you know's Thursday already.....crikey the weeks are flying by and we are fast approaching Autumn and chillier days....the weather here just can't make up it's mind.....we have days of gorgeous sunshine......teeming rain....and the wind yesterday was unbelieveable....blowing a real hooley...but great for getting the washing dried...if you can get it to stay on the line.....back to cloudy and dreary this morning.....but no rain or far.
Have been doing a little bit of frantic crafting....I had some kids' cards to be honest I have known about these cards for months and me being me.....put them off to the last minute.....there is always tomorrow seems to be my motto these days....and then suddenly tomorrow is.....TOMORROW.... so had a bit of "burning the midnight oil" last night to get them done and dusted......will I never learn.
And as for the cheeky chappie and his real candy.....he is getting way too big for his boots..but one look from those big brown eyes.....and he doesn't stay in trouble for long....but we ain't going to tell him that....and rest assured....he definitely does not get any chocolate.....and no I wasn't away to my favourite craft shop in Alford yesterday.
So it's on with the sneaky peeks and yes there are lots......first the word books I have been working on with the fabulous new downloads from Funky Hand.....and wait until you see what the other girls on the team have been making......they are stunning....

and then on to the DT stuff for this week and yes there are that's a bit of a mystery isn't it.......

I am not feeling very motivated right this minute.....why... this was the scene that greeted me in the cubbyhole this morning.....and believe me.....I don't do MESSY in the morning......
I normally make a point of tidying up my work space at night all ready for a fresh start in the morning....but last night on my way to the kitchen for a much needed coffee boost....I got of my fave TV programmes was on the box.....don't know if you watch it.....Trawlermen...a documentary about the fishermen who work out of Peterhead and lovely crafty friend Dawn's neck of the woods.....these brave souls who risk their lives ever minute of their working lives to bring fish to our tables. They are real characters and I can see the need for subtitles.....anyone who doesn't speak the Doric just wouldn't understand a blinking word...and it cracks me up how some of the guys do make an effort to "speak properly" but the danger there is that they "fa through their pan loaf" as we say here......meaning in their effort to talk posh....they put their great big size 11's in it every time.
So it was back to the cubbyhole for another couple of hours work and by that time I decided to hit the sack........I couldn't be bothered tidying that's the first job of the day......clear the decks and start all over again.....catch up with you all tomorrow for another fabby challenge over at Polkadoodles....happy crafting everyone.
Hugs Kath xxxxxxx


  1. love the kiddie cards
    lovely and bright xx

  2. WOW, love the kids cards Kath. Don't worry about the state of your craft space, it's a palace compared to mine..... Meg says she's worried about the content of your post this morning.... She says that us crafters are quick to cotton on to new ideas and trends, the point being "Budster is getting too big for his boots".... I've never bought Meg any boots as she's quite happy running around bare pawed, but she's worried I'm going to go out and buy her some doggie boots now.

  3. Love your cards, You've got a great mixture there, you're craft room looks like mine, like a bomb's hit it, do you find stuff underneath you'd been looking for and couldn't find as I do lol x

    Hugs Liz x

  4. Great kids cards Kath, they will go down a storm!
    If your cubbyhole is a mess mine must be the council tip lol
    Anne x

  5. Three great kiddy cards - they will love them.... and more suspense!!! - you keep doing this to us Kath lol

    Lynda xxx

  6. Great kids cards, really fun. Your lovely card and stamps arrived today, thank you again. Love your cards in Simply card and papercraft, they are adorable. Hope furry one is not in too much trouble today:-) Anesha :-)

  7. Fab kiddies cards Kath.I'm sure they'll love them.Love the sneaky peeks too.Looks like some more gorgeous cards.
    Cass xxx

  8. Can't believe it was just the other day that you moved into your new cubby hole and already it looks like you have been there for ages. I know what you mean with starting with a clean slate ... I always sy an uncluttered desk is an uncluttered mind.
    Happy creating.

  9. Love a messy deak but hate tidying it all up!!
    I missed the bloomin' Trawlermen totally forgot it was on, will HAVe to watch next week though!


  10. Your chilrens cards are `gorgeous`...
    Oh My Kath my craft room just seems to get messier...I hate to create round mess...but when Im creating it thats worse!!!!
    Im working on getting me some nice shelving units in there!!!!
    Thos fishermen are sooo very brave..TFS:)x