Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sneaky Peeks and a little secret......

Morning folks....let's cut to the chase and get the little secret out of the way first......and this is just between you and me....I have received quite a few e-mails recently from folks thanking me for commenting on their Penny Black challenge entries and pointing out that I must spent loads of time sat at my computer.....where do I find the time.
Yes I do spend loads of time sat on my bum at the old computer..uploading pics..writing posts and leaving comments (and that can take forever if Mr Blogger is playing games) but it's mostly in the evenings.....I am not a TV more often than not....if I am not crafting you will find me tapping away at the computer....but I am not not "The Budster"....he is normally fast asleep on the sofa in front of the telly he is a real   couch potato...takes that off his nightime companions are.......

stashed out of sight beside my desk and how naughty is this.. I have been known to get through a whole bag at a session...and you know the feeling "I am never going to eat another sweet" that only lasts until the next time"'s not my fault....I am blaming all those fabulous Penny many gorgeous cards to ogle and so many comments to you've had a sneaky peek of my little secret
it's time for a sneeky peek of the crafty variety.....
yes just one sneeky peek today......that "diddly squat" feeling is back again.....the weather has been lovely here this week......warm and it's been lots of sitting in the garden with a cup of coffee....the theory is it won't best take advantage to top up the Vitamin D levels while I can......that's it for today to do a little tidy up....I'm expecting my very first crafty visitor to the new there won't be any cutting of ribbons or popping the champagne corks.....probably just coffee and cake....and lots of crafty chat.....catch with you all tomorrow for another challenge at Polkadoodles.
Hugs Kath xxxxxxxx
P.S.   I was right about the's looking rather wet......rain of the stair rod variety....oops another wet dog day.


  1. Lucky you to have any nice weather, it's rained every day here on and off for weeks lol, thank you for my lovely comment which I really appreciate as I know it must take loads of time.

    HUgs Liz x

  2. heehee you are like me kath, I like to craft and blog hop with a "little something" beside me lol I am not this size without putting in the effort roflmao


    Amanda xx

  3. I have definitely got the computer addiction Kath but my stash is chocolate, sshh! I whispered that word. And as for the weather, well its just rained here the whole of August and there's more on the way! Just back from walking my little Squirt and we are both soaked, and thats only from the puddles! lol

  4. Hi Kath I know what you mean about the rain. Same here near Ellon. I may be luckier than you tho cos I have TWO wet dogs. A lab and a cocker. And as you may know the only thing that smells worse than a collie is a spaniel lol!! I must also thank you for lovely comments on my Penny Black efforts. I love to read you blog every day too to see what you and the budster are up to.

    Kat xx

  5. Kath I too tend to sit in front of my computer after I've put my dd down for the night. TV is such a time waster, when you can be saying nice things about people's wonderful creations. Sorry your day is rainy. We are waiting for it to rain here down under.

  6. Mmm yummy! And the fruit pastilles look nice too LOL! Kim

  7. oh you naughty girl!! lol
    the tea was perfect, and am so jealous of the cubbyhole - it was great to catch up again quine, will be back soon
    kisses to my wee pal Buddy xx

  8. Hiya Kath, I have been an absent friend for too long, looking at all your fabby stuff that you have been doing has cheered me up no end
    En xx

  9. Heheheh! Asdas very cheap midget gems for me each time!!!!

  10. Wish I had secret stash like the beside me right now.