Thursday, March 4, 2010

From the AECC to the SECC

Morning folks...what a week so far...slightly manic to say the least and when the going gets tough/the tough get going...afraid furry bundle of golden deliciousness and so called crafty helper has a's OK for some.....

but everything is done and dusted and it's time for some fun...oh yes I have a hot date with my gorgeous Geordie Sis and I are off to the AECC tonight for the X Factor Tour...I am so looking forward to a fabulous night out but can I really bear to sit and listen to one more tuneless rendition from John and Edward...might just be the time to have a toilet break and no late night for me...straight home and off to bed for some much needed beauty sleep. I'll be up at 4.30am...blimey that's not morning that's still the middle of the picking me up at 5.30am and a dash to the station to catch the first train to Glasgow but hopefully I'll be leaving this behind and arriving to some fabulous sun drenched weather.....I wish....

My demo kit and samples are packed and ready to go...just the personal stuff to pack and you might think...two nights away = travelling light...underwear/a nightie/change of clothes and shoes for evening and of course the work trousers/black tops and my black Fiskars apron...don't you believe's the blinking toiletries that take up all the cream/night cream and all the creams in between...then there's the make up/the hot brush and the huge bag of polyfilla and before you know it weighs a ton...just as well there isn't a luggage allowance travelling by train.  And talking of the work clothes...well they ain't exactly colourful...picture 2 visions  in black with the tiniest orange logo on our aprons...blimey if there's a power cut you will never find us and if by chance you see a little old lady wandering around with slippers on her can bet that's me. Three days on your feet is no joke so I'm not proud...if my feet are am I.  And the strange thing is...they don't seem to hurt until the show closes and then boy oh boy they are screaming in protest and I have been known to walk out to the taxi rank and travel back to the hotel in my slippers much to the amusement of my Fiskars colleagues but it's amazing what a nice hot shower can do and then it's time to enjoy a relaxing dinner with one or two glasses of the old vino before hitting the sack and dreaming sweet dreams of another day of fun and sore feet.
And for those who remember my Asda slippers falling to pieces at the SECC...I have pushed the boat out this year folks...I'll be wearing the creme de la creme from M&S and Sir Stuart Rose will be hearing from me if they don't last the pace.
Toodle oo for now...will catch up with you all to get the polyfilla mixed up...well you never know I might just bump into the gorgeous Geordie Joe tonight and this old girl needs all the help she can get.
Hugs Kath xxxx


  1. Oh Kath, your post today is a hoot, thanks for providing me with a smile for the day. Enjoy the AECC or SECC, whatever that is! hugs Sharon

  2. You do make me laugh you mad woman! Have a fun time hun. Hugs, Squirrel xx

  3. Thanks for making me laugh! Maybe we should ask Fiskars to supply flashing beacons you can clip to your apron, to use in the event of a power cut :-)

    Have a great time tonight, and have fun with Lorraine at the SECC. xx

  4. You brighten up my mornings, you sound just like me with all your luggage,
    Have a wonderful evening, and one can but dream eh!

    Dream On Girl, go for it.

    Big Hugs Carol x

  5. hoi Kath,
    I wish I know you in person, your such a hillarious funny lady
    you make me laugh,ahahhaha
    but when you'r going to the x factor, are you going to sing he
    I hope you having a great time overthere
    and what a lovely dog you have, I have two pugs, one black and one blanc
    and please tell us what you've done,see,heard on the craftshow
    hugs andrea

  6. You have a great night Kath, wish it was me, although I'll pass on Jedward too lol
    It's gorgeous here in Glasgow this morning so I'll keep my fingers crossed you get more of the same for the next couple of days. We can't have you coming all the way down and not have a bit of warmth for ya.
    Anne x

  7. Hope your trip is a good one. I so love your comment about all the creams ...especially the ones in between. Great photos.

  8. Kath, You always make me smile when reading your blog. Have a wonderful evening and also a great time at the SECC.

  9. What a giggle you are Kath. I am so jealous of you tonight, lol. I hope you have a brilliant time and even putting up with Joh and Edward won't be that bad a price to pay for seeing wee Joe! Can't wait to meet you in person tomorrow - just hope you have a wee sleep on the train so your in a good mood, lol
    Suzanne x

  10. What a busy few days you've got planned! Perhaps Jedward might lipsynch and do you all a favour - definitely worth it to see wor Joe, though! I was hoping to get to Glasgow this weekend, but I forgot to book my train tickets, d'oh! It's a shame, I would've loved to see the fancy slippers..... Have fun!x :)

  11. Hi Kath, I start my day by checking out your blog and always have a smile. Remember to bring a spare pair of knickers tonight to throw at Joe ;-)
    Have fun at the SECC too
    Lesley x

  12. Awww you make me laugh, I hope you have a wonderful evening. Have a great couple of demo days at the SECC.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  13. What a joy to read your post today - so funny. Yours cards are stunners - you've done CC's very proud with those... and I just love that photo of Buddy he is so adorable and I'd just love to snuggle up with him. Have a fab time tonight and enjoy the SECC too.. hope the feet hold out for you!

    Love Lynda xxx

  14. Hi Kath,

    I just signed up to follow your fabulous blog!

    I love your projects but I am equally smitten with the Budster! My place is too small for dogs (or I'd have a few of my own!) but I have two beautiful Maine Coons who rule the roost (and yes, they have taken over my blog as well!)

    Look forward to getting to know you and seeing more of you and your baby... hope you'll say hi to me & my boys when you have a free moment!

    Ramona :-)

  15. remember to pack those slippers- weather lovely down here- see ya at the weekend

  16. Kath,
    Love your post today. Made me laugh! Have fun and can't wait to hear all about it when you get back.

  17. Great post Kath really funny :-) nothing like my coffee and reading your blog to start the morning. Hava a safe and happy trip.

  18. PML what you like Mrs. Better to be comfy eh. Well Mum and i had a fab day at SECC popped by to see Lorraine and who stopped by too but the gorgeous Cass. Missed you :( but got a hug from Lorraine who was as always gibber gabbing for Scotland lol she'll slap me next time for that. Have a blast, safe journey, hope the sun is shining agin tomorrwo for you.

  19. Hi Kath love the sleeping Buddy, can almost see the drool at the side of his mouth....or maybe it's only my mutt that looks like that. Hope you and sis had a lovely time at the AECC tonight.
    Went down to Lanarkshire for a funeral today and weather was gorgeous till we turned off towards Hamilton and then it go dull and a bit foggy. But by the time we got to Strathaven it was lovely again.

    Safe journey,

    Kat xx

  20. Hope you have a fabulous time at the X Factor gig and at the craft show and cant wait to read all about it when you get back Kath and i hope your slippers hold out lol. Have lots of fun.

    Paula xxxx

  21. You always make me smile. Actually you crack me up! Buddy doesn't seem to impressed, however! Hope you have a super time tonight and I'm sure you'll have a great time demo-ing at the show. Will look forward to reading all about it.
    Love the creams and slippers.
    Thanks for the smiles and giggles,


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