Sunday, March 28, 2010

It's me again

Hi's me again....the boss lady isn't here as you know....but she said it was OK for me to come on and say hello to you all in her absence.....I bet she has had an absolute ball at the NEC ....she will be home today after lunchtime and probably laden down with lots of crafty stuff she doesn't really need.
Thought I would share a gift card she made for her lovely friend's birthday....looks like they are off on a theatre break weekend.....does she ever stop gallivanting around the country.

Will be back tomorrow with the winner of the little give-away.....once I have rummaged through all the new stuff from the NEC.
Big Hugs BUDDY xxxx


Gosia said...

Sweet and funny card!:)

Sue W said...

Such a cute card.....looking forward to hearing about all the stuff 'Mum' couldn't resist!!!

glitterbabe 1969 said...

Hello kath just love your blog. I hope you had a great time at the nec and bought lots of crafty goodies. I always read your blog as i enjoy what you have to say and the cute dog is an added bonus.

Crafty Dawn said...

hi Buddy looking very handsome as usual ;0) Can't wait to hear what your mum's been up to and love this card what a lovely idea. I like the new look blog it matches you perfectly

Love Dawn xx

ginny said...

morning kath, i agree with everything that glitterbabe has said lovely bright morning here in essex cant wait till tomoorows blog just to see what you purchased at nec

Chris said...

Well Buddy it's lovely to see you ... you always brighten our day :D
Love the unusual and gorgeous card your Mummy made...totally fab.
Chris xx

Lorraine said...

Hi Buddy glad you could pop back to show us what mummy has made its a beautiful card mummy's friend will love it.Looking forward to seeing who wins some wonderful candy.I'm glad your mum is having a lovely time at the NEC i bet you have really missed her take care cutie
Lorraine xx

Kim Piggott said...

Oh Buddy I can't tell you what a pleasure it was to meet your Mum yesterday! Thank you so much for letting us have time with her she is so amazing and such a heroine of mine as I am sure she is with you. I was totally thrilled to meet her I am still star struck! You have one amazing mum!
Love that card so perfect!
kim x

kmassman said...

Cute that you let that lovely doggie blog while you were gone! I laugh out loud every time he does it!

Dawn said...

Awww Buddy you are doing a splendid job in mum's absence!!
LOVE your photo and mum's new look blog!


Anesha said...

Hi Buddy, hope your Mum remembers to get you something as well. Hope you are having a great Sunday and great to see you in Blogland again. Hugs ANesha

Kat said...

Hi Buddy, hope you haven't missed Mum too much. Bet you'll pleased to see her home again. Tired and skint but happy. I'm sure she's only bought stuff she really needs.

Looking forward to hearing all about how she got on at the NEC!

Kat xx

glitterbabe 1969 said...

hello kath just wanted to comment on your fab blog. I love your card making style i wish i could make my cards as good as yours i read your blog every day and i can now comment on it. love helen

Jessica said...

Hey Kath, I often show my honey, Don, things that I find online as he wanders in or out of the kitchen. And he tries to stop and show interest...but after all it's just paper! (Gasp). But when I said look at this dog, he actually stopped and looked at Buddy's pic, and said "Yeah, his is a nice looking dog." And let me tell you, that is high praise coming from him! I hope you're having a great time today with your friends. I can't wait to see what you brought home! Thanks, Jess

debb said...

Great card- very clever!

Rufus said...

Buddy, you need to be very careful when digging through Mum's stash, I've told you that before. But now you're talking about getting into her brand new NEC stuff? Oh, Buddy that's taking your life in your hands. You might get away with it since she'll be in a good mood after the show and she'll have missed you. But really I wouldn't make a habit of it! That's a great card your Mum's made for her friend.
Hugs, pets and ear scratches,

Leanne said...

Fantastic gift card!!


pass said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Lorraine A said...

Oohh I love this card :-) What a fabulous card for a themed bithday weekend !! Brilliant ! :-) I love the curtain and the audience ,,, fantastic :-)

I am sure your friend will LOVE this ! :-)

Lols x x x


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