Wednesday, March 3, 2010

It'll be Alright on the Night

Morning folks and welcome to bedlam in the cubbyhole.....I am not going to post a pic of my desk because you have seen it all before and the floor....well that is a whole other story.... my Penny Black Saturday DT card is done and dusted...blimey it's only Wednesday.....that must be a first ....yesterday was a kinda of a PUNCHIE day.....all my Fiskars soldiers lined up ready for action.....and the downside of using these boys are the punched out bits.....hence the confetti look on the floor....but nothing Mr Dyson can't handle.
I do love Fiskars Border punches and those Punch Around the Page ones are terrific....much easier to use than my beloved Martha Stewarts......sample boards and cards for the punches done and dusted.
So then it was onto the brand new Shapecutter Templates and all was going swimmingly....then disaster Shapecutter wasn't behaving at all so I decided to pop in a new blade and hey I should listen to my own advice "be careful when changing your is very sharp"...stabbed my finger and the result.... blood everywhere....not a good look when your cardmaking....and it's not easy to work the Shapecutter with a huge wad of kitchen roll round your finger....but optimist that I point in getting my knickers in a twist....will get there in the end and it's gonna be alright on the night....fingers crossed.
And right on cue.....something to cheer me award from the lovely Jessica in the USA.....thanks Jessica for putting a smile on my face....

and I am assuming that the beautiful....refers to my blog and not this wrinkly old....and very inky crafter.
Now I am supposed to pass this on....well we won't go there....couldn't possibly if you are a follower.....accept this award with love from me......and I am supposed to tell you 7 interesting facts about myself......well at this moment in time...I am feeling far from interesting and I'm sure you already know all there is know about me.......catch up with you all tomorrow....Hugs Kath xxxxx


  1. You do make me giggle Kath.
    What is it they say say about suffering for your art? :)xx

  2. What we do for crafts....injury or not we soldier on...lOl..
    Kath I shall be interested to see the new Fiskars border/corner punches they sound great.


  3. Hi Kathy, as I am new to you site, I just love to see what you have come up with. Look forward to seeing the new card. Good luch and don't suffer too hard with the craft I think we all do the same thing one time or another. Naomi (AUST)

  4. Oh Kath - I love you!!. I'm sure everything will be as lovely as ever. I did the same thing Monday with my new MS paper trimmer (it's going back to QVC) but it does hamper you somewhat. The new Fiskars punches sound interesting - looking forward to seeing them...
    Keep cheerful

  5. Love how you have them all neatly lined up... not that it looked as neat when you were actually

    Lucky you still getting to play... I'm off to set up the stand today all ready for tomorrow morning...

    See you Friday..... yippee....

    Big hugs
    Lorraine xxx

  6. hoi Kath,
    I always get a smile on my face when I read your blogstory's.
    ooh I love it the way you talk/write
    hugs andrea

  7. hope the finger is better for the weekend Kath, I am sooooo disappointed I was hoping to get to the secc on Saturday but fate and an empty purse are working against me and I will not be able to go! GGGRRRRR!!

    Have a great time with the hunni Lorraine lol


    Amanda xxx

  8. oh kath your having a day arnt you ?
    i hope your finger is getting better .. congrats on the award hun ..
    and dont go near anything else dangerous today !
    love maddyx

  9. Didn't Fiskars send you some lovely stuff to play with. Hope the injury isn't hampering your creativity. Have fun!

    Love Lynda xxx

  10. So sorry about your finger--OUCH! Hope it heals quickly and doesn't hinder your fun.
    Congrats on your lovely award! :-)

  11. Didn't know Fiskars were also doing punch around the page too... I take it that's them at the back left, dark blue and lighter blue? Sorry about your finger! I tried to cut my little one off on the left hand with a pair of garden snips a few years ago and ended up in Emergency for a few stitches. They then bandaged it up like you wouldn't believe and I could do a thing! It's amazing what you use your little finger for and don't even know it!!


  12. hi Kath
    it sounds like your having loads of fun with all your new play things... now what i want to know is how long did it take you to get them out the boxes.... lol.. i bet it tool ages... there not made to get into them very!!! and i have to agree i couldnt be without my Mr Dyson...!!! he is wonderful... picks up all my little bits... off the craftroom floor... sorry to hear you cut your finger.. hope it is feelin better now...

  13. WoW how much fun you must be having...TFS
    Have a fab evening:)x

  14. Sounds like you're having a right time of it Kath. I hate it when you cut yourself crafting and then you keep having to check you're not getting blood everywhere! Looking forward to seeing the new punches at the SECC on Sunday.....if there's any left!

    Kat xx

  15. Oh Kath, you do make me laugh! Hope that the finger is feeling much better. I'm sure it will all be more than fine at the show! Will look forward to reading all about it when you get back to the cubby. Do try to take care of yourself!

  16. Sorry about your poor finger Kath..hope it's feeling better!!!
    Didn't know Fiskars has PATP punches...can't wait to see them..TFS!



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