Monday, March 29, 2010

My Little Give-Away

Hi everyone......Mum's back..looking a bit frazzled....think she's getting a bit long in the tooth for all this gallivanting but I was so excited to see her.... well that is until she opened her suitcase and produced this......

a doggie parcel just for me from one of my zillions of sure do know the way to a boy's heart Lynda...I do love treats.....thank you...thank you....thank you....sending you big sloppy Buddy hugs and kisses.
Isn't it nice to get pressies....but it's even nicer to share....but don't get the wrong end of the stick....I ain't sharing my pressie.....oh no...I ain't that stupid.... but I don't think Mum will mind sharing some of her goodies from the NEC.   Thank you all for your lovely comments but I can't do that random thingymibob and I can't write your names and pull them out of the I closed my eyes....did a bit of paw plunking.

and the winner is......
Sparkly Girl-Tina sound like a fun girl just like my Mum

E-mail your address to my Mum and she will get your goodies off in the post...Mum is back to the cubbyhole again....lots to do I hear her I am off to have a snooze keeping her toes warm while she crafts and dreaming dreams of lovely doggy treats from my new bestest mate Lynda.


  1. Congrats Tina and enjoy your goody bag Buddy! xxx Carol

  2. Congratulations Tina and enjoy your goody bag Buddy ;-)


  3. Congratulations Tina :-)

    Oohh yummy doggy treats :-) I am sure you would share them with my lovely Jessie if you met her !! :-)

    Lols x x x

  4. Don't eat them all at once Buddy - we don't want to make more work for your mum now do we ;-)

    Love Lynda xxx

  5. Well it was wonderful to finally meet you Kath, I'm just sorry it was too quick and we had no time to natter, well maybe at the next show we can :)
    Fab picture of you with the Storm troopers tee hee they just swarmed the place, too funny!!!
    Thanks too for stopping by and your lovely wonderful comments, BiG HuGs Kim :)

  6. Hi buddy and welcome back Kath I hope you had a lovely time at the NEC hun Buddy has been such a good boy and to be honest I think he has really missed his mummy so i sense lots of hugs and kisses.
    Also congratulations on winning Kaths candy Tina hope you enjoy your prize huni xx

  7. congratulations tina enjoy your candy and guilt free ha ha, were the stormdroopers escorting you because you been a reble or were they your guards to help with the bags full of crafting goodies kath.

  8. What a lucky boy Buddy,enjoy your treats. Congrats to your winner. Hope you have a great day. Hugs Anesha

  9. Congratulations Tina! Have fun with your new goodies. Happy napping Buddy :)

  10. Hi Buddy , hope your goodie bag is edible ! can come and help you eat it. Glad your mum had a good time and good boy for keeping her toes warm !! More brownie points !!! hope to see your mum soon .
    Wags Muffin and Freebie xxxx

  11. Oh my gosh, buddy thank you sooo very much for your paw plonking on to me! I feel so very lucky - probably just like you did when your got your pressie from Lynda. Can't wait to receive my lovely goodies - they look fab! I've e-mailed your mum my details. Wait till I tell my Tilly I've got a new doggy blog buddy! Sending you big tummy rubs and hugs.


  12. Oooo buddy your such a popular boy..with all your bloggy pals in blog land..and what a nice pressie for your glad your mums back from her fabby trip to the NEC ..with probably lots more crafty stuff to store..:o)
    big cuddly hugs
    Michelle Xx

  13. Congrats and welcome back Kath.

  14. Arh Kath isn't he is such a handsome chap :) Look at that adorable face(cuddles). It was lovely to meet you at the NEC, looks like you had a good day.
    Hugs Sonia xx


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