Monday, March 15, 2010

Woe is Me

Morning folks and no still no crafty stuff to's been an all out decorating weekend and I am now ready to start on the walls...blimey is this turning out to be the marathon of all decorating jobs. But there has been a development or maybe I should rephrase that...a lack of development and I must share before I explode with frustration...we need to get a new velux window for the en the project manager aka...hubby has known about this for weeks but has he done anything about ordering one...NO and his excuse is....he forgot...well ********** excuse me...blimey all he has to remember to do is get up in the morning and go to bed at the upshot of his forgetfulness is that the tiler can't come to tile the en suite until the window is fitted and goodness knows when that will be and I am not getting the carpet laid and moving back in until the tiler is done and dusted because MESS and tiling go hand in hand so it looks like I will be dossing down in the front room for a while yet. The good news is...I am no longer living out of a suitcase...wardrobes are finished and I spent yesterday afternoon moving all my togs in...hey ho Rome wasn't built in a day and I may just be installed in my new bedroom this side of Christmas.
And I took some time out on Saturday to meet up with this sweet little missy...she slept for most of the time but just opened her eyes as it was time to leave and I'm sure she is trying to blow me a kiss

Megan and her very proud big brother
And wasn't Dancing on Ice fabulous last night...everyone was heart was in my mouth at the skate off because although it pains me to say...Hayley and Dan just weren't as electric as usual and I had everything crossed they wouldn't be in the skate off and poor Danny and Frankie...he is just a lovely cheeky chappie...oh I really didn't want to see anyone leave...can't wait for next week's semi final.
Well "The Budster" and I are off for our morning stroll if I can manage to put one foot past the other after my decorating weekend...the old body is doing a major protest this morning. Having a crafty day today...need to get some DT stuff done before I don the decorating hat again tomorrow...catch up with you all later
Hugs Kath xxxxx
Edited to add: and just to add to my woeful is chucking it down with the rain and you know what that very wet dog who will no doubt shake himself the minute we get back in the house and do I have time to wipe down the mud splattered walls in the kitchen.


  1. Poor you!!!
    I wouldn't want to bee in your shoes wright now while all that mess is going on!!!lol.
    Hope you won't boil like steam machine!!!lol.
    Oh,Kath,Megan is so sweet little princess!!!Lucky you!!!
    And this little gentleman is sooo adorable!Bless them!!!
    Hope you will manage to do some crafting!!!

  2. You sound very busy Kath with all you will all be worth it when it comes to an end. Megan is so pretty and what a protective big brother she has.....too cute.

  3. cutes kids

    I'm sure the place will be wonderful when you've finished

  4. I fully sympathise Kath, we've been decorating the lounge for what seems forever, just about done now and it looks so much better so just hang in there it will be worth it :) xxx Carol

  5. i hate the hassle involved with decorating! and when some one delays everyone else by not doing what you pay them to do it is so frustrating!
    dry here after dinging doon on four loads of washing yesterday!

    wet dogs make water go so far!

    love tina x

  6. I assume the project manager will be sleeping in the shed, lol. Have a nice easy day Kath - sounds like you need it. Megan is just so gorgeous.
    Suzanne x

  7. oooh poor Kath,
    but you know, man can't do two things at the same time, it's in there genes, it isn't there fault.
    woman are more practical, we can talk and knit at the same time and give orders, hahahha
    so take a deep breath.
    and what a sweet baby and a cool boy.
    hugs andrea

  8. Oh, Megan is SOO beautiful! And hang in there, your projects will get done in due time. It will all be so worth it in the end.

  9. Love seeing the pictures of the Grandkids Kath, so adorable :)
    And hey, the rate you're going with that decorating you could give LLB a run for his money!!!

    Take Care, speak soon,

    Carol xxx

  10. Well Kath it sounds like your life is certainly not boring at the moment.I love those pics of Megan and big bruv so cute.
    Hope buddy enjoyed his stroll.
    Trish (-:

  11. Aww Kath, i'm sure it will all be worth it in the end! Your 2 grandchildren are gorgeous.

    Jill x

  12. Your project manager sounds abit like mine! Megan is so sweet and tiny and doesn't big bro look so happy.
    Lorraine xx

  13. Oh goodness Kath your project manager sure will be in the dog house!
    So loving your beautiful granddaughter she is adorable!
    kim x

  14. We need to do some decorating but with an old blind, deaf Spaniel stotting off every wall it isn't going to happen any time soon lol! Know what you mean about wet dogs too. I managed to get out with my 2 while it was reasonably dry this morning.

    Little Megan is so sweet. What a little cutie. I posted some pics of Poppy and Oliver yesterday. I think that young man is going to be a real heart-breaker lol!

    Kat xx

  15. Oh no Kath, I did laugh at your comments on the stresses and strains of a man's life!? I take it you are in the queue also for coming back as a guy next time around?? Please form an orderly queue ladies......!!

    Hope your bedroom gets sorted at the earliest.

    Keryn x

  16. Megan looks so sweet what a pretty baby. hope the home improvement is over always such a mess but in the end is worth it.

  17. Kath, the mess will be worth it in the end..... just hope it goes smoothly and the velux gets fitted quickly!!!

    Glad to hear that the suitcases are unpacked. Beautiful photo, TFS.

  18. Hiyaaa Kath
    Oh my god she is just adorable!! Look at that wee face!
    DEcorating, Decorating say no more - You and me need to compare notes - My house is just a total mess, just got the plastering done and can't see straight for the haze!!! LOL



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