Monday, March 29, 2010

Kicking up a the NEC

Morning folks....I am feeling a little bit bleary eyed this morning after the bestest fun time at the NEC and I want to set the record straight and quash any spurious rumours that are circulating around bloggy land, don't believe a word of anything you read over at Dawny P's blog. I had to step in and protect these two lovely fellas from the amorous advances of Miss Pink Piggy Wiggy herself, poor lads were terrified.
what a fantastic day, one I will remember for a long long time, not a lot of crafty stash to show to be honest, we did more sitting in Wetherspoons and blethering than anything else. Blimey by 3.00pm I hadn't yet ventured into crafty spending mode but it was such a buzz for me to finally meet up with my favourite bloggy buds Enfys Lynda her lovely fella Mark and Carol and boy did we get on like a house on fire from the word go, just the nicest folks We had such fun and of course it was lovely to meet up again with my cyber twin, the gorgeous but oh so naughty sweetheart Dawny P.
On meeting up we dashed off to the Fiskars stand to see my lovely Fiskars matey Lorraine and dump my luggage, then it was over to see the gorgeous girls Sue and Julie at Craftwork Cards and wow a lovely surprise....Sue had made up a fabulous goodie bag for us all, how kind was that and to say hi to the lovely Bev and Jill over at Hobby House. Then we all headed off to Wetherspoons for a marathon bloggy chat and then the lovely Clare popped by to say hello,such a sweetheart.
And talking of sweethearts and the icing on the cake, I finally met up with my idol - oh yes the Queen of Distress Inks, the gorgeous Kim Piggottthe fabulous TabTaraJacqui my teamie from Penny Black Saturday and Kim Costello.. Wow imagine the buzz of being in the same room with all this fantastic crafting talent.
All too soon it was time for the very naughty but the sweetest lady ever...the one and only Dawny P to set off to catch her train home sso we trotted back to Hall 11 for some final crafty shopping and believe me, we were in danger of being escorted out forcibly at the end of the show. Can you believe I only managed to suss out Aisles A..B and C....whatever gave you the idea we were there for crafty shopping.
Then Enfys, Lynda, Mark and I were picked up by Mike - Enfys' lovely hubby and whisked back to her house for a coffee and more chat. Then we were off out for an Indian meal to round off the day, back home, coffee and a few drinkies and guess what, more chat, it was 3.00am before we tumbled into bed and I slept like a log until 8.30.
All good things come to an end and all too soon I am off to the airport for the journey home. Thank you all so much for making the day so special and a big thank you to Enfys and Mike for being such wonderful hosts. I have wonderful memories of a fantastic day with such special folks and forgive me if I have missed anyone out but after my exciting day and late late night, the clock change didn't help either and my brain has gone to mush.   Flight home was a bit of a turbulent affair and a rather rocky landing at Aberdeen due to strong crosswinds and welcome to Aberdeen, the blast of cold air the minute they open the aircraft door There is snow forecast for Tuesday so are we in for more batten down the hatches weather.
And the perfect end to a fantastic weekend, Dancing On Ice, what can I say, fabulous fabulous fabulous. Hayley and Dan's flying routine, WOW, from the opening bars of that beautiful Eva Cassidy song, the tears were flowing. I was so disappointed for Keiron because I really wanted to see him perform Balero but did you hear me screaming when Hayley and Dan the Man won. What am I going to do until next year, well Sundays will be back to watching the boys from Top Gear again.
And my big cuddly bundle of golden deliciousness...I missed him so much when I was away but he will be popping on later with the winner of his little give-away, bit of a hiccup there as I haven't got round to unpacking yet.
Toodles for now
Big Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Oh wow ,,, what a lovely day ,, meeting up with so many blog buddies :-) I think I would need a week's rest after such a long, but fabulous day :-)

    Lols x x x

  2. LOL what a fab time you had Kath! Enjoy unpacking your goodies and hugs to Buddy

  3. Really pleased you had a wonderful time. I did look out for you on the fiskars stand, but we got there for just after ten and was wacked out by three. Wasnt it busy!! I bought myself 34 promarkers and five punches, and my daughter pestered me to get her the nail art kit, so she has nails now all the colours of the rainbow.!! Love Julie x

  4. Oh Kath I am still high from Saturday!
    I still can't believe that I actually met you I am sad that the time went so quickly and I couldn't talk more where did the day go! I love your picture it is so fabulous! So glad that you had a great time and got back on home soil ok hate those bumpy flights. I bet your gorgeous boy was over the moon to see his mum again. Hopefully he can share you again with us!
    kim x
    ps I didn't see any slipper action on your feet!

  5. Heeheeeeee !!! Well it was a fab day wasnt it and glad you got home OK. I was chuckling at the pic again and ohhh Mrs Kath, fancy spilling the beans about me and the storm troopers, but boy am I glad you didn't mention the Darth Vadar incident (in my defence, I thought the heavy breathing was cos he fancied me lol xxx)

    Yes I did hear you screaming last night and I was with you - they so deserved it. But like you I wanted Kieron to go through as well, cos well he has the sweetest little face bless him.

    Biggest hugs and love ya loads xxxx
    PS bet the Budster was so gald to have his Mum back :)

  6. What a fabulous day you had Kath. Love the picture. Your grandchildren will love that. Have a nice restful day.

  7. Sounds like you had a wonderful day

  8. Cabana boys from outer space! I am so jealous! What a whirlwind weekend, sounds fantastic. A bit shocked that you would try to blame anything on your sweet friend Dawny P. hehe
    rest up for the next round. the Oz

  9. OMG sounds as though you had a great week end!!!
    I'm surprised you didn't get escorted out of the building with all the carry on. Who says you ca't have fun after 30!!!!!

  10. Sounds like you all had an amazing time.
    Suzanne x

  11. I looooove this picci made me giggle. Glad you had a fabulous time I knew you would... and all who met you. Give that bbig golden delish a hug from me. great ot have you back. hugs ali x

  12. Hi Hun x It was so lovely to get to meet you at the you said and the others..time just whizz by....and i found myself rushing round the last hour..trying to spend my money..even went in the toilets to change from my heels to my But it was so lovely to meet everyone...even had a few mins spare to chat with Lorriane..what a sweet heart she is!Thanks once again...hugs clare xx

  13. Glad you had a great time! xxx Carol

  14. My son loves star wars and especially clone troopers. You lucky lady, throne on the left is sort of
    Glad you had fun

  15. It was the best day ever Kath and I so hope we can do it again! Glad you got home in one piece after that scary flight.

    Love Lynda xxx

  16. Oh what a fabulous account of your fun trip! It sounds so much fun, its lovely to hear that everyone had such a great time!
    You and your friends have given such great accounts of it all it does feel slightly like those of us that couldnt make it actually got there! Apart from the bank balances though!

    What a fab show it was last night!

    Keryn x

  17. Well you left out the bit about chew Bacca...........did you think Buddy wouldn't like it, and what about Darth Vader, his helmet got all misted up - or was that naughty Dawny?
    fab fab fab weekend, loved having you, you are welcome any time. Love you loads,
    En xx

  18. Glad you had a great time this past weekend.
    Weren't Hayley and Dan brilliant? I didn't care who came second as long as they won. Their Bolero routine was electrifying and weren't Jayne and Chris excellent too. I'm having withdrawal symptoms already. May have to see them on tour at Manchester in May

  19. sounds like you had a fab time

  20. Sounds like you had a great time Kath. Bet Buddy was pleased to see you home again!

    Sounds like you didn't do a lot of shopping.Talking of shopping my friend and I were going to go to Elgin on Thursday but the weather forecast doesn't look good! My younger daughter is down in Crieff visiting her sister and decided not to come home tonight cos it's snowing!!!

    Kat xx

  21. Hi Kath..Glad you had a fab time at the NEC...I'm so gutted that i never got to meet you..I even tried to track you down with a little help from the lovely girls on the frikers stand..never mind though maybe next time.. :o)I did manage to meet the lovely Bev and Jill at the hobby house stand..such lovely ladies..
    hugs Michelle Xx

  22. `WoW` fab post Kath...I know Ill get to one of those shows one of these days TFS


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