Wednesday, March 31, 2010

More Funky Hand Retro Fun

Morning folks....well Spring has come and gone and in this part of the world....we seem to have jumped a season or two and are back to Winter again.....heavy snow overnight and I ain't going anywhere....

quite happy to stay indoors and craft...and yes the incentive of playing with my new goodies fair did the trick...I have some cards to share made with the brand new Funky Hand's Retro Fun Wordbook all the other fantastic girls on the Design Team have been much more organised than per usual and have already made some gorgeous I thought I would do something a little bit different using up the little itty bitty scraps you are left with after making a wordbook....and being a canny Scot I can never bear to throw them here are what I call "my scrappy" cards

I love the quilted effect on the middle idea I borrowed....well truth be told....nicked from the fabulous Julie Hickey....see Julie's beautiful card HERE
Anice has excelled herself once again.....I love the colour palette on this download....funky and retro but in such gorgeous spring like colours and talking of spring....these little beauties decided to bloom just in time to welcome me home....but they are in for a rough time....horrendous gales and driving snow.

Off to make my card for tomorrow's brand new challenge over at Get Funky.....oh I know skidding in at the last minute by the seat of the old pants....but if you are like me...always running at the last have just enough time to enter the March challenge and win a £20 voucher to spend at Funky Hand....hey you could get this brand new download and lots more.....see you all tomorrow over at GET FUNKY.
hugs Kath xxx


  1. Morning Kath
    Fabulous cards,
    Hugs Dianne xx

  2. Love your 'scrappy' cards. Just seen the weather in Scotland on the news. A nice day tucked up in the cubbyhole for you today methinks. Enjoy! :)xxxx

  3. Love your cards - so many different ideas! Really nice!

  4. Morning Kath,
    Definetely a day to stay in and play for the cards, great colours and designs.
    Have a good day.
    Hugs to you and the Budster
    Sally xx

  5. fantastic cards kath, just love the zingy colours.hope the snow quickly dissapears for you.luv coops.xx

  6. Wow!
    Kath you are amazing these cards are absolutely fabulous!
    So love those colours and your designs and details are wonderful!
    So not liking that snow for you. Hope it leaves you soon!
    kim x

  7. Oh Kath these cards are awesome, so cute. Hugs Marja

  8. Kath
    Love the card you have made after seeing my card. Thank you so much for linking my card too, its really kind of you.
    Stay in the warm and have a fun crafting day, cant wait to see what you make.

  9. Oh these are such fantastic cards. I love them all. And those daffodils are so pretty. How lucky you are to have them growing in your yard.

  10. Super cards Kath --- might have to borrow the idea too he he !
    Snowed in again here in Alford -- Muffin and Freebie loving it though as usual --- soaking everthing when they come in and shake.
    see you soon I hope
    Anne xxxx

  11. Love themall but the New home is my fave today! thanx

    Love Dawn xx

  12. Love your cards -- and photo of the daffodils!

  13. Gorgeous cards Kath - wonderful what you can produce with your scrappy bits. Hope the snow leaves you soon...

    Nicki, xx

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  15. Love the cards Kath, such FUN. horrid weather, no snow here but it's freezing cold. You keep warm and safe in your craft room.

    Big Hugs Carol xxx

  16. Kath thanks for the comment. Spotted your little borrow from Julie before you admitted it!I've been wondering how she did those diamonds all day 'cos they're not squares turned like yours-clever geometry then or perhaps a punch.Am having the sashes on my windows in the hall painted tomorrow so hope your snow stays where it is 'cos the windows have to come out. Ah well-no pain no gain.

  17. Gorgeous card, i have admired your cards from afar - dont often have a lot of time however I have a little something for you on my blog

  18. Fabulous cards and they're all the better for using the scraps! So sorry you've got that awful snow back again - take care.

    Love Lynda xxx

  19. So sorry to hear that youve been snowed in yet again. Youve had the snow so badly this year but I do hope you get an extra long summer to enjoy with your Buddy outside!

    Really fab cards Kath, I do the same as you when making word books, theres just too much good stuff to waste it!

    Keryn x

  20. I love what you've done with your "scraps" Kath. Can't decide which one I like best. Think if I tried the quilted effect it would be bound to end up squint!

    It has been a foul day hasn't it. We've been lucky to have had electricity today. Some streets in the village had none but unfortunately (oops maybe I mean fortunately) the Post Office was ok though I did have to re-boot the system first thing as the electricity had been off at some time. By the time I came home at 2pm there was water everywhere. Our neighbour is lambing but I think all ewes and lambs have gone back indoors, poor things.

    Kat xx

  21. Great cards, I should do something with my scraps, I collect them all up and save them for a rainy day! Oh, and I think you should rename your blog from All That Glitter to All That Snow!! I shouldn't really tell you this but we're going to have a 70F, possibly 80F Easter!!


  22. Wowzers terrific scraps, love that house and tree card!

  23. I just love this card Kath..its so funky and very colourful..such a beautiful layout..
    huggies Michelle Xx

  24. Beautiful cards Kath :) I like the clean and simple design.


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