Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Men Behaving Badly.....

Morning folks....the Fiskars projects have ground somewhat to a halt....will I never learn that making sweeping statements about things going swimmingly invariably come back and bite me on the bum......all down to the fact that the most awkward species of the human race....yes the cubbyhole MEN obviously have other ideas and are behaving rather badly.  Mr Mojo spat his dummy out yesterday and was last seen heading in a westerly direction in mega strop mode and all I did was ask him to come up with some ideas to convert this paper bag into an inspired crafty project.
Crikey what's his problem...does he have a brown paper bag phobia or is he just chancing his luck.   And as sure as night follows day....these things always happen in threes....Mr Blogger and Senor Picasa are also doing my head in.....removing pictures willy nilly and without a by your leave from my blog....in fact they even had the cheek to blank out my header yesterday but I managed to get it back before The Furry Boy noticed or he might have been sinking those huge canines into the seats of some pants.  This seems to be a problem for lots of folks at the moment....Mr Blogger hopefully is working on it...but hey he's a MAN and is incapable of multi-tasking so we just have to hang in there and wait until it's sorted.
I have to get the projects finished today....so it's time to pull my big girl knickers right up to my chin and if that doesn't work...I may end up putting the brown paper bag in question over my head....sitting in a corner sucking my thumb and having a crafty meltdown.
And not a lot to share after yesterday's traumatic tantrum day...just a few measly sneaky peeks....
Fiskars Project No 3
 and cards for Saturday's class at The Papeterie

The good news is it looks like it's going to be a bonny day...the weather boffins have got it wrong again and  The Furry Boy seems to be on his best behaviour....time for us to set off on our morning stroll...fingers crossed this isn't going to be another statement I will regret and he ends up covered in stinky mud and I'm praying that a brisk walk will blow the cobwebs out of my head and kick start the crafty process...will catch up with you all tomorrow over at WOYWW.
Hug Kath xxx


  1. Morning Kath and Buddy, hope you have a lovely stroll. I'ts wet and miserable here, but I'm off to work anyway, so that doesn't matter. Mr Blogger wasn't behaving for me either yesterday. I bet you come up with a good idea for your paper bag. Have fun. Hugs x ChrisB

  2. Morning Both enjoy your stroll.You are not having a lot of luck Kath.Hope today is a better day for you.
    Have a good day.
    Kathleen x

  3. Morning Kath, Lovely day here too. Think Mr Mojo has gone and taken his hols here too and along with it the little energy I have! Hope it's just a short one, need to get cracking with my to do list. Lovely sneak peaks, looking forward to seeing them soon. I'm sure Mr Mojo will come back with his tail between his legs rarin to go! Have a lovely day. Carolxx

  4. Morning Kath - you are not alone - Mr Mojo has taken a holiday in my part of the world too - except that its raining here as well so I cant even hope that a nice walk will sort it... I am sure you will come up with something wonderful for that bag - have a great day

  5. Morning Kath its a lovely day here as well but just hold on as the wind is blowing things everywhere, my mr mojo has a last came back thankfully, hope yours will return soon and look forward to seeing what you do with this bag other than think about putting it over your head... Audx

  6. Ooh delicious sneak peeks..are those maltesers in the first picture?!! No doubt the mojo will come back because he has to...nothing like a real deadline to make him sulk though. Hope you have a really fulfilling day!

  7. Oh noooooooooo . . . please don't have a meltdown in the corner somewhere . . . the very thought! Hope someone finds your Mojo, smacks him on his big fat behind and sends him right back to you!

    Hugs, Sandra

  8. now I have this picture of you in my head, curled up on the cubbyhole floor, big girl knickers up to your oxters and suking your thumb - not a pretty sight lol
    am sure Mr Mojo will be back today with a vengeance
    have a great day

  9. Oh Kath, mean of me but I cracked up at the image you described! :)) Hope Mr Mojo returns soon, he certainly ain't walking down the M1in my direction!!! Di x

  10. I wondered why some photos were missing on some of the blogs I've been visiting lately - Mr. Blogger needs to get a grip or the Sack lol! Hope Mr. Mojo returns home soon too - Men!

    Love Lynda xxx

  11. Looks like you're up to great crafty stuff to me ! regardless of the naughty boys !
    Is that your chinese takeaway in the brown bag, he he !

    Anne x

  12. Hi Kath and hasn't it been a fantastic day here in Aberdeenshire. It would be lovely to walk the dogs on a day like this but (and there's always a but) Max often refuses to walk but Blue is hauling me on. Not good for the poor arms lol!

    Hope you've been having more luck with these males today. Your sneaky peeks always look interesting.

    I just read Debbi's comment, wish I hadn't cos now I have the same image in my head! Hope Mr Mojo & Mr Blogger have been behaving better today.


  13. You always make me laugh Kath.xx