Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Morning folks....at long last the Top Secret Police have removed the gag and unstitched my mouth....crikey it's been like sitting on hot coals...I am mega hyper this morning and the cubbyhole is buzzing with the excitement of it all....oh boy have I been itching to share some mega mega exciting news with you all.   I am so lucky to be joining my lovely buddies DEBBI and ANNE two of the North East's most talented crafters for an INNOVATIVE NEW CONCEPT IN CRAFT WORKSHOPS...a whole DAY OF CRAFTING FUN is coming to a venue near you....that is if you live within driving distance of Aberdeen.

We will be guiding you through lots of the latest crafting techniques using the HOTTEST new products from the crafty world's most innovative companies and you will leave with three absolutely unique projects...places are limited so if you want to come along and have some fun.....please get in touch with me HERE for further details....remember if you snooze...you may lose.
Sending great big birthday hugs this morning to my lovely buddy.....KIM 
Catch up with you all tomorrow....
Hugs Kath xxx
Edited to add:  to clear up any confusion...a place at the workshop can't be reserved or paid for at the Papeterie....it is entirely a separate venture organised by Debbi...Anne and myself so if you are interested in taking up one of the few remaining places.....see above for how you can contact me.


  1. Wow, great news. Can you come and do one in Chichester :)

  2. Morning Both.I wish i lived nearer Kath sounds like a great day.
    Have a good day.
    kathleen x

  3. Good luck Kath - I just know it will be very successful - so sorry it is too far for me to come! Mary G x

  4. Seems a bit extreme to quit my job and abandon my parents to move to Aberdeen for one day ....... but I'm tempted! Sxx

  5. Woo hoo!!! How exciting Kath.

    Sadly it is too far for me but please let me know when you go nationwide!!

    At a busy Christmas I can get 14 around my table LOL!!!

    Love and hugs
    Jules xx

  6. That sounds like a fab day Kath, wish we lived nearer. I dont think other half would be amused if I said I was goiing to drive 6-7 hours for a day
    Hope everyone who goes has a fab day :0)


  7. Well, I guess Andover is within driving distance....if I drive up overnight and drive back the next night! Am jealous. Get down south and repeat please!

  8. Would you consider crossing the pond??? Aberdeen is a bit far for a day out... even if it is on my birthday, come to Ireland, bring your friends, that would be fun. Best of luck with it.

  9. WOW - sounds like an event I would lOVE to attend - but I am WAAAAAY too far down South - in fact I'm right on the edge and about as far from you as possible regrettably. Sobbing inwardly now!

    Mind you . . . it sounds like there are plenty of us Southern Softies to charter a plane/bus/train . . . who's up for it girls? x

    Hugs, Sandra

  10. WOWZA!!!! sounds amazing and I would be there in a shot, but it's Judes birthday that weekend :0(
    Will you be doing more do you think?


  11. Would have jumped at the chance of a day's crafting with you all but sadly I am away in Gran Canaria that weekend :( x

  12. Now the million dollar question is ...........does Brecon count as within driving distance of Aberdeen? I Wish; mind you if it did I'd volunteer for card cutting duty with my Selling Hat on.
    Much love & all the best with this fantastic venture.
    Paula (PEP)
    Perhaps I can grow wings & learn how to fly as the crow does?

  13. Wow Kath it sounds great. Just wish it was in Bolton. I would have been there like a shot. Hugs x ChrisB

  14. Ohhhhhh so not fair, I live the complete opposite end of the Country lol!!!!! noooooooo

  15. I think you ought to get a caravan and do touring classes lol. Bet the class will be heaps of fun.

    Love Lynda xxx

  16. Kath, that is fabulous news...I am so pleased for you, you really work so hard and I you so deserve to be rewarded like this....well done, honey!!!
    Hugs Tab xxx

  17. Wish I could come but Mark's away :( hopefully next time Kath an can't wait to hear all about it
    Lyn x