Friday, April 1, 2011

WOOF WOOF....I've got a winner

A very good morning to all my lovely bloggy buddies....yes it's your bundle of golden deliciousness....1st of April today and you are quite safe I won't be playing any April Fool tricks on you.
Mum's back as you all know and once again the cubbyhole has turned into a war was so clean tidy and peaceful when she was gone....perfect place to catch a few zzzz's but she does the best morning strolls....has the snuggliest body to cuddle up to at night and is quite good at sharing her morning toast with BETTER THE DEVIL YOU KNOW and all that but I'm keeping a low profile and doing my best not to rock any boats because I heard her telling Dad all about that whippersnapper Aries...apparently he loads and unloads the washing machine....then puts everything in the tumble dryer...fetches and carries stuff for his Mum. Well hold on a minute here..I'm an aristocrat don't you know...His Lordship Lawrence is my kennel name and my Dad won Best of Breed at Crufts and befitting my station I am quite entitled to live the lazy boy life and have no intentions of  becoming anybody's personal butler.
But I'm waffling again and we all know who I get that from.....time to announce the winner of my "spend at The Glitter Pot" give-away and it's......
(Buttons for Brains)
and all you have to do  is e-mail Mum with your address and we will get your goodies off in the mail.
Guess what popped through the letter box yesterday....this month's Simply Cards & Papercrafts mag which had the crafty girl ooohing and aaahing.....fabulous fabulous free stamp set from Pink Petticoat which is already open and being inked and fabilicious article by Jo Mum's teamie at The Ribbon Girl on different ways to use Bakers Divine the cute pom pom flowers Jo and a gorgeous article from the lovely Julie Hickey at Craftwork Cards on Envelopes and Inserts.....if you don't subscribe you need to rush to your nearest newsagent and get this one girls.
I'm off to find a quiet spot for a doze while the crafty girl has a shower...catch up with you all soon.
Call back later...the crafty girl is giving away some of her goodies from the NEC
Big Hugs & Furry Snuggles


  1. congratulations to your lucky winner buddy. I don't think your Mum will be expecting you to do anything more than to look adorable and give her lots of hugs! Have a great day! :)

  2. Hi Buddy glad all is well with you . I love reading about what you're up to. I have 3 pals in my craft area & have to be careful when I move around as there's not a lot of room when we are all togother. Take it easy Buddy Hugs to you & your mum xx

  3. Morning Your Lordship!

    Congrats to the winner of your goodies.

    Have a good walk later.

    Hugs, Sandra

  4. Congratulations Liz, enjoy your prize.Have a good day Buddy.Love Debbie x

  5. Morning Buddy well done to your winner.
    have a good day
    Kathleen x

  6. Woohoo, that's me, I'm so chuffed. I have emailed,

    Thanks, Liz x

  7. Buddy, I think your Mum is perfectly happy with you just as you are! Congrats to your lucky winner.

  8. Congrats to the winner..though I wish it were me.....LOL....woof woof!!