Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Bit Of This and That and Lots of Snow...

Morning folks...it snowed all day yesterday...the wet stuff that doesn't lie but things obviously changed overnight and I woke up this morning to a magical carpet of snow...a super deep shag pile of snow...
I ain't going anywhere so it doesn't matter...it's going to be another day cooped up in the cubbyhole because the kitting isn't going according to plan...I'm waiting for my lovely buddy Debbi to pop over later this morning...coming to my rescue with some "should have checked I had enough " supplies. (Edited to add: that's if she can get here) Wonder if she's in the mood for lending a hand...probably not...she's got enough with kitting her own project so I'll just have to fall back on the gorgeous Mr Buble to get the old body moving and the crafty stuff back on track...don't imagine he has much experience of die cutting but he doesn't half make things go with a swing.  The answer to my problem really lies about 5000 miles across the ocean...yes what I need is my very own King of Kitting...the gorgeous Mario...oh well a girl can dream can't she.
If you've received this month's copy of Simply Cards & Papercraft you will probably have seen the feature from Craftwork Cards using fabulous Card Candi and Candi Stamps....if not...here are the cards I made...

Fingers crossed that tomorrow I will be moving on to the next job on that never ending crafty list...badges for Saturday and then just stuck into prepping for my Paperartsy day at The Papeterie on 14th April...
fun make and takes in the morning and a class in the afternoon decorating a box Paperartsy style...we'll be playing with the fabulous Fresco Finish paints and Leandra's gorgeous stamps...if you're coming to the afternoon class...why don't you just make a day of it...pop in for the make and takes...bring a packed lunch...put your feet up and join me for a crafty chat at lunchtime and you'll still have time for a bit of shopping before the class.  Call 01224 802337 to book a space.
See you all tomorrow over at WOYWW
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. ...OMGosh so they actually got it right about the snow, it's gonna feel burrrrr for you guys....great cards for the mag shoot and the flowers are very pretty and dimentional...keep warm...Mel :)

  2. Just heard our weather forecast and it looks like it will have snowed out by the time it gets to us tomorrow, thank goodness! Well, who'd have thought you could do so much with Candi - wow hun, these are truly inspiring. Sxx

  3. Brrrrrrrrrr Kath, Temp is dropping all over the country... Fabulous cards love how you have made the flowers with the candi!! good luck with the kitting!! I hope Debbi can get through to you with all that snow.. Hugs May x x x

  4. Hi Kath...The snow looks lovely but I'd stay in doors and keep warm...best to just look at it me thinks!!! Gorgeous cards...fabulous Candi flowers....great idea.
    Hugs Debbie x

  5. crikey !! I hope it thaws out soon and Debbi gets to you OK :-)

    gorgeous cards Kath ! I have loads of card candy somewhere ,,, must did it out ,,,,, :-)
    Hope your kitting gets done quickly now so you can put your feet up and have a cuppa :-)

    Lols x x x

  6. Seen your cards in SC&P and they are lovely.Wetaher good here in Cheshire at themoment only rain but still quite cold.DGood excuse to do some crafting as too wet to go into the garden and do some planting.Stella

  7. Oooo snow it hardley ever snows down here and when it does it never settles. Not that Im complaining as I dont think the horse would be very happy if it did.

    The cards are stunning I might have to try candi on one of my projects in the future.

    Hope you get the kitting done

  8. OMW so it's true!!!!!!!!!
    It might hit Holland this week, perfect to snuggle up in the craftroom again!! Last year we had a BBQ for Easter, what a difference!!!!!

    Hugs, Irene

  9. Wow, what a fantastic way to use card candi - you do have some fab ideas Kath. All of the crads are gorgeous!
    Lorraine x

  10. I mean cards not crads!! typing too quick!! lol

  11. WOW - that's amazing. Up t'other end of the country I've got bright sunshine - although it's a bit CHILLY out!

    You are SOOOO creative with card candi Kath. Genius xx

  12. Gorgeous cards as usual Kath. Can't believe the snow! We had beautiful sunshine all day here in S Wales although it was very cold.

  13. Oh my! That's definitely snow! We're colder today but not any of that white covering - the Daffodils are a bit confused by the looks of things though. Your candi flowers are a treat & not affected by snow - hope Mr Buble is swinging it...........Buddy look out!
    Paula (PEP)

  14. Goodness me! We have wall to wall sunshine in Brighton! love the cards today.Linda x

  15. Debz to the rescue :) although I have to say, thank Crunchie I haven't had the winter tyres taken off the car yet

  16. Hi Kath, hard to believe snow after last weeks extreme temps. Hope it does not come down to Yorkshire :( Gorgeous makes today x Susan x

  17. Wow - that's a lot of April [snow] showers! I am now able to get Card Candi at Archiver's stores in the U.S.- there's one just a couple miles from my house. Love, love, love it! Especially love stamping on it! I was moved to write the company a note letting them know what a great product it is. I love how you've used it on your beautiful cards.

  18. Poor you with all that snow....mind you we might get it tonight. Your Craftwork cards are gorgeous, love the way you have cut out little bits of the candi to make flowers - ingenius idea, I do make the roses like Julie does but I must try out your idea too. Hope the snow goes soon.

  19. We had lots of snow too but not until yesterday evening. Trouble is here it can drift badly. Had to cut short the boys' walk this morning cos of deep drifts and I only had on my walking boots.

    Can't wait to get my copy of Simply Cards and Papercrafts tomorrow to see your article.

    Love the candy flowers, what a great idea.

    Kat xx

  20. Beautiful photo of the snow but thats it no more thankyou.You certainy won't get the chance to feel the cold dashing about the crafty room there.Lovely cards afa cute wee flowers that you made with the candy.

  21. Well the picture is pretty, but it's a good thing you weren't planning on going out! Love the Card Candi cards, thanks for the inspiration!


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