Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Tibits from The Cubbyhole...

Morning folks...there's something quite magical about waking up to a snowy morning...oh yes it's very pretty...
but the reality is...if you need to go have to do the driveway snow clearance first...that's a chore and a half and thank goodness I hadn't yet got round to swopping over the winter tyres...
but it's almost all gone now and we're back to normal doggy stroll conditions but who knows about up on the mountain tops...with a little bit of luck I may just get one more day of fixing these metal planks to my feet...just what this "kitted out" crafter needs next exhilarating "blow away all the cobwebs" day on the slopes.
Crikey I just made it through this last kitting marathon by the skin of my was an absolute nightmare trying to get some of the flower shapes to release from Timmie's Alterations Tattered Flower Garland  Decorative Strip and the more I cut...the harder it got...with 90 strips to get through...the task of gently persuading each one to let go had me ready to abandon the cubbyhole and head for the hills or book myself into Aberdeen's version of The Priory.  There was only one person who could help this old crafty girl out of a jam...the King of Kitting himself...the Super Trooper of All Things Die-Cut...the one and only wonderful prayers were bacon well and truly saved and my sanity and hair left in tact when he popped up in my Inbox with a super crafty tip...HOW I LOVE THAT MAN...he's an absolute knight in shining armour...I knew he would come to the rescue of this damsel in distress and if you've been struggling too... the solution is right HERE...scroll down to Step 34.
Wish now that I'd asked if he also has a miracle cure for the old die-cutting crick in your neck syndrome and for the very last time...a little tease for the crafty girls who will be joining in the fun at "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" on Saturday...
and last but by no means least...there's an absolutely fabulous
over at The Ribbon Girls and even more good news...there are lots of new products in stock what are you waiting for...pop over and feast your eyes...
See you all tomorrow over at Frantic "running around like a headless chicken" Friday
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. oh what would we do without the fabulous Mario eh?
    fingers crossed you get another day ski-ing

  2. Kath I love you cards "BEAUTIFUL". The snow looks wonderful, but I've been basking in the sun of So. California of 80 degrees.

    But have fun skiing! Don't forget the Ben Gay cream.

  3. Funny thing I just saw your hugs Kath and Buddy. I have a dear friend I've known for 40 years, Kath, and her husband is Buddy.

  4. O I do hope that snow stays away for Easter... Lovin the sneek peeks and a fab tip from Mario thanks for sharing.. Hugs May x x x

  5. Followed the link for the tip and what a great tip it is, could do that to all dies and no more picking bits out with a pokey tool, genius!

  6. Brilliant tip from Mario - thanks for drawing our attention to it. Snowy stuff stayed all yesterday but has abated today - we're hazarding an hour's bus ride to collect husband's books from Hay, I'll poke my nose into the art shop: £10 vchr from last August burning hole in my pocket.
    Have a brill day.
    Paula (PEP)

  7. That top tip sounds good - I'll try that next time instead of sitting with a pin and a pokey thing to get all the bits out! Hope your snow melts (except on the ski slope of course) Mary G x

  8. Wow - lovely snow pick. Dull and grey down South today! I want pwetty snow and sunshine! *Stamps feet in a tantrum like manner*

    Well done for getting through all the kitting. Have a sit down and a coffee! You deserve it! And possibly some chocolate too! xxxxx

  9. Wow, what a lot of snow you had. Hope Buddy does not get his poor paws too cold. Hugs Anesha

  10. Thankfully that snow has left us as quick as it came Kath, tshirts last week and back to the thermals this week. Thas Scotland for you. Well done for getting all your kits finished we always think we have plenty of time but it just drifts away from us, april already scary. Aud x

  11. Thanks for sharing Mario's tip Kath, must try. Hope you get some more ski-ing as long as the snow goes away from here. Still some lurking about here and I could do without the ice where it's melted!

    You're really naughty with these sneaky peeks!

    Kat xx

  12. Had a look at Mario's tip - so simple eh? Glad to hear that the snow problem is easing, but hope you get your skiing in too. Love those sneak peeks, we need more please! Hope GJWTHF goes well.

  13. Thats a fab tip from Mario thanks for sharing. Enjoying the sneak peaks and glad you got the kitting done. Have fun on the slopes

  14. It feels so weird to have all this snow after such beautiful weather. Fortunately down here in the south east it has just cooled down here a bit and no threat of the white stuff for the moment. Hope you manage to get some skiing done.

  15. Wow! That's a lot of snow!!! I must say I'm glad it's not on my neck of the! Have a good time skiing:) Thanks for pointing us to the tip for the dies:)

  16. Very glad we don't have that snow here in the midlands!
    The tip for the die from Sizzix I'm going to try with some of my little sizzlet dies as I've had real problems with them sticking in the past so thank you for passing that on Kath.
    Your sneaky peaks look fab hugs Karen x

  17. Great tip, I will pass it on to some more crafters.Great photo of the snow, pity it's such a pest to walk or drive in.

  18. Thanks for the tip Kath! And the sneak peak looks fab.

    Warm hugs

  19. The girls are really going to have fun, and again I will say wish I was there!

    Hugs Ali x


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