Friday, April 13, 2012

One of Life's Little Mysteries

Morning folks...I'm sat here with my morning cuppa having a bit of a start off I've just clocked that this is FRIDAY the 13TH...oh no better stay indoors and under the radar because the day hasn't got off to the best of starts already...all the fault of one of life's little mysteries...something that has baffled us girls from time immemorial.  It's not life threatening nor indeed very important in the big scheme of fact as important things's probably way way down the list of troubles that we face in the world today but that's not to say that it doesn't drive me absolutely bonkers on a regular basis. Crikey if I could come up with a solution to this irritating problem...I'd be stretched out on a Caribbean beach with a cocktail in one hand and my Kindle in the other living the high life....millions in the bank and with the adoration of every woman on the planet ringing in my ears.
I've just unloaded the laundry and you know what I'm now going to say...don't you...
how come I end up with so many lonely socks...their partners having done a bunk during the washing I have a washing machine with a fetish for eating socks or have they made a break for freedom during transportation to said machine and this ain't a new's been driving me round the bend for years and I bet I'm not alone.  Ever optimistic I keep a basket with all the odd bods hoping against hope that their footloose partners will return to the fold but they never their a I keep a log of each pair of socks entering said sock gobbling machine...well to be honest even for someone who is bordering on OCD in the organising "a place for everything and everything in it's place" department..that's a step too far...perhaps imprisoning these wayward little blighters in a separate bag chained with a padlock might work but I have a sneaky feeling that "Houdini" may be their middle names and that this may be one of life's little irritating mysteries that us girls just have to live with...what do you think.
But I have a far more pressing domestic problem...the dreaded ironing mountain...I need something wrinkle free to wear for tomorrow's Paperartsy fun and games at The Papeterie...believe me "The Naked Crafter" is NOT a good look but it's not all doom and gloom...I've got some more cuteness to share...check out this gorgeous bundle of teddy bear furriness coming soon from Craftwork Cards...
but he's got a big problem of his own...this adorable little dude hasn't got a name yet so pop over for your favourite and you could be the lucky winner of a very nice BEARY package from Craftwork Cards.  The draw will take place on 16th April and by now you are probably thinking...crikey she doesn't have go on a bit so I'll love you and leave you with some Friday Sneaky Peeks.

See you all tomorrow over at Penny Black Saturday
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. ...don't worry Kath its a world wide phenonomen, I think all machines come with an in-built sock eater, it's way down in the small print...the solution, sell socks in trio's...
    Sneaky peeks look great...Mel :)

  2. You are not alone in the odd-sock department hun - it used to drive me completely crazy and, like you, I had an odd sock bin for those little waifs. But I have a solution that seems to work. Having reached an age where I don't care if anyone thinks me slightly eccentric, I now wear those odd socks and I wear them proudly. Strangely, hardly any have gone missing since. Sxxx

  3. Love the sneaky peaks :0)
    Yep Im with you on the sock front my socks seem to behave but other halfs socks Ive lost count of the number of odd socks he has laying around

  4. Hmmm . . . it IS a problem!

    Don't worry Kath, even though you haven't SOLVED the missing sock mystery, you still have WORLDWIDE CRAFTING WOMEN'S adoration!

    Hope your Friday 13th improves once the ironing has been tackled xxx

  5. Aha - now I have evidence to show my husband that it's not only me who has the sock problem - he insists that if I were to pair them off to start with they will come out of the machine with their partners in tow! I know otherwise.......... but he will rearrange the tea towels when I've not hung them up symmetrically! He won't let me near his shirts with the iron!
    I think wrinkles would be better than au naturel.
    Paula (PEP)

  6. Funny enough it happened to me the other day (lol!)... I found the runnaway though after going up an down the stairs a few times to see if it had dropped out of the pile and was hiding under the bed ... checked the machine checked through the washing on the line .. ended up taking the tops of the line and giving them a good shake and it dropped out of one of them ... so they don't all get away lol!
    TFS and thanks for the chuckle .. it's nice to know it's not just me.
    Suze x

  7. You do make me smile of a morning Kath, we used to have a dog that ate the odd sock or two. My self I think it's the odd sock fairy.

    Love the sneak peaks.
    Have a lovely day.

    Carol xxx

  8. Yes Kath i have the same problem with the socks but its never Robbie's its always mine. Those sneek peeks look good. Have fun tomorrow. Aud x

  9. I have the sock problem too - but I am sure my machine is not at fault - the problem lies with people in my house who do not place their socks straight into the linnen basket but seem to feel the need to strew them around their rooms for several days first! I too keep a basket of lonely "oddies" and one found a partner after over a year in the basket!! It just "turned up" in the wash one week - is this a record I ask myself? As for ironing, hmmm - ours is getting beyond "mountain" - we need a new category! I will go to great lengths and buy any number of work shirts to avoid it LOL

  10. My theory about the odd socks is that during the wash one sock develops a black hole and then disappears into itself! Either that or my teenage daughter still has dozens under her bed!
    Love the sneaky peeks, and as usual I am looking forward to the whole picture
    Have a good weekend
    Love Val

  11. I think in our house the case of the missing sock is usually caused by one being left somewhere. Hubby's working socks sometimes look odd because if one is past its' best he throws it out and keeps the other one!

    Loving your latest Craftwork Cards projects, gorgeous colours. Sneaky peeks look interesting too.

    Have a good day tomorrow. Hope your haven't tired yourselves out doing too much ironing lol!

    Kat xx

  12. Kath, had a good laugh about the odd socks, it's a world wide phenomenon! As for the ironing...are you supposed to use an iron on clothes???? I thought it was just for the odd crafting project or ironing quilting fabric!!

  13. These socks are made for walking....and that's just what they'll I feel your pain. they have these netted bags for more delicate pieces of "clothing" that you could try! throw the buggers in there, zip it up and your good to go! You can find them on amazon or e-bay. Have a great weekend!

  14. Does Buddy have a sock fettish? If not I do what Pooky (above) does and put them in the net bags - mind you it is not 100% guaranteed, I still have a little basket where the odd sock still goes.........


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