Monday, April 30, 2012

Miracle Cure Required...

Morning folks...well my fabulous fun day out on Saturday has turned into a major medical assistance required drama...crikey my legs are refusing to play ball in fact I'm struggling to put one foot past the other right now and for someone who is used to 3 one-hourly walks per day with the Furry Boy I am obviously not the super fit wrinkly old athlete that I thought I was...soaking in a warm bath or the human equivalent of horse linament as yet hasn't done the trick...may have to try some WD40 or I wonder how long the waiting list is for leg transplants.  It's not nearly as bad as I'm making it sound...10% aches and pains...90% miffed that it curtailed this action woman's plan for the rest of the weekend but I've nobody to blame but myself for strapping my Grandma style "everything but the kitchen sink"..."prepared for all emergencies" rucksack to my back but like the true athlete that I am (no sniggering please) I'm putting a brave face on it and smiling my way through the pain barrier (hubby probably would disagree).
But I did manage to hobble my way into the cubbyhole yesterday and finish the labels for my ink palette...
I just need to put my "major concentration required" hat on to finish filling the wells...making sure I've got the right colour in the right place...crikey they almost all look check and double check...definitely look before you leap...
Another day of light crafty duties might just do the trick so I'm claiming a comfy sofa for a day of checking through all those Crafty Mags for inspirational projects to file away for future reference...
and I think lots of cuppas and tasty morsels...
might just be what the doctor ordered to get me back to full fitness.  With Tim's May Tag for "Tags of 2012" due any day...fingers crossed it works.
See you all tomorrow with hopefully a crafty project or two
Hugs Kath xxx
Edited to add: good question Kat...slight problem...where am I going to put the 9 new Distress Reinkers for the 3 Limited Edition Seasonal Sets...answers on a postcard please...


  1. ...oh Kath sorry to hear that, we sometimes don't realise just how far we've walked when we support others in their effort...I do think tea & cake would do the trick any Dr worth his weight would perscibe it :) and as for the finished palette it looks great...chill-lax today...Mel :)

  2. I know what you mean about double checking. Not the first time I've managed to use the wrong Distress Ink or Promarker! Just one question - where are you going to put the new Limited Edition re-inkers?!!

    Hope a quiet day gets you back to your usual busy self. Maybe Buddy'll make do with short walks today! Max didn't even want to go out the door and then had a bit of a rebellion at the gate. Decided to give in after a wee talking to! Can't blame him it was pretty wet.

    Have a nice restful day.

    Kat xx

  3. Hi Kath...enjoy your rest today. Hope you feel better soon. The finished palette looks fab

    Hugs Ann x

  4. I guess the answer is to buy another palette for the 9 seasonal ones as I got the impression that this may be an annual thing so it will not take long to fill the next one! Good to hear that you are having a rest and looking through the mags, lots of inspiration in there! Love your mug, a lot. Crafty hugs, Anne x

  5. Kath I hope you are feeling better very soon. Your palette looks amazing, those colours look amazing.

  6. Oh, poor you. Hoping you feel better soon.


  7. Oh do take care Kath - I've taken to sitting with a hot pad to stop the creaking! Enjoy the mags & inspiration. I'm mid exercises for the MCC class so haven't done anything with my 36 circles yet.
    Paula (PEP)
    Keep warm.

  8. do I need to do a mercy dash with WD40 and Deep Heat?
    get well soon chum
    and you'll just have to buy another pallette for the LE reinkers, I have a feeling there will be more colours released after the summer ones

  9. Bless you, I hope it eases off soon, Mind you feet up a wee scone and a cuppa, hmmmm I would make it last a couple of days at least!!
    LOve the re-inker idea just fab! Hugs May x x x

  10. Isn't it the pits? I'm sure you'll be back to normal in no time - it just seems to take longer to get there now, doesn't it? :)) Hugs!

  11. Hope you feel better soon Kath. Yet to organise my inks you are good. Enjoy your scone and cuppie.
    Hugs Erika.

  12. Hope you get back on your legs soon Kath. Very impressed with your timmy thing! The TWO scones look very good - enjoy.

  13. Hi Kath hope the day with feet up, scone and mags did the trick,and you feel a lot better. Take care. Hugs x ChrisB

  14. Argh Kath, my runner DH swears that the second day is always worse! He also recommends immediate I've baths...but please, don't consider that!

    I'm sure that when you show me exactly why you need to store the re inkers like this, I'll totally need to do it too.

  15. Your pallette looks like a work of art, very nice. Hope the legs are ok and your back to your usual active self tomorrow.

  16. Hope you are feeling better soon, glad to see you haven't lost your sense of humour x joy


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