Monday, May 21, 2012

The Naughty Furry Boy strikes again...

Morning the weather was absolutely glorious over the weekend...typical isn't it that the sun decides to shine when I'm going to be stuck in the cubbyhole for most of the week and today hasn't got off to the best of starts...the resident cubbyhole naughty boy is up to his old tricks again...he's certainly adorable most of the time...very handsome and those big brown eyes are hard to resist but don't be fooled by that "WHO ME!!!..butter wouldn't melt" look...he's in the dog house this morning because the slipper fetish has just kicked up a gear.  Despite going to the expense of having 2 pairs of matching for me and one to feed his addiction of wandering around the house with a slipper in his mouth which I thought would guarantee me always having a pair to wear...there's a slight hiccup in my logic...he doesn't seem to know his LEFT from his RIGHT and despite a "look in all the obvious places" search when I hopped out of bed this looks like I'll be walking around today with 2 RIGHT FEET...not a great start to anybody's day...
but hey...look on the bright long as I don't venture out...oh yes it has been known for me to take off to the shops still wearing my's going to will be our little secret and how could I be grumpy when I got 2 lovely surprises at the weekend...
the lovely flowers that my crafty buddy Alison gave me at the "Art Parts" workshop on Saturday...
and the sweet card that Squirrel sent to let us know that Alfie Bear had arrived safely in his new home...
I'm sure I don't have to tell you that crafters are just the nicest thank you girls for being so sweet and've made my day.  I'll see you all tomorrow to share pics from my "Art Parts" Fun Day at The Papeterie on Saturday.
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. ...well a slipper fetish eh and that look of total 'who me' innocence I do believe Buddy could get away with murder...beautiful flowers and a fabby card from Squirrel too loVely jubley...Mel :)
    you missed my inky makes Kath 'mr postie delivers distress' xx

  2. Kath, it's okay - Stewart has coped with having two left feet all our married life - p.s. he can't sing either!


  3. Morning Kath.Poor Buddy he looks so innocent as well.

    Kathleen x

  4. Oh dear Buddy, you have been a naughty boy........we will forgive you this time - but only 'cos you are a gorgeous boy. What a lovely surprise to receive those beautiful flowers Kath and Squirrel's car is so sweet. Anne x

  5. Not a great start to the day, but let's hope things improve.


  6. Hi Kath. This is funny. You must have wondered what was wrong when the slipper did not feel right. Aren't pets fab. They make us smile and you can't buy that or their friendship. Gorgeous flowers and card.........crafters are the most kindly of people. Look forward to seeing your Arts Parts post :)

  7. the pic of your 2 "right feet"..that's too funny:)

  8. I'm sure the lost slipper will show up someday soon,and you shall go to the ball! He's a wee rougue but so handsome with it. Squirrels cards lovely, I like the large then small sentiment on it.

  9. Love it. And gorgeous flowers and a gorgeous card - you're right, you couldn't possibly stay grumpy x

  10. those slippers made me laugh, mind you better than having two left feet!
    Love the Alfie card Squirrel, makes me wonder if \i have room for an Alfie in my cupboard
    Have a nice day

  11. He does have a butter wouldn't melt look about him doesn't he?!! Max is the same but he just steals anything....slippers, socks, boots, cushions, handbags. You name it he'll steal it. Doesn't always do any damage, he just likes to have something!

    Love Squirrel's card. I'm quite tempted by the lovely Alfie!!

    Kat xx

  12. Well - at least there are two - my socks still insist on being in singles in the washing machine. Now wonder if the fetish will be the other feet tomorrow.......
    Looks like you're having a treat & fun day...... though your version of fun & Buddy's might not coincide.
    Now before I fall asleep in front of the screen
    Paula (PEP)

  13. Oh I had to laugh, a lot, at the slippers! I once got as far as work in my slippers, having driven 20 miles and walked a mile in them before I noticed. Oops. Glad your card arrived ok hun, and thank you again. Gorgeous flowers! Buddy, you are such a little tinker (grin) Hugs Sxx

  14. OOOPSS oinry lil bugger.
    I have one with a foot fetish myself. she likes to get socks and the ocassional swipe of the tongue across the toes.
    gotta love um though


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