Monday, May 28, 2012

Sunday's Craftathon...

Morning looks like it's going to be yet another HOT sunshiney crafting for me today...I'm chilling out in the is all about relaxing. It's been a busy weekend...Saturday was all about kitting and yesterday I decided to have some chill out time with the grandkiddies but chilled out I certainly was not on the journey there...the air con was having a hissie fit blowing out hot air of the greasy plook variety and if you've ever tried driving on a dual carriageway at 70mph with the windows open...well let's just say you WILL arrive looking as though you've been pulled through a hedge backwards.
I felt as though I'd been in a sauna for hours...was ready to fling off my shoes and flop on the sofa with a nice cuppa but there were far more important things on Brodie's mind...the craft supplies were speedily unpacked and I was summoned to join in the fun of the very first craft club get together...I suppose it could have been worse...I could have been press ganged into chasing a football around the garden.
Crafting with kids is just the best fun...there's no faffing a pack of embellishments and wham bam before you know you've got a whole pile of finished cards...lack of inspiration or missing mojo are not words in their vocabulary and dare I say it...neither is less is of Brodie's "almost used the whole pack" wonderful masterpieces...
I don't know how many times I caught him looking at my efforts disapprovingly.."are you not putting more stuff on your card Grandma"...obviously he's not familiar with the saying "don't try to teach your Grandma to suck eggs" but thanks guys for a fabulous fun craft club day...look forward to the next time.
I'll see you all tomorrow
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. I chuckled when I read about your craft day and the children using every embellie they could get their hands on. I taught art and craft (2 hours/week with a heavy emphasis on cards and scrapbooking) at a nearby tiny primary school for 6 years. They could never get the concept of "less is more", rather their philosophy was "EVERYTHING is NEVER enough", including, to my regular stress, with Stickles, and Kindyglitz!

    It looks as if your little proteges had fun, and are quite talented.

    Jennifer. x

  2. Love those butterflies Kath... I love crafting with my grandson.. mind you he's unaware I have any stickles as I put them away before he arrives otherwise we would be stuck up for days!!! (lol).. Enjoy your day in the garden.. Hugs May x x x x

  3. Very good card Brodie - enjoy your day in the garden, get your feet up! Mary G x

  4. I love Brodie's card, very elegant and very colourful. The butterflies are rather gorgeous. When I used to craft with mine (they are far too old and cool now to craft) they quite liked my marker pens and had the whole lot out, I still have the marks on my desk! Great fun though along with making paper airplanes.........have a lovely day 'chilling' in the garden Kath.
    Crafty hugs, Anne x

  5. OOH Kath, the horible HOT trip aside, you had a blast with Brodie and you better watch out.......he's got your talent!!!!!

    Hugs and enjoy a lazy day!!!


  6. Your post made me smile Kath I had this picture in my
    As you say grandchildren are so much fun to craft with, Bridies card is lovely


  7. Top marks to Brodie - his card is beautiful! I think we'll let you off today Kath, sounds like you're in need of a day in the garden!

  8. Well, Brodie, this is definitely a masterpiece. I thought it was one of Grandma's when I saw the post in my feed but wondered what had happened to her "normal" style - thought perhaps she was experimenting.......but had to smile when I read the post.
    I hope you have a relaxing day Kath - i'm doing my dancing on the tiles in shorts trying to attract customers to the world of old books............
    Yes, Buddy, I've remembered the margarine tub for putting water in for any of your friends who call in........ I think the Labrador whose tongue barely fit in the last container I used was NOT impressed though he did appreciate the drink!
    Paula (PEP)

  9. What a beautiful card and it sounds like you had loads of fun with Brodie! A great way to chill out after such a stressful journey. x

  10. Sounds like you had a fantastic day and I love the comment he made to you lol Great card made by him aswell of course :) xxx

  11. sounds like such fun! and if that card was made by Brodie - well it's easy to see the apple doesn't drop far from the tree - the layout is wonderful and I adore the butterflies hugs Karen x

  12. Sounds like you had loads of fun Kath. Brodies card is lovely. The last time Maddi made me a card it had about 50 bits stuck on. Hugs x ChrisB

  13. What a lovely card Brodie,almost as nice as your name.No guessing who you take the talent from then. Nothing better in this world than spending time in the sun with our granchildren is there?

  14. Ahh what a fab card Brodie, I love those butterflies :0) B xx


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