Wednesday, June 6, 2012

"12 Tags of 2012"....June

Morning folks...this week's been a flurry of  fabulous Jubilee Celebrations but all that sitting on the sofa watching TV has not only played havoc with the crafty list but left me completely partied out...with "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" in Perth only 2 sleeps away...I'm chasing my tail to catch up but hey I've been suffering from TH withdrawals and itching to play along with Tim and his...
here's Tim's tag...
and my quickly thrown together 
"not happy with...but didn't have time to start over" effort for this month...

brace yourselves folks for a "blast from the past" photo...grainy and very vintage...back in the days of the Kodak Brownie and black and white film...yes that's ME...when my passion was spending time with my beloved four legged friends...wonderful memories of fun times and naughty naughty no hard hat...obviously Health & Safety wasn't so important in 19...Oatcake.

But ever onward is the motto for today...making lots of lists and my DT card for Penny Black Saturday so I'll catch up with you all tomorrow for a sneaky peek
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. I would be fair chuffed had I made the tag Kath,it's afa bonny. Love the black and white photo of you on your horse. It's another reminder that I should be doing something with some of our old photographs.Enjoy your day even though the weather's still yucky.

  2. Oh wow Kath, this is so beautiful, I love the colours and and textures you have used. The old photo of you is fabulous.
    Hope you have a good day


  3. I think you did an excellent job with your photo and the tag. I must admit I found this the hardest one of all, not happy with mine either, scheduled for tomorrow (if blogger plays well). Love the B&W photo, wonderfully nostalgic. Crafty hugs, Anne x

  4. ...a superb take on Tim's, when I opened his page i thought wow loVe that quickly followed by yikes!...I've not started yet but look forward to the challenge...super piccy of you!, ahhh those were the days when we didn't worry about broken bones etc...have a super day...Mel :)

  5. Wowwww, this is gorgeous, love them !

    hugs AStrid

  6. Great pic, I could tell it was you. Your tag is gorgeous, doesn't look thrown together to me.

  7. Great idea to use a photo of yourself

  8. What is there not to be happy with? A fabulous tag and I love the picture!Thank you for sharing!

  9. I think that is absolutely terrific - love your red jumper with the peachy flowers & the play on words. This is my favourite of yours so far.........all the best with the lists. I ended up in bed - coordination went out the window with misbehaving head (migraine) & even the PJs had to have a helping had from husband as the sleeves somehow wrapped themselves round the wrong bit........
    To do list - wedding anniv card to finish for er.....tomorrow!
    Thinking of your list whilst tackling mine......
    Paula (PEP)

  10. A fabulous tag Kath!

    Sarah x

  11. A great tag Kath, love the colours. Aud x

  12. Fab tag Kath and love the photo.
    Crafty hugs,

  13. Fabulous pic of you Kath.. riding high!! Brillant idea to use it on your fantastic Timmie tag.. Love it! Hugs May x x x

  14. I spotted this yesterday in the cubby hole and I have to say it's way bonnier in real life
    loving the photo :)

  15. your tag Kath!!! Love the colors!

  16. Oh Kath, you were a sporty lass and you still partake in skiing! Lovely tag, as always!

  17. Love the tag and the picture of you. Hugs x ChrisB

  18. don't be so hard on yourself Kath - this is gorgeous! lovely photo of you and your beast and I prefer your colour choice! hugs Karen x

  19. Love how your tag turned out :) Since I'm late, I figured I may as well skip to the finished product!

    Katie (19)

  20. I love it. Your tinting of your picture is great. I can tell you love to ride in that picture. Great flowers and details you added to it.

  21. Hi Kath Fab tag - I read the word Time as Timmy - TimE - appropriate in the circumstances :-) Its great to see that people have used photos with memories attached for this months tag. Love your pretty trim you used.


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