Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Famous Last Words

Morning folks...Woohoo what a fun afternoon I had on Sunday with my lovely buddies Debbi...Charlotte and Pearl on our road trip to Creative Boutique in Oldmeldrum...you've got to go and check out this fabulous quaint tardis of a crafty store...how many craft shops come with an in-house coffee shop selling delicious utterly yummy cupcakes and yes we just had to try them out.
It was lovely to meet up again with Karen and her daughter Katie who will be running the store...wishing you all the best with your new venture girls and big thanks to my buddies for a hilarious "never mind the weather" afternoon out...can't wait for our next adventure.
Monday didn't get off to a great start at Cubbyhole HQ...trust me to open my big mouth and then stick my foot right in it...those famous last words did in fact jump up and bite me on the bum...it didn't turn out to be the mega work day that I predicted. Problem is I'm so easily distracted from the job in hand and it all went pear shaped when I crashed out on the sofa to watch Craftwork Cards on QVC...time for a cuppa and hey you can't have a cuppa without a little sweet treat...a perfect excuse to try out the yummy jar of deliciousness from my lovely buddy TINA...
a scone with some SOMETHING & APPLE JELLY...
and here lies my dilemma...I just couldn't work out what the something was...my taste bud button is obviously wonky but I wasn't giving up...the dog with a bone mentality kicked in...perhaps one more scone would do the trick and kick start the flavour section of this old crafty brain into action...2 scones later and I still wasn't any wiser and my crafty partner didn't fare any better...he looks so worried that he's not going to be asked to take part in the taste test and let me tell you he too failed miserably...it's straight down the hatch with The Furry Boy...I doubt if it even touched the sides...perhaps Tina will come to the rescue before I end up with a spare tyre that wouldn't look amiss on the back of a 4x4.
But there's nothing like a lunchtime stroll in the pouring rain to focus the mind back to the crafty list...oh boy were we glad to get back to the warm dry cubbyhole and make a start on the Distress Marker sample boards...
life has been so busy in the cubbyhole lately that I haven't really given these boys a proper...proper road test and do you know what...they are even more fabulous than I imagined...can't wait to get started today on some sample cards. I'll see you all tomorrow over at WOYWW...be warned the workdesk is likely to be in mega distressed mode.
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. ...can't see anything wrong with light refreshments whilst indulging in a spot of TV crafting, & scones with home made jelly-Jam too! these i call enhancers!...liking these reference boards very much...have a fabby day...Mel :)

  2. Putting your feet up with a wee scone or two.. is good for the creative mind.. well that's what I tell meself!!! Buddy is so gorgeous.. butter would'nt melt pic!!! those butterflies look fab done with the markers... Have a happy day! Hugs May x x x

  3. How I wish ou scrapbook store sold coffee and scones...Oh my!

  4. The nwew shop has a big selection and more to come, and yes the cupcakes looked lovely. I however do prefer a scone and yon as the old folks used to say. Those butterflies look really nice, I haven't tried any of the markers yet.

  5. The nwew shop has a big selection and more to come, and yes the cupcakes looked lovely. I however do prefer a scone and yon as the old folks used to say. Those butterflies look really nice, I haven't tried any of the markers yet.

  6. Thank you Kath for you kind words, Katie is doing well on her own at Creative this week but I will be back at the weekend with more stock and cup cakes! Take care and I will catch you again soon.

  7. I think you just had a well earned break and you will soon walk it all off with Buddy! He looks gorgeous eyeing up those scones. Love your boards, that butterfly is my fav butterfly stamp from Hero Arts methinks - looks great anyway. Like the sound of the craft shop too. Crafty hugs, Anne x

  8. Those butterflies look absolutely amazing & I love the kraft background.
    Sounds like that is going to be quite a hit of a craft shop.
    had to laugh over your tasting session - butter wouldn't melt either - eh Buddy?
    Paula (PEP)

  9. I was beginning to drool reading this post Kath! Almost a relief and get to the end and see the gorgeous butterflies. I haven't had time to give my Distress Markers a proper road test yet either!

    Kat xx

  10. sorry for delay in reply, I am so bad at blogging just now....

    It was apple jelly with Raspberry and blueberries.
    hope it was tasty
    love the butterflys.

    hugs Teen xx