Friday, June 22, 2012

It never rains but it pours...

Morning folks...what time of day is this to be signing in to blogland I hear you ask and the reason for this morning's tardiness is all down to the rain...yes the torrential stuff that's been falling from the sky...bouncing off the roof and lashing against the windows all the cubbyhole crew a bit of a restless sleep but it seems to have cured the Furry Boy's dodgy alarm fact as I write this he's still sound-o snoring his head no particular hurry to dash out for a toilet stop which means I am one happy bunny...we're back to being bestest buddies again and raring to go...well not quite. I fear the happiness is going to be short-lived...sooner rather than later we have to brave the elements for the morning stroll...donning the Michelin Man gear and returning home like a drook-it rat with the water running out of the a**e of my breeks isn't my idea of a great start to the day.
And as per usual I'm going to be in chasing my tail mode...the kitting for Saturday's Tim Holtz Masterclass Workshop at The Papeterie needs to be finished off...
and then it's checking..rechecking and checking again just to make sure...the list of supplies before packing it all up ready to be loaded in the car tomorrow morning and no Penny Black Saturday sneaky peek today...for the simple reason I haven't made the card yet...time to cut the chit chat and get a big wiggle on.  Just another mad day in the everyday crafty life of the cubbyhole crew.
Hoping to see you all tomorrow over at Penny Black Saturday
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Looks like Christmas! Hope the weather gets better. It's not to brill here either.
    Carol xx

  2. ...we have the same down South Kath, lashings of wind & rain at least you now know the furryboy can hold it, no need for dog flap just get a rain machine programmed for 5 a.m. ...have fun at the class I would so loVe to attend but I'm sooo far away...great peeks...Mel :)

  3. Like the look of the christmas snippet there, we will see you tomorrow afternoon to see the finished project. What a day again ugh, we head off to the Lake District on Saturday, hope it's dry there. It always looks dryer and warmer down there on the telly.See you tomorrow at the Papeterie.

  4. The weather here in South Wales is awful aswell Kath! I would love to come to one of your classes Kath but I live to far away unfortunately!

    Sarah x

  5. The weather in the North West of England is horrible too, torrential rain all night here.....glad Buddy held it for you this morning. The sneak peek looks beautiful and don't you just love Tim's alphabet die - it is so useful. Have a great day tomorrow (and today), I am sure it will be lots of fun with you there. A x

  6. Morning Kath, I hope the weather eased off a bit for your stroll. It is persisting it down here as well. Mind you I only have to jump in and out the ambulance again today. Roll on next thursday when I finish my treatment. Take careand have a good weekend. Hugs x ChrisB

  7. Well I reckon there must be a monsoon the length of the country if you've got that too. It's Catch Up Friday & then braving the weather to acquire some kind of roast for husband's birthday. Kitting looks good.
    Take care & don't get wet through - I suppose Buddy's coat is thick enough to withstand the wet stuff.
    Paula (PEP)

  8. I had a lovely walk with my boys this morning - not! At least it wasn't as bad as yesterday at teatime. My jacket was still pretty damp this morning. Max's fault as it has to live in the garage or he would steal it and put it in his bed!

    Hope it's better tomorrow as we're off to Crieff and there are two Labs there too.

    Have a good day tomorrow at the Papeterie.

    Kat xx

  9. This weather doesnt encourage you to get out of bed Kath, its groggy here as well, like the look of what your doing hope you have a fun filled day at the papeterie. Aud x

  10. Yay, Christmas creeping in, I love crafting for Christmas!

  11. Clever Buddy just did not want to get his paws wet early today, wishing you sunshine this weekend Kath x Susan x