Thursday, June 21, 2012

Wakey...wakey yet again...

Morning folks...well you won't believe it but for the second morning in a row I'm up at crack of dawn...oh yes The Furry Boy's been up to his early morning toilet wake-up antics again...his built in alarm clock's obviously had a malfunction...does it need replacing or just a bit of fine tuning...I'm blowed if I know where to buy a new one or indeed find a "body clock" engineer to come and assist. Yesterday was the Summer Solstice...the official beginning of summer and the longest day...I'm not even going down the road of discussing the Summer Begins bit but I will confirm that yesterday was indeed the longest day...I was fighting to stay awake come early evening and finally gave in to drooping eyelid syndrome hitting the sack before 10 o'clock. Crikey if this is my new routine I can kiss goodbye to any thoughts of party animal late night excursions and am destined for an "early to bed...early to rise...makes a man healthy wealthy and wise" existence from now on but every cloud has a silver lining...the extra hours have come in very handy with the Distress Marker samples...meaning lots of sneaky peeks...

which means I'll be taking some time out to go and collect the new kids on the block...yes the current crafty must-have from the King of Distress...Summer Seasonal Distress Inks are now in stock at The Papeterie and this set has my name on it...
Catch up with you all tomorrow
Hugs kath xxx


  1. Kath, you are going to love the new inks, they are lush! I think I can see where you are going with your sneak peeks and they look absolutely fabulous, can't wait to see the whole of the finished articles. Sorry to hear about Buddy getting you up again, but now that it is Summer (??) you might enjoy getting up to get the best light of the day - just trying to be positive about it - lol. Crafty hugs, Anne x

  2. Love the sneaky peeks, especially the one with green seam binding. Perhaps that's because I'm working on a green card at the mo!

  3. Loving the sneaky peeks Kath, can't wait to see the whole thing. These new DIs are amazing, they're so bright and fresh. Loved the last set but these are really something else.

    What a bad lad Buddy is just now. Luckily I think my boys are too lazy to get up early. Catriona's pup has had a spell of howling from 5am till she gets fed, greedy girl!

    Kat xx

  4. Love the new inks Kath got some on order! yipee.. fabulous sneek peeks.. as for Mr Buddy you will have to get him doing some midnight crafting to tire him out!!. Hugs May x x x

  5. ...oh wow Kath what a treat those sneaky peeks are, all looking gorgeous and inky, the new summer colours look gorgeous for the Budster, thats a toughy cos when ya gotta go you gotta go...hmmm maybe a dog-flap??...Mel :)

  6. How excited am I to see those cards in full! What a tease! lol Hugs Sam xx

  7. These sneek peaks look good Kath, I certainly dont want to be up at the crack of dawn kath, its extra hours in bed im looking for just now especially with this weather. Aud x

  8. Thanks for the sneak peaks, looking good. I can't wait for the reveal...
    By the look of Buddy yesterday, I think he got a good recharge of his batteries while you were up and awake, so he didn't need a long sleep this morning either. Poor you! Suggestions:
    I think you should craft very noisily through the day to keep him awake, so he'll be glad to let you have another hour in the morning, lol
    Or send him off just before bedtime,repeatedly chasing a ball until he's ready for a good rest, or a game of hunt the biscuits perhaps, mine love sniffing out hidden doggy treats, keeps them awake and active for a wee while.

  9. Lovely sneeky peeks again. I know all about silly wake up times and I haven't a friend to get me up. I manage that all by my self. Hugs x ChrisB

  10. Can't wait to see more! Love the sneaky peaks!

  11. Glad you got it done & it certainly looks good. Look forward to seeing some more.
    Paula (PEP)
    Enjoy those new goodies.


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