Friday, March 15, 2013

I'm on the naughty step...

Hi folks...oops I'm definitely on the cubbyhole naughty step...with less than a week left before I leave for The NEC and a list of crafty things to do as long as my arm...the intention was to knuckle down and clear the decks somewhat but I've been sitting on my bum every afternoon watching the creme de la creme of National Hunt Racing at the Cheltenham Festival...indulging my passion for one of nature's most beautiful and athletic animals and totally in awe of the courage of their jockeys...

but it doesn't end there...I can't just sit and watch telly...I need to be doing something with those crafty fingers and it's time for the big confession...I've made a serious dent in the chocolate drawer after 4 days of exercising my digits unfurling more than my fair share of wrappers...

I know I should be feeling suitably chastened by my slobbish and gluttinous behaviour but you know what and I won't tell if you don' was rather enjoyable while it lasted. In my defence the weather outside has been rather frightful and I think I may have made a major breakthrough in the world's quest to find a cure for the common cold...all that chocolate has sent my runny nose packing.
You may well be forgiven for thinking that I'm getting back to work today but...NO...just one more little fling to finish off my lazy week and I'm assuming no chocolate will be involved in the free Altered Book to Treasured Sculpture Workshop held at one of my local libraries...
mind you first I have to hoist my very much expanded spare tyre off the naughty step. It's my turn tomorrow to post over at the Craftwork Cards I'll see over there bright and the meantime I'll leave you with a few sneaky peeks of what I've made with the gorgeous Flower Fusion papers and other fabulous bits and pieces...

Hugs Kath xxx


  1. such gorgeous looking CWC products, new goodies by chance? will have to have a good old look around this weekend Karen x

  2. I consider Chocolate to be Vitamin C....

  3. I'm with Denise! Feed a fever...chocolate a cold!

    Off to catch up with posts I've missed lately. Need my Kath and Buddy fix.

    Hope the snowy and cold weather has subsided a bit...hard to cope with a cold in that kind of weather.

    We have rain, rain and more rain...but that is life at the coast in BC Canada

  4. ...there's nothing wrong with a bit of chocolate & the Gee Gee's much deserved looking at your fabulous sneak peeks, roll on tomorrow...Melxx :)

  5. Chocolate a cure for the common cold? If only. Your sneaky peek is enticing will have to look closely at CWC.

    Wilma x x x

  6. Love the sneaky peek. Lovely bright springlike colours, looking forward to seeing more.

    I'm like you, with the choccies and tv, always need something to do with my hands, that's why I knit.
    Looking forward to meeting up next week.

    Take care and stay warm.

    Hugs Carol x

  7. Hi Kath, I am with you there - those Lindor Chocs are exquisite.... The CWC makes look fantastic, I am off to Harrogate tomorrow to check out their new stuff and hopefully see some of your makes on display. Great news about the cold. Hugs, Anne x

  8. You're not the only one Kath I have had wine AND chocolate every day this week! Just when I thought the diet was going well too. Big sigh! The book folding looks amazing - did you do that? Sneak peeks look very pretty can't wait to see them!! Hugs Susan x

  9. a girl needs choocies every so often Kath - don't feel guilty hun - we all need a splurge xx

  10. Hahaha, you do m make me laugh kath, the things we admit to on our blogs but probably would never speak of in person!! Did the furry boy do his share of snaffling too? Those altered books look amazing, you can call that trip out research I think!


  11. Glad you're feeling better. My fingers need something to do too whilst listening to the radio but all that rustling of wrappers just won't do in our house!!! I end up cutting rubber.
    Paula (PEP)

  12. Hi Kath your sneaky peeks look lovely.
    Like you I have been gussling a massive bar of Galaxy all week. I tell you what I'm going nowhere near any scales for a few weeks.
    Have fun Hugs x ChrisB

  13. Choccies are a no no for me athe the mo.I am a Slimming World girl and looking for a good loss this week.Boring but necessary I am afraid.Looking fwd to the CC goodies tomorrow.Have a nice day Kath.X

  14. I love that chocolate drawer Kath and why not I say! A little of everything is what the doctor orders for us all. That naughty step looks fun...can I join you ;0) x

  15. How do you fit it all in Kath? Love your sweetie drawer, couldn't have it here as I'd eat all of it at once. I have to keep away or I'll stuff my face.
    Have fun at Birmingham.
    Hugs Erika.

  16. Mmmm you have been a naughty girl Kath. Still I think you need a treat (or two) in this cold weather. It's not so much sweeties with me at the moment, it's all this baking I've been doing. I'm taking some to Catriona to get rid of it.....oops I mean so they can have some too!

    Kat xx


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