Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Cubbyhole's a Tip...

Hi folks...welcome to the cubbyhole...currently in mega tip there's a surprise...definitely a Health & Safety hazard but no time for risk assessments here...
when the kitting crew are on a mission and every available space is spoken for...

no room to swing the proverbial cat never mind a great big furry bundle of golden deliciousness...
who's not best pleased that he's been relegated to the hall...I think we're in for a very sulky face and lots of doggy sighs kind of a day but the quicker we get to it...the quicker calm peace and space will be restored in this mad crafty place we call the cubbyhole.  Happy Easter Weekend everyone...we'll see you all tomorrow.
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Looks like you are crafting up a storm there Kath - Happy Crafting! x

  2. Looks like a busy space. Poor Buddy, hope your Mum gets it sorted soon. Lots of hugs Anesha :

  3. Your space does look busy Kath - but it still looks as tidy as mine on a good day - lol!!!

  4. Oh dear - that furry back says it all.
    Hope you're winning (a few Creme Eggs might help!!)
    Paula (PEP)

  5. It has a 'busy' look and still 100 times tidier than mine!
    Have a good weekend
    lorraine x

  6. Good Morning Kath. I'm in the same pickle as you, I started putting things back in their rightful places and found some bits that have never seen the light of day. So now I am on the attack again and hopefully it will be finished by tea-time. Carry on Crafting. Hugs Rita xx

  7. Afternoon Kath - doesn't look too messy to me but I have severe envy of your shelf full of Tims inks, ink pads, stains and paints! Hope you get some time for yourself. I recognise that look from Buddy - my Eddy has a similar one that is code for 'they're not doing what I want' and he then turns his back on me and groans, sighs and moans until I can't stand it any more lol! Happy Easter Karen x

  8. Hi Kath - looks busy and very exciting but still more organised than mine... but hey ho breaking eggs and all that. Have a lovely Easter.
    Heather W

  9. Wow, you look busy and Buddy definitely is in a grump. Happy Easter x

  10. Hi Kath, I did have to smile at Buddy lying in the hall, he does look sad... hope you have had a good day getting all your prep work done, or some of it at least! Hugs, Anne x

  11. Budy will soon realise that the hallway sometimes is a super place......happy Easter!!!

    xx Irene

  12. I wish I had as much space as you to get untidy. I am envious of all your worktop space. At the moment I can see about 4 inches of clear desk! I love all the shelves too. I haven't done much crafting this week as I have my lovely daughters home for a wee holiday. Have a lovely Easter.

  13. Happy Easter Kath & Buddy. I do hope the Budster gets over his sulk soon & your craft space looks amazing. Good luck with the kitting.

  14. Oh, I just can't stand the sight of poor Buddy laying out in the hallway. Especially since you have been out of town so much. Don't you know, Kath, a boy only wants to be with his Mum!


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